39 thoughts on “Building a Chatbot with Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform

  1. That was a wonderful tutorial Priyanka and Jonathan. I will be greatful if you could check my chatbot deployed on Google Assistant, and let me know your thoughts. I recently presented this project at – Google India.

    Just say, "Okay Google, Talk to Alice Safety Bot"

  2. Can I programatically add flows to dialogfllow. We are using a UI in this case. Just for example purposes. The user says I want to create a ticket. So there can be two ways to add a ticket one is by asking for the user-name and the other is by prompting the user to directly call the agent. Can these two ways be added programatically instead of having to create the flows in the Dialogflow itself ?

  3. I am Most interested in ChatBot integration with 'Zapier toolset'. Please notify me how a ChatBot Workflow can be integrated with Zapier and Where do I engage to start with those? Thanks in Advanced!

  4. Can somebody help me in writting a google action to use google calendar for setting meetings and adding evetns ?
    I been seraching for 2,3 days and could not find anything significant . thanks in advance.

  5. I can see you have a big microphone. Pity that Google cannot afford a better one with noise cancellation as the background noise was totally drowning out the speakers, making it difficult to hear what they were saying.

  6. Question, is it possible to add a chatbot using Dialogflow to a Telegram group? I managed to add one but it won't respond to any @mentions and the idea was to get the bot to chat only when it is spoken to directly. So far it works only when privacy is set to disabled but that results in a crazy amount of spam whenever a user sends a message.

  7. thanks, for the video, I could understand better what dialoglofw can do, I´m in dought if we can integrate article content to be our bot answer. Like user asks, for example, What is Javascript and bot answer the definition of Javascript from Wikipedia.

  8. Dialogflow is great… I also tried creating a local webhook service (if it helps anyone ) using ngrok https://youtu.be/qd-3D2USCw0

  9. Hi, when deploying a chatbot for the google assistant, is it possible to use it on a smartwatch, running google wear OS?

  10. Being an Indian I require to take inputs of names that are non English..So we I train my chatbot in dialogflow it does not recognize those names like mine, Hrishikesh. So can you suggest me what can I do????

  11. I am interested in ChatBot with enterprise edition integration with 'Android' app. Please notify me how an enterprised edition ChatBot workflow can be integrated with android and Where do I engage to start with those? Thanks in Advanced!

  12. Hi, can you give the link for source code of the above cloud function? please?……….refering as a sample code, in video it missed some important lines.

  13. If you can become an expert in Chatbots in only 3 months makes personnel quickly exchangable. That is good from a Company perspective, as relocation to low Labor cost countries will be quite easy.

  14. Hey Priyanka! I need the bot to simply schedule appointments for incoming sms. Is there a tutorial i can look up for that?

  15. If chatbot is deployed to Google Assistant can we restrict its access to a particular domain? If not then where should I deploy it to have control over the access?

  16. I am not able to create a new project on dialog flow. It is showing – failed to setup GCP project..help me to get out

  17. How can I install jupyter notebook, connect to dialogflow, then call intent identification method for automating this test by passing multiple utterance to that function

  18. How can we customize the UI of chat interface when we integrate chatbot to our own website so that we can implement good HCI ?

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