Build Your Own Social Network – DIY Twitter Clone #1
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Build Your Own Social Network – DIY Twitter Clone #1

Welcome to DevFactor! In this tutorial we will build a Twitter clone! We will build our Twitter clone from scratch, and deploy it to the cloud! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twitter, heres an overview: Twitter is a social network with at least 300 million users. Users can post 140 char “Tweets” which are like posts. If you are following a user you can view their tweets. There are several primary pages: Index, Home, Explore and Profile. We will be implementing all of these pages in our Twitter clone. Our clone will be in Ruby on Rails 4. We will use bootstrap for styling. Lets look at Twitter! This is the index page. Notice you can sign in or sign up from here. Signing up is pretty standard. You need email, fullname, username and password. We will use the gem called Devise to handle user authentication in our Twitter clone. Here is a user’s home page. From this page you can see the tweets of all the users you follow. This is ArsTechnica’s Twitter profile. I will un follow them to show what happens. Notice that once you unfollow a user on Twitter, you can no longer see their tweets on your home page. Here is my profile page. Like everyone else’s profile page I can see my own Tweets and post new ones. You will notice that tweets cap out at 140 chars. In our Twitter clone we will also limit to 140 chars. Naturally, pressing tweet makes the tweet go live. That is all you need to know about Twitter in order to begin building your own Twitter clone. In the next few episodes, we will begin building our Twitter clone using Ruby on Rails 4. Please consider subscribing to this channel for future updates. Also, go to to download all required files for this project.

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  1. Don't forget to show your appreciation and SHARE this video with your friends if you find it exciting 🙂 After all, what's the purpose of building YOUR OWN SOCIAL NETWORK if you are the only one who uses it? #programming #code #devfactor

  2. This course is finished FYI: you can progress from this episode to the last and you will having a working social network hosted in the cloud 🙂

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