BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production: Component 1
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BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production: Component 1

[Creative Media Production – Component 1] [music playing] In this first Component, students develop
an understanding of how media products create meaning for their audience. They’ll do this
by: Exploring past and present media products
from the sectors of audio and moving image, publishing, and interactive media, including
the relationship between media products, their purpose, and their audience. A past media
product is one from over 10 years ago. Learning about different production techniques. For learning aim B, students select media
products from one sector and explore how genre, narrative and representation combine to engage
their intended audiences. They’ll learn generic codes and conventions,
and consider the extent to which media products conform to or challenge those conventions.
They’ll also explore the ways that audience interpret these media products. For instance,
students might explore the portrayal of superheroes in comics, films, and video games. Or, they
might look at the ‘cult of celebrity’ across television, magazines, and blogs. To do this, students will deconstruct their
chosen media products through textual analysis and practical workshops, and evidence of their
attainment could be a written report, blog, or presentation with speaker notes. It’s
a great way for students to understand how production techniques are combined to create
effects and communicate meaning. [View the full details in the specification, pages 7-16] [ [music playing] [Pearson] [Always learning]

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