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Brand Babu || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Dad, I need Rs. 5,000.
– Rs. 5,000? What for? To buy a new shirt.
– Rs. 5k for a shirt? – It is a branded shirt. Branded, huh? Let me tell you a story. Be seated. I had a friend.
No one would be as brand conscious as he is. Everything that he used to buy,
including his underwear, were branded. Bloody idiot! It is past 12 already.
So, it is Chandoo’s birthday! Guys, quite! Yes, mom?
– Happy birthday! – Thanks, mom! Love you! Did you buy new clothes with the money I sent you?
– Yes, I did. Do visit the temple in the morning.
Now, I’ll go back to sleep. Good night! Yes?
– I need Rs. 10k. – I sent 10k just the other day. I need another Rs. 10k to throw a party.
It is a matter of prestige. Alright, I will send you the money.
But don’t let your dad know. Sure! Thanks, mom! Bye!
– Yeah, bye! Happy birthday, bro!
– Thank you. – Why spend so much on a party? Why do you care? Go have some free booze.
– Whatever. Did you receive the money I sent you?
– Yes, I did. Did you have your dinner yet?
– Mom, I can’t hear you. I’ll call you later. Why aren’t you boozing?
– I will, in a while. – Have a drink, right now. One Sex On The Beach
with two extra points of vodka and ice. Everyone is drinking like a fish. Do you got money?
– I’ve Rs. 10k. Won’t that be enough? – Rs. 10k? That girl alone had booze
worth more than 10k. How would you pay the rest? Bro, do you got Rs. 5k on you?
I’ll return by tomorrow. He says he’ll borrow Rs. 5k from me
and return it by tomorrow. He thinks I’m a fool? Throw me out of this party but don’t ask me a penny.
– Fine! Have a drink. Bill, please! Hey, bro! How much is the bill?
– Bro, do me a favour. What is it?
– Please, borrow me Rs. 5k. Please! I’ll puke out the booze I had if needed
but don’t ask me a penny. Please, bro! Try to understand!
– Chandoo! Wish you a happy birthday again! Yes! It is my birthday today!
Happy birthday to me! Want another drink? No, I’m good.
– I say have another drink. No, I’m done.
– Are you sure? Alright. You don’t learn, do you?
– Whatever! Just lend me Rs. 5k. Please! I don’t have a penny on me.
– Please, don’t say that. It is a matter of prestige. Screw your prestige! How much is the bill?
– I’ve 10k on me. Lend me Rs. 4k. Lend you Rs. 3.5k you mean?
– The balance Rs. 500, I’ll tip the bartender. I’ll smack the shit out of your face!
You’re broke and still you want to tip? Screw you! Hold on.
Another branded shirt, huh? I’ve seen a watch online.
It is stunning. Have a look. It is stunning and so is its price.
– Don’t bother about the price. None of our friends own such a watch.
If I buy this, the brand name alone will make me stand out. It is priced at Rs. 40k!
– I can go for EMIs. Fine, go for it.
– Then give me your card. – What happened to yours? I reached the limit.
– Already? Isn’t this your 3rd card? You also used up my card’s balace.
Don’t expect a penny from me. Whom shall I ask now?
Who would have a credit card on them? ‘Good morning, sir. We’re calling from AD Bank.
Would you need a credit card?’ Yes! This is exactly what I want. Credit cards ruin the lives of everybody. Everyone is issued free credits,
and upon not clearing those, they are ruined. Hey, pull over!
Shall we eat here? My friend says this place makes real good food.
This place is very popular even among the IT crowd. Are you out of your mind?
How can you eat at a such a shabby place? I’ll take you
to a real posh restautant instead. Everything in here is so expensive!
– Of course! This happens to among the best restaurants. You need to shell out that extra buck
at such good places. Isn’t it tasty?
– Yes, it is. ‘Bro, could you lend me Rs. 2,000?’ ‘Please, bro! It is important.’ ‘I’ve to pay the bill.’ Why did this guy text me now? Screw texting.
I’d rather send him a voice message. How can you be so shameless, you jackass? Did he send me the money? It was just a forwarded message.
I’ll be right back. Bro, do you got Rs. 2,000?
I’ll return it to you by tomorrow. ‘No, bro, I don’t.’ Bro, do you got Rs. 2,000?
I’ll return it to you by evening. ‘Even I’m tight on money.’ Bro, I’m literally broke
and I need money at any cost. Could you please send me Rs. 2,000?
I’ll return it to you by evening. Please! ‘Alright. I’ll transfer it to you.’
– Thanks a lot, bro! Yes, mom?
– Chandoo! – What is wrong, mom? Your dad suffered a stroke.
He’s been hospitalized. He needs to be operated. The operation would cost Rs. 3,00,000.
I’m clueless where to get the money from. ‘Sir, your credit card’s bill is pending.
Tomorrow is the last day.’ Bro, I need Rs. 3,00,000.
– Darling, I’ll call you back. Rs. 3,00,000, huh?
Would a cheque do or do you want cash? I’m not joking. I need the money at any cost.
– Why? Will you throw your next party in Dubai? My dad is dying!
He will die without that money. Where can we get
so much money from? Sell your car. I already mortgaged that car
and took loans on it. How can you be so irresponsible
and not think about future, you idiot? That is what prestige does to you.
To impress people around me and get their validation
I became a spendthrift and screwed up my whole life.
Not just me 70 out of every 100 people are like this,
ruining their lives trying to impress others. Going after brands,
people have become enslaved! My dad always used to say
that there is no limit on what all one can have. So, one needs to draw himself a limit! But his own son
couldn’t draw that limit. Chandoo, money won’t be needed anymore.
– Did anyone lend you the money? Your dad passed away!
– Bro.. Money won’t be needed as my dad is dead.
But what if he wasn’t? Where could I have got that money? EMIs and credit bills
is all that I’m left with. How much did you say you wanted?
– Nevermind. – Why? I’ve my birthday next month.
I’ll buy new clothes then, not now. Mr. Brand! To set right our erring kids, we keep taking
examples of great inspirational people. But that won’t be needed.
There are so many examples right next to us. And today to set my son right,
I took your example. ‘We can never predict future.
So, even if you splurge Rs. 8’ ‘atleast save up Rs. 2.
Nothing wrong in being a little miserly.’ Hit that little bell down there.
This is Chandoo Sai AKA Pakkinti Kurradu.

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