Boyfriend #BeLike Ft. Humbl || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media
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Boyfriend #BeLike Ft. Humbl || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

‘I’m Divya. I’ve a boyfriend.
He loves me but he doesn’t know how to express it.’ ‘I’m sure you too have met such people in your life.
This video is about all such people.’ Hi! Didn’t know you still you remember me.
– Cut the crap! Let’s go in. You’ve become so exclusive lately.
Heard you’re in touch with none of our friends. Also, they say you’re always with Chandoo. Yeah, right!
It feels so nice to be with him. You know something? Don’t play so easy.
Play hard to get with boys. If you play easy to get, he’ll find you boring soon.
So, act a little insolent with him. Don’t open up totally with a guy.
You’ve to remain exclusive. Whatever boys ask us, we should first say no.
Only after they plead with us should we say yes.
That way, we can play them how ever we want. What plans? Shall we go to a pub?
– Yeah, sure. ‘Only after they plead with us should we say yes.’
– What’s the matter? Well, I’ve had a lot of work for the past few days.
So, I just want to go home and relax. Alright then. Take rest.
I’ll go clubbing with my friends. Anyway, I’ve two days off.
I’ll go clubbing with you for now. Hop on then.
– How unromantic and grumpy this guy is. You’re murmuring something?
– No! Let’s go. Dear, will you do me something I ask for?
Promise me you will. Go on, ask me.
– My best friend, Heera, is back from Australia. She wants to meet us tomorrow.
– Alright, cool. – You really want to meet? Why do you ask so?
– Because you’re too shy to interact with people. You’d prefer to sit at a corner idle.
– I said I’ll meet her. But don’t come to meet her like this.
– How else should I? – Like Mahesh Babu.. I mean turn up cute and cool
and simple and humble. Hey, Divya!
– Here you are! Where is Chandoo?
– He said he’ll be here in 10 minutes. But if a guy says 10 minutes, he means an hour.
Let’s take a table until then. She is Heera.
– Hi! – Hi. Isn’t he shy?
– He is very shy! Especially around new people. This shirt is cool.
– You wanted me to turn up cool and humble like Mahesh Babu. What do you mean?
– Don’t you know? Mahesh Babu’s collection called Humbl
is now on Spoyl. You’ll find classy clothes for young people there,
and that too in budget. Also, you can get 100% cashback.
The link for it is in the description. Give it a try. Why do you sit
like you’re resisting being handcuffed? Now you’re blushing? It is cute when boys blush,
especially the silent types like you. Don’t you dare use the hot water.
I need it for my bath. Wonder what this guy is upto.
Hi. Hi! Where are you? So, what’s up? Had lunch?
What did you have? Hey! You still there? Why did you go offline?
Why do you take so long to reply? How insolent! I don’t like chatting.
I can’t keep texting for hours. First you say hi and then you ask me what’s up
and then you ask if I had my lunch and then you ask me what I had for lunch.
Is it important that you know what I had for lunch? Stop asking such silly questions.
Neither of us are too dumb not to have meals on time. All I asked him was what he had for lunch.
He gave me a piece of his mind. Why even ask such stupid questions? Chandoo, got any plans for tomorrow.
– None as of now. – It’s my birthday tomorrow. Come over to my pad tomorrow. We’ll party.
– I’ll be there. I even tried calling Divya, I couldn’t get through her.
– Nevermind, I’ll tell her. See you. Neither did she call me since morning. Hey, Divya! Where are you at?
– ‘At home, sleeping. Why?’ You caught cough?
– ‘Nope. It’s just regular throat infection.’ Are you sure?
– ‘Yeah.’ – Alright then. See you. Divya, get up! Don’t sleep all day because you’re sick.
– How come you are here? I hate it if you look so weak and sick.
Get up and try to be normal. Freshen up. Let’s go out. Don’t look so sick. Let’s go now.
– Fine, I’ll change up. – That’s better. When I ask him to take me out he doesn’t.
But when I’m sick, he forces me to go out. He is beyond me. What will you have?
This is place known for it’s ice creams and bhajjis. Don’t you get it? I’m sick.
– Stop repeating it and stop thinking you’re sick. Don’t be so sensitive.
– Okay, now turn around. Who told you I was sick? My roommate?
– Wouldn’t I know if you’re sick? I may not talk with you on phone for hours
or chat with you for hours but I always keep track of everything
that you are and everything that you need. I know how you talk when you’re angry,
when you’re jealous, when you’re sad and when you’re suspicious.
I know everything about you. It is just that we guys
are bad at expressing our love. We aren’t good at pampering you
and calling you babe or darling or sweet heart. Keeping a grumpy face is something
I picked from my dad and my granddad. We guys seem like we don’t care at all,
but we care about everything. On the Spoyl app, a collection of Mahesh Babu’s
named Humbl has been launched. Since Mahesh Babu launched it, you know it’d be good.
Also, I was sent a few clothes too and they are really cool. The link for it is in the description,
so do check it out. Incase you liked this video,
do like, share and subscribe and hit that little bell down there.
This is Chandoo Sai AKA Pakkinti Kurradu.

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