Boris Johnson’s Facebook Live policy announcement from his desk
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Boris Johnson’s Facebook Live policy announcement from his desk

Good evening. I am speaking to you live
from my desk in Downing Street and I want to tell you about
some of the things we’ve been doing just in
the last few days. First, perhaps most important, we’ve been
putting more money into policing – £1.1bn into 20,000 more police
to make our streets safer – because what matters to me is
making sure your neighbourhood is a safe place. We’ve also been investing in our
wonderful NHS – another £1.8bn for 20 new
hospital upgrades. And what that means is more beds,
it means shorter waiting times and it means a better health service
for people around this country. And, of course, at the same time
we’re getting on with that work of getting ready to come out of
the European Union on 31 October, no ifs, no buts. And at the same time
I’ve been seeing some absolutely incredible things
around this country. Just this morning I was at the
nuclear fusion labs in Culham, which is offering an incredible
potential source of clean, cheap energy for future generations
and yet they tell me that they are literally only a few years
away from being able to provide UK-made fusion reactors for sale
around the world. It’s a quite incredible prospect
so that’s why we are today announcing here on Facebook live
that we are changing the rules on immigration so as to make the UK
even more open, even more welcoming to scientists from around the world. Because I want this country
to be the greatest place for science, the greatest place to start
a business and to invest, the greatest place to bring up your
kids and send them to school, the greatest place to live. That is the mission. But now I’m getting back
to my work. Thank you all for tuning in.

100 thoughts on “Boris Johnson’s Facebook Live policy announcement from his desk

  1. UK to ease visa restrictions on top scientists post-Brexit ►

  2. They should have given Diane Abbott the job of calculating how much money they need for 20,000 police officers

  3. Give the man a chance , for christ's sake.
    For once a man or woman in a prominent position is actually positive about my wonderful country.
    Love him or loathe him , at least give him a chance to see what he can do.
    If he fails , fair enough , chastise him but not before he's been given a fair crack of the whip.
    A democratic decision was reached.
    That mandate , however poisonous for some has to be enacted otherwise democracy will be nothing but a mockery…my country is the most innovative and creative place on earth, As a member of the E.U or not will not change that , we will always get on , because it's in our nature to do so.

  4. Prime minster, please no, we do not want more immigration! Even scientists! Train, support and development your own citizens , not poach from third world nations . Offer free science degrees to our brightest students . Your globalist idea drives down wages in the UK and it creates a brain drain reducing living standard in the foreign countries you take from.

  5. Please tell me this is satire! This loathsome toff knows he is a blagger…he has half a smirk on his face as he talks.

  6. Lair. Boris GEOBBELS. Show me trade deals you have secured replacing over 40 European Countries? And you want no deal Brexit? I did not vote for that!

  7. The right wing have broken all previous borrowing records just to hand that out to the rich.
    That isn't merely loony that is completely insane.
    That is offshoring ALL social responsibility to an offshore tax haven called Lalaland.

  8. "Greatest place for Science", eh? Nice vision. Unfortunately, the American Military Industrial Congressional Complex, CIA and Big Oil will NOT allow any country to develop energy systems that try to evolve away from fossil fuels. Really sad world we live in.

  9. Well why can't we have a fusion reactor here, and also enjoy cheap electricity? or is that only for foreigners?

  10. Your mission will fail as long as you ignore your crazy immigrarion policy….you will eventually bleed out the ethnic authentic english stock in their own country, which is evil and sinister

  11. Okay Boris, I like stricter more organised immigration, but …. What about our children who have £60k university debts that are now qualified scientists but can't get PAID work? There's no PAID science research work, excepting for a very few in universities who tend to keep those jobs "in house" for the Lecturers or take advantage of PHD students, which you can only do a PHD if you are wealthy first as there is no financing for post graduate degrees.
    Our SCIENTISTS should come first having made the time effort and financial commitment to this country … Or should they leave UK to find work abroad, give their skills to other countries?
    Any science jobs should be offered to UK Citizens first.

  12. He may bluster, he may blunder, but he may just inject some enthusiasm into this most staid of Government's, it's about time a PM stood up to the EU …. he may not get it all right, on that you are probably correct, but he is a far safer pair of hands for the UK than Corbyn would ever be, and that's a fact.

  13. Does this man have any comprehension of reality? Is he really trying to indicate that we are just a few years from licensed, commercially and technically viable nuclear fusion to generate electricity? Is anyone actually naive enough to believe this?

    I'm looking forward to him feeding 5000 on November 1 also…

  14. The Tory Party : Now officially the party of racism, homophobia, Islamophobia and sexism.
    The Tory Party : The Anti-Business Hard Brexit Party.

  15. We're in a bizarre world where almost every single sentence he says is a lie. Still that's how Brexit began, and that's how it'll finish. Should be an interesting ride.

  16. Boris Johnson explaining what Government is doing on his new programme for CBeebies. 😏

    I've watched and digested a lot of govermental twoddle since the Neverendums started in 2014 🤓 and witnessing Boris being this vague about policing and health care is a bit dull. 😴 It reminds me of a toddler handing in an essay at University and on it is a load of scribble where the writing should be. I crave for actual facts explaining where the extra funding is coming from along side how is he gonna manage recruitment of these extra Police officer's given how recruitment is low and there's isn't enough money in the budget. "The 1.8 Billion pounds" for bed upgrades in the NHS. I would rather the cash went to ensuring patients gets proper diagnosis for illnesses like Sepsis and in making sure cancer patients are entitled to pioneering life saving treatment without going private

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