Borelli: I lost my job thanks to Facebook’s censorship
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Borelli: I lost my job thanks to Facebook’s censorship

69 thoughts on “Borelli: I lost my job thanks to Facebook’s censorship

  1. FaceBook is racist and a threat to American citizens president Trump Shute FaceBook down for radicalizing their company they are a lost cause to freedom and free speech FaceBook is out of control. FaceBook is now a radical terrorist supporting social media no longer a social platform.

  2. Face-fascist-book STRIKES AGAIN against conservatives. Facebook BROKE LAWS only TWO MILLION In a ROW. I bet they won't silenced the right again. *(not.)

  3. Facebook and YouTube should have been sued by a few million people for $500K each. Big Companies are always above the law.

  4. who in their right mind would be on Fake Book ??? it is the F B I . or worse ; drop that rotten potato and free yourself.

  5. Of course Facebook is refusing to acknowledge the bias. If they do then they're admitting guilt in violating the Equal Employment laws.

  6. Anti Western fascist tech narcissists who think they are morally superior but they are emotionally immature and naive. While they collude with China and hate America and steal your personal information, illegally interfere in elections and promoting terrorism while suppressing the voice of truth and reason. They have single handedly destroyed society

  7. The President needs to intervene and take away Fakebooks protections. Better yet conservatives need to move to a new platform. Let the effin liberals then argue with each other about the correct pronoun to use. Fakebook..the ultimate echo chamber.

  8. Borelli says "Facebook is hurting their consumers". Trouble is, Borelli, you, and I are not their consumers, not their customers. Facebook sells ads. Non-ad users are just part of the product that Facebook sells.

  9. I just added this video to a playlist in my You Tube channel titled "The Left's Pathetic Censorship".

  10. Facebook is complete garbage. I left that shitplatform over a year ago and it's one of the best decisions I ever made. It's designed and built to manipulate the human mind, they see their users as puppets.

  11. Folks, I unleashed my life from FB 44 days ago today and MY LORD HOW MUCH BETTER I AM FOR IT! After the 1st week, I found myself outside, going places with REAL FRIENDS, even with a fishing pole in my hand, something I have not done in 12 years.

    FACE BOOK IS A CANCER……… you are the only cure for it, if you stay in that arena, you do NOTHING but enrichen the liberals who are destroying the US. . Best to you ALL!

  12. Facebook is the enemy of the free world. Delete your accounts now and stop supporting the tech tyrants! Ditch Apple while you're at it.

  13. Facebook almost cost me my daughter, I wrote the creator of Facebook, they sent my letter back, unopened! She is right, they are impossible to contact! Poor children, they get on it, no matter what, some get bullied! May be a contributing factor for these young Mass shooters!

  14. It's because you are a strong Black Woman trying to make people aware of what is going on politically.. The Left depend on the black vote and want to silence this strong Black Woman..

  15. she is exactly right! You have no recourse once facebook disables your account. There is no justice in Facebook. And they are an enemy to free speech and constitutional freedoms.

  16. Way past time to break up anti-American Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Every one of them are PUBLISHERS, not platforms.

    No more protections, break them up now!

  17. Disgusting hateful islamonazis of fb. Tired of their intolerant bs. Fb ban me, every time , I say something the intolerant islamonazis don’t like.

  18. I don't understand Facebook is biased I shutdown my Facebook s*** 5 years ago and haven't missed it one day ! Put your money where your mouth is if you truly believe it's biased then shut down your site !

  19. The way to break the monopoly of social media is to switch to another provider. Social media needs marketplace open competition to clean up its act. The essence of Freedom is Choice. All people have to do is set up their own personal websites. Then aggregators will have something to start with. Has Deneen talked to BlazeTV?

  20. she is not a "casulty" of their censorship….. give it a break lady. it is a privately owned website, they have every right to put whatever they want on their website!!! Lady, you lost your job, because you got shoved down in life and instead of brushing yourself off and getting back up to keep going, you just quit…… wha wha wha.

  21. I don't have Facebook and I never will because they're bias, and I wouldn't use Youtube either but it seems to be the only source of media I can go too for info. Something should be done about this its not fair by any means.

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