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Body Language Breakdown: Who’s in Sync? | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

I just want you
to feel something. Do you feel that? That’s my heart beating fast. I love you. TRACY MCMILLAN: Hi, I’m
Tracy McMillan from “Family or Fiance”, and I’m here to
take a look at these singles in “Read to Love”. Their body language,
their chemistry– what’s going on here? We’re going to have a look. [MUSIC PLAYING] Do you want more kids? I don’t want any more. It all depends, really. You could get a
possible one out of me. WOMAN: I want two kids,
so you don’t want that. My baby’s got to come
out a full genius. WOMAN: You’ve got to be
careful who you have kids with. I really hope you
get what you want. Dang. TRACY MCMILLAN: So
the first thing I notice is how he’s
covering his face and orienting away from her. Watch. He’s going to turn
right away from her. Boom. Do you see how
his knee comes up? He’s just not open at all. He’s not open to her
or what she’s saying. And I don’t care what his
mouth is saying, that is a no. It is not happening between
the two of them right now. Can you cook? Oh, absolutely. Oh, man. We’re starting to talk about
food, we’re on my subject. Black eyed peas, greens, I
mean, we go to the pork chops, smothered pork chops– – Smothered pork chops?
– –rice– Let me see your hand. I just want you
to feel something. Do you feel that? That’s my heart beating fast. I feel it, too. When you said smothered
pork chops it skipped a beat. Really? Do you feel it? I love you. I’m just kidding. Can you cook? Oh, absolutely. TRACY MCMILLAN: She
asked the question, and when he says
something she likes– see how he moves
his body towards her and he starts
selling his assets? See, here’s who I am. Here’s who I am. I’m this guy. I’m going to do this for you. I’m going to cook. I’m going to make
this food you like. And she says oh, really? Well, I’m open to that. And then look how she’s gazing
at him and smiling slightly. This is a picture
perfect I’m open to you. Being open means you
could be rejected. Then she takes his hand and
puts it right on her chest, and you’re like,
whoa, this is on. She’s very clear– my
heart is beating for you. I’m open to being chosen by you. That’s what she’s saying. She’s not doing the
choosing– like, hey, I want to go on a date with you. She’s saying I’m
available to you. But she’s not going over there
to get him, she’s saying, I’m here if you
want to come get me. She’s not giving her
power to him, though. She’s simply saying, I like
you and I’m open to it. Many, many women want to be
the person who is chosen. But in order to be the
person who is chosen, you have to be open. She’s not proposing
anything to him. You see what I’m saying? She’s being vulnerable. She’s saying, here’s how I feel. Telling someone
how you feel is not the same as doing the choosing. In fact, it’s kind
of the opposite. That’s what makes it so scary
to just be open– and saying, I like you, and stand there
and see if they choose you. And then she even floats
the trial balloon– I love you– just to see
what his reaction is. And he’s like, holy crap,
what’s happening right now? And then– boom, they
laugh, and they’re in what’s called synchrony. So what people do when they
are having great chemistry or when they’re very
attracted to each other is they start to mirror
each other’s gestures. And you can see these two being
in the synchrony by the end. [MUSIC PLAYING]

28 thoughts on “Body Language Breakdown: Who’s in Sync? | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. That second couple was a bit much, hand on her chest and he didn't have to do much. I think he was open to her until she made that move, then he was thinking she is easy and borderline desperate or crazy, but she's still attractive so he'll play along. The individuals on this show have the most odd conversation. I guess it's awkward to be on shows like this so they discuss stuff for shock value.

  2. Frankly speaking Men aren't feeling the whole "I want kids now demand" then child support for 20 years trap any more. A whole lot of us would be very content and satisfied with just a good woman by our side and that's it.

  3. We'll see if they actually end up together.

    As much as I love the body language analysis, I'm pessimistic and skeptical about its accuracy in being able to predict success for couples long term.

    Also I ain't an expert but I'm open to learn and understand. Like the direction of the after show commentary. It's helpful and informative.

  4. I know how it feels to really really like someone but siiis dnt put too much into him but keep him on your radar sometimes zoning in too hard caan backfire …i believe she sincere tho….

  5. Notice how nice the light-skinned girl was and how attitudinal the dark girl was? Take heed, ds women, it's not always about the amount of melanin.

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