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Body Language Breakdown: Is Alexis Feeling Kerry? | Ready to love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– I don’t miss much. – Me too.
– No, I don’t miss much. I’m reading body
language, I’m reading– I am doing the same. Everything. TRACY MCMILLAN(VOICEOVER): Hi,
I’m Tracy McMillan from “Family or Fiance” and I’m here to
take a look at these singles in “Ready to Love”, their body
language, their chemistry. What’s going on here? We’re going to have a look. [MUSIC PLAYING] Right, sometimes– That’s the sales
person in you. – Yeah, it is.
– Just so you know, I know. Yeah. I love the world. And I’m looking
forward to somebody who can explore it with me.
– Mm. And right now,
you’re on the radar. 50,000 feet. 50,000 feet up. And the view looks good. I sense that you are truly
genuine, and I appreciate you. I really do. TRACY MCMILLAN(VOICEOVER):
So here’s what I notice about this one. She’s breaking eye
contact with him a lot. And she’s looking away. And now she’s going
to start to point. That is a very aggressive move. Now, it could be a
sexy aggressive move. But that’s not what’s
happening in this case. He’s very open to her. And she’s, like, not
really having it. The other thing you can tell is
her brief vocalizations, which are the sounds she’s making
as she listens to him talk, are really negative. And if she was open to
him, it would be a warmer, softer brief vocalization. But her brief vocalizations
are more aggressive, they’re matching the pointing. And I would say, this
is not really happening. Now, look at the way
her eyebrows are raised. She’s definitely dubious. She’s listening to him, but
her entire facial expression is like, uh-huh. And he’s toying with
him a little bit. But I don’t think she’s
sincerely open to him at all. Even though they’re
having a little bit of a nice thing at the end. But that’s just because she
finds something amusing. I wouldn’t say she trusts him. [MUSIC PLAYING]

68 thoughts on “Body Language Breakdown: Is Alexis Feeling Kerry? | Ready to love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Only she know what she is feeling but one thing I know and see is that she is giving him a try. I don't know anything about him or her.

  2. To me Alexis isn't feeling any of the men. With Kerry, she is probably looking for a genuine love from someone who is more into her than she is into them. Basically she's looking for safety, because the other guys are opened to the other women and she most likely doesn't want that. Doesn't want competition; wants a man who isn't her only. I don't blame her.

  3. 💯agree she wants to take on top so she wants as many guys to like her as bbn possible… but she ain't feeling him at all. It's crazy cause he dont have a clue!🤣

  4. Alexis is smart, she may not be feeling him but it's good to have a friend on your side who can give you the inside info especially in regards to London.

  5. Y’all didn’t have to bring Doc on here to tell us that Alexis wasn’t really into Carey…. I think we all read that. She was to obvious. At least she wasn’t rude about it though

  6. And if they played the clip a little longer you would have noticed that she pulls away from him when they double over in laughter, she does it twice while he other hand leans in and touches her arm

  7. Kerry said that he doesn’t miss much; he’s watching EV ER Y THING!! Kerry please….you so busy cheesing with that creepy laugh, that you missed EV ER Y THING!!! 🤣. Alexis ran some quick G. Talking about I get that you are genuine and I appreciate you. In other words Kerry, awwww, that’s sweet, but I’m not feeling you like that. Hell, I’m a woman and can see she’s not into that man. But play the game, Alexis! I see you, girl!

  8. Kerry had it right from the beginning by choosing Reva. She’s really the only person who he’s connected with, but he blew it with her by sending that suggestive text message. That action alone turned Reva off and she hasn’t looked back. Kerry doesn’t really want Alexis either, he’s just trying to stay in the game. Meanwhile, he’s starting to look like the old man in the club.

  9. Shame Kerry is reading body language and EVERYTHING but he can't seem to read hers. She's good at flirting and clever with it too.

  10. We learned nothing from this video. Alexis ain't got time for this man.. she entertained him like a invited guest to HER party and is gonna keep it moving. This is so she stays on everyone's top list.

  11. In my opinion she is the best woman on the show. She doesn't act desperate, she doesn't dress to revealing, you don't see her sitting on laps or doing too much touchy feely with the men. I like her behavior and how she is easily attracting all the men to her.

  12. I thought she was friend zoning him, esp when someone says, "i really appreciate you.." 😂

  13. All of us amatuer body language readers " knew this all along".
    We knew Alexis was not interested in this guy romantically.

  14. He should find a very attractive lady that is older but looks young. When you really are 30ish you don't have to get with a 50ish person.

  15. She's not into him but she is saying the right things to keep him interested even though he can't see the big friend zone not gonna happen sign.

  16. I like these two. Kerry was the first person Alexis chose to speak to on episode 1. She was also the one who defended him against Reeva trying to send him home. Kerry said they've been speaking on the phone for hours. Personally, Alexis has shown us that she knows how to curve somebody of shes not feeling them, see Jimmy. Honestly, her vibe was off that whole day. I think she likes Kerry but is figuring it out. Not sure if I can see her sexually involved with him tho

  17. Watching the show I thought this exactly. How are you so good at reading body language, yet missed the fact that she's giving you zero romantic vibes? 🤔

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