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BMF Media’s New York office | Office Envy

I’m Bruce Starr from
BMF Media Group. We’re cultural engineers and we just moved
to our new offices here in New York City. This is our entryway and something that’s
super special to us is this incredible piece that’s done by Alec Monopoly
and Richard Corman. When we moved in, we went
with an open floor plan. So what we ended up doing
is creating a color scheme that is calm, muted, Dior
grey, whites, cement floors. Sometimes you have to get away from it all,
so we have a lot of phone booths and places to escape for all
those client conference calls. When we moved in we decided to have a
decorating desk contest to get the space to be a little bit more warmer
and see our staff’s personality. So from cosmic globes, to gay pride
this month and The Golden Girls – everyone brought out their personality
to what they thought was best. As we travel all the time, we felt that
the best use for our private office was to create an environment
that felt like home. Continuing the vibe of creativity,
but also calm and peacefulness. So this is kind of the most
popular room. We call it the den. Continuing the calm effect
is in the kitchen. We’re all about having fresh fruit
in the morning for breakfast. People can make smoothies. Our creative department is
working on images all the time, from drink menus to
invitations, Pantone colors. This is the creative space
to let the juices flow and then see what happens
with our events. Whoops. With most spaces, we’re going to grow
into this, in the next coming years, but in the meantime, to continue
the calm, positivity in the office, we decided to get creative. Ping pong for the staff
to clear their minds, but the yoga studio is
really something special. One of my favorite parts of
building this new office was learning about what you have to
do and we have events all the time. It’s really crazy on event day. And something really important for us was being
able to give a space for the girls to get ready. We’ve had a bit of a battle
on conference room names, so, for now, this one’s
called Extra Large. This is Medium. And this is Small. We’re lucky enough that we have
our own garden here on the rooftop. So, they can come out, work, have some
fresh air, get away from all the concrete. We have our wifi up here so the staff gets
to work here whenever they want. It’s a good extension to get them out of
the office and in some clear headspace. Now that we’re done designing
the New York office, next up is renovations for LA, Miami,
and Austin. We can’t leave them hanging. Oh sorry guys. I gotta run.
Talk to you later!

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  1. These are awesome.. 😍❤ ..i am a big fan..waited a whole week to see this week's episode. How many episodes will you make of office envy?

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