Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review III
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Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review III

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we are going to be looking at a blockchain review of all
of the social media platforms that are in existence and this is a lot and I’ve
also included a ton of blockchain tools at the beginning for you to check out as
well and I might do an entire separate post and video going through all those
tools but for now they’re just there for your convenience I won’t bother going
through all of them some of them may need their entire own review so those
are really just a reference for you because I want to be I want this to have
every possible link and reference and resource that you might need for
blockchain social media including relevant tools that you may end up using
as well like block stack has all these different business applications that you
might be able to take advantage of even though it’s not social media so that’ll
be all listed there as well but essentially for this video because I
know this is gonna be really long I’m just gonna go through maybe one or two
of each platform category because there’s you know recommended not
recommended not ready yet and I’ll explain for one of the random examples
why I put it in that category to give you some idea in the thought process
behind these rankings and then we’ll look at the top top platforms at the
very end and if that’s really all that you’re looking for jump to the end more
or less maybe like 10 minutes left 15 minutes left something like that that’ll
probably be where I’ll start to really cover the major major platforms that I
use or just jump to the end of the blog that’ll be the main ones that you
actually need to know about for the rest of this including like more than half of
the blog it’s just sharing why these other platforms are not making the cut
or how they may have potential in the future and I will let you know in the
future if they do but they don’t right now they don’t cut it
so just very briefly before actually dive right into this this is what the
actual blog’s the blog looks like this is just the recommended resources and
tools here so there’s maybe your like 20 there to begin with
these are platforms that aren’t ready and some of them haven’t been ready for
over a year so you know take that as you will right because I don’t know how long
people are really willing to wait when they’ve already got platforms that do
all of these things not looking too hot and Facebook’s blockchain is extremely
concerning these were previously not recommended and they’re still not
recommended went back went through them they still suck they still have the same
reasons that I gave them these rankings originally I wanted view Lee to be good
and that’s why I wrote so much usually you can tell when I write a lot I’m
either really upset that it wasn’t good or I wanted it to be good and I have to
really dive into why it’s not as well as even the platforms that I really like I
really dissect them way more because I want to expose any flaws that they do
have so that they get fixed in case you know founders actually look at this or
whatever it might be and I know they actually do because I I’m friends with
some of them and I talk to some of them but yeah I want to be unbiased too right
I want to give you guys the best possible platforms because this is what
I am going to use myself so I obviously don’t want to be wrong about which
platforms are gonna make it so to speak in which are going to be like MySpace
and get dropped off or Google+ or you know we’re seeing that social media
platforms are changing Google+ falling off one of the biggest companies not
being able to make a successful social media platform that’s significant yes
they own YouTube they bought YouTube okay they’ve never made a successful
social media platform that is that is interesting
anyways focusing on view ly the main reason that it didn’t cut it is because
you have to pay for everything that you do on view Li there are some sites that
pass you know like games like blockchain games typically it makes sense because
you can earn but you know it it’s hard to justify that for something like
posting a video or being able to like or dislike other people’s videos you have
to invest a certain amount of money and it’s just not realistic especially when
your platform is really new barely anyone is on there and you’re telling
everyone who joins that they have to give you money it’s not realistic
especially when you’re they also say also pay for every transaction so you
know I didn’t want to have to pay seven cents to post a video but I did then
when I went and looked at the Explorer feed I realized that the last nine posts
the oldest post was about two weeks old so clearly people are not using bewdley
and there’s no point in wasting your money though I do like their design and
everything it is actually better the design and the layout and how easy it
was to post it was better than bitch shoot or bit tube
I still think D tube is is one of the top ones people have been talking about
D live we’ll cover that later it is not what you think it is let’s just keep
going so not recommended anymore well actually I should be probably showing
you some of these as I actually talked about them yeah so let’s take a look I
was just looking at to publish a X here which will we’ll cover later on but if
we actually go and look at view ly you know it’s a nice platform it’s got a
decent enough layout as I was saying the top 9 or the last nine posts you can see
mine that I just recently uploaded all this is two weeks so clearly you know
not a ton of people are using this platform and I mean these four are all
from the same person so I mean it’s just it’s not it doesn’t have the traction
and it’s as simple as that and it’s it’s unfortunate but that’s that’s the case
and you know it does work well but it’s it’s just not gonna cut it
and it’s as simple as that so moving on I don’t know if I should show you bother
showing you the other ones that I was mentioning is I was going through I mean
these aren’t even ready a lot of this stuff isn’t super important
just a brief leak look at some of these resources though like these these lists
here are where I got a lot of these applications so these are really good if
you’re trying to see what’s available out there this is you can listen to the
radio and air encrypt oh I thought that was pretty cool
this will pay you crypto for using their search engine I installed their
extension I use this all the time now it works great with brave brave is a way to
brave as an amazing browser that’s faster than Chrome and easily imports
all of your Chrome or Firefox or whatever all of your bookmarks
everything that you need over to brave instantly super easy and then you can
earn crypto if you allow ads otherwise it’ll automatically just remove ads for
you it’s one of the only browsers that is built in ad blocking really really
awesome if you use these together you’re just gonna earn tons and say you also
like the radio or even more this is another platform it’s for you know open
source free unsensible I don’t think it’s actually or maybe it is I don’t
know if it’s blockchain it just says Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent the
BitTorrent Network so I think it does but I’m not totally sure I can’t
remember when I recommended this this was a one of the first recommendations I
made in the first review and that was like six months ago
high low tracks different coins storage is a decentralized cloud storage
I used the beta it was kind of or it’s weird because they said the beta is
coming out but I mean I’ve used this before when it was like a beta beta I
guess it didn’t work the greatest but I saw value in it and loom is a network
for making blockchain applications crowd holding is for share drops earn drops
block Lancer is a freelance gig economy kind of like five or down eox really
really great platform where you can earn crypto for doing different bounties I
guess we are going through this whole thing
coin calendar you can see different events in the crypto space cma
marketplace is essentially like a marketplace basic well I mean it’s more
of like a less established version of bounty o-x where they’ve got more like
random things as well expert II is kind of like a Skype alternative block stack
is a browser in quotations because it’s not an actual like internet browser but
you need to have it to access all the applications on it you don’t have to
install you don’t actually install anything it’s just you need to have an
account on it so it’s kind of like Steam in a sense and then using steam
applications but it was pretty easy to sign up a block you sign is one of their
apps which is like a PDF signing solution and then graphite is another
really cool one it’s kind of like Google Docs and yeah really really really
useful and then xor drive is another encrypted cloud storage this one is
actually able to be used so I check that out and then aapko is for developers you
can see where different apps are being awarded free crypto based on how well
they’re doing and to incentivize them to keep developing and doing more this is
really cool this is a Google home alternative and yeah really cool to
check that out and then extra brown is a free block show blockchain web hosting
application felt like that took a lot of time I probably should have saved that
for the other video but nonetheless this is gonna be a long one guys for not
recommended anymore as in they were previously recommended and I removed
them buzz show couldn’t really cut it it’s just never improved community
didn’t really improve hyperspace I know some people are even
get mad at me for not recommending this one so I’m gonna have to actually go and
like show you this hyperspace could have done well but it just didn’t cut it yeah
I mean it’s really unfortunate because they for example I mean they only let
you verify your phone if you’re in the United States so I mean they’re already
cutting off everyone else from being able to earn on their platform which is
kind of ridiculous you can earn just regularly from other people giving you
coins but our amps but you can’t really earn just from there the universal basic
income drops that they give out every day as you can see here but you know I
can’t verify so I can’t do it and I mean I was posting on here for a bit I was
doing it like every day but I was only getting a couple interactions no
comments it was okay but I mean you also had to get all your posts approved which
is kind of like tribe and I said this on tribe I said look if you have that much
centralization people are gonna be turned away from the platform and what
happened to tribe tribe fell off no one uses tribe now so even though they said
yeah eventually we’re gonna stop they never made it that far and I don’t think
hyperspace will either sorry guys you know I mean the community was ok as you
can see people do use this it’s not it’s not nearly as active as a lot of the
other platforms but it’s a lot better than some of the stuff that I just
recently showed you and looked at they’ve got way more interaction on here
then view Lee for example yeah so that’s that I mean
I I write my full explanation here you know it just it couldn’t cut it it had a
decent design but it was um it had issues and it’s just yeah you know it’s
unfortunate way cou I don’t feel as bad to say don’t use it because it’s
basically a scam I mean realistically if I check it I mean last time I checked it
I couldn’t even get on but let’s check not looking hot wake him
I think they switched it over to Maine don’t wake you so that could be it but
uh I don’t think so I mean it probably is just a scam there
witnesses we’re all the same person they didn’t have a way for you to sell wake
you you could only buy wake ooh you know it’s just yeah it was sketchy yeah it
didn’t even load so you know there there you go most steam alternatives are scams
they are ripoffs to just try to get money from it
wale share is like a half a scam can I say a half scam because I don’t actually
think that a lot of the people on the platform think it’s a scam or are trying
to scam people but that is the case and it’s basically again it’s essentially
steam but okay so the original motivation I remember when this very
very first launch I knew a ton of the people launching it they were like you
know this is the solution to all the issues on steam we’re gonna fix
everything bid bots are awful we’re gonna fix that
we’re gonna fix this what do they do all the witnesses who start off make bid
BOTS they launched their own token they sell that token to users to then use
their bid BOTS and the only reason they had bid bots is because they had all
this power gifted them as witnesses and moderators and whatever and then they
just abused it they just abused it and then you know
what they did they said oh well we don’t like bid BOTS so let’s get rid of this
and they just discontinued to all their tokens they stopped the bid
BOTS anyone who had their tokens just lost all their money like me and yeah
and they were witnesses of the platform they were representatives of this
platform and they were scamming people and people are still using this
completely unbeknownst to that knowledge and I don’t know it’s crazy it’s
honestly crazy all I’ve been doing over the past little while is slowly but
surely withdrawing all of my whale shares so I can sell them because
they’re garbage and what I’ve noticed is every single time I’ve come back to sell
any it’s worth significantly less than the last time and as much as I’d love to
be able to sell this right away I feel like by the time I get all this out and
sell it it’s gonna be worth nothing and I wouldn’t be surprised but again look
this is why I do these these reviews for you guys I put my money in my time on
the line so that you know two three months of me using whale shares can be
summed up into this little three five minute you know spout where I just let
you know about what’s going on and and that’s kind of the whole point and I
really want I really hope you guys appreciate this because it’s kind of
unfortunate for me right but you know we all benefit by learning what is better
what is going to what is what we should be using instead really seems like I’m
going through all of these but way cool whale shows in Seoul I used to be top
recommendations by me so I think I think I owe it to my fans and just to anyone
watching to to go through and say why these are gone why these are done like
Sola shut down on April 10th and I was doing so well on Sola I had almost four
million up votes I was just I was killing it on Sola I had so many top
posts and it was just so unfortunate to see it go away but the devs were super
uninvolved they didn’t really seem to care about what was going on in the
community and yeah it just seems natural that they
eventually just said you know what our token isn’t gonna increase in value we
are not putting in the time we might as well just end this yeah right because
they’re still probably having to pay for all of the the fees to run the servers
and everything else so they ended Sola and this just goes to show that that any
platform can can go down any platform can finish any platform can be put out
of business that’s why we need to diversify and beyond a lot of different
platforms as well as be aware of things like what I’m putting out so that you
can know what is out there and where things are changing and where in what
direction the blockchain social space is going this is this one’s unfortunate
social chains I look I’ve been doing interviews with CEOs and I really wanted
this one to be good I got this awesome interview lined up we did the interview
and then I realized this website was a complete sham there was no posts they
were they were claiming to me that they were getting 50 to 100 new users every
single day yeah crazy crazy guys like the fact that they were claiming these
things and they were so far from the truth oh that’s not good I’m gonna have to blur that out blur
this – don’t need people calling me that’s for sure okay uh okay well I
don’t even know then that’s yeah okay well yep there you go I don’t even know
I I thought I had an account clearly maybe they found out that I was bashing
it after I realized it was garbage and or they were upset that I didn’t talk
about it on their plot I don’t know man it was just it was a bad platform and
they wanted you to give like your address kyc verification passport
you know do a live check all these things and they didn’t even work the
first time I they wanted to do a 12-hour review period for you to change your
profile picture Wow crazy crazy crazy crazy so yeah I won’t
bother diving into the rest of these theirs they weren’t good guys you know
as simple as that oh this one’s so interesting okay Saudi life pewdiepie
announced that he would be exclusively live streaming on D live and that was a
big deal it is a big deal because it shows that even the top streamers in the
world recognize that blockchain technology is relevant
unfortunately when you’ve got so many platforms coming out and so little
knowledge about blockchain you have people like cutie pie backing a fake
blockchain application and I mean I say fake because I have a lot of disdain for
what the platform is because of all these people thinking it’s blockchain
and now everyone’s gonna be misled and confused it could become a blockchain
platform but it’s not it isn’t one it could be one but they claim it is and
everyone thinks it is it’s not as simple as that and what I write here is that
they use the length the line o or Leno network but it’s not a real blockchain
network in no way does it interact with the blockchain their test net is not
launched they put a post about this a year ago over a year ago saying it will
be launched soon it’s not out yet well it’s been over a year no updates and you
know all these people think it’s a blockchain platform and it’s just it’s
unfortunate because it’s misrepresenting what blockchain actually is and you’re
gonna get all these people who are like oh wow
it’s good because it’s it’s okay because it’s blocked shame yes I’ll use this and
then they realize that they censor people they removed Alex Jones
there’s barely there’s really no blockchain aspect to this at all they
you they work with PayPal so even more opportunity for censorship or you know
not being able to cash out or earn money because that’s the only way you can cash
out right now is through PayPal so PayPal bans you or whatever might be
and then that’s it right how is that blockchain how is that Unser’s
uncensored bull how is that you know resistant to being deep platformed it’s
not any platform that relies on paypal is is easily sensible it’s easily
controllable it’s all I can hope for is that they break off from that and they
actually have a real blockchain network or that line Oh per se well I guess
because look D Live is a third-party application online oh so they’re not
actually the same thing so it’s more like lion-o needs to do better and D
live needs to ensure that that’s the case or go somewhere else and they’re
both failing on both of those things and you know you can stake your line o
points really feels like it’s a blockchain platform but in no way does
it actually do anything they don’t even have a whitepaper if you go through like
all of their terms and all their information there’s barely anything
talking about how it’s an actual blockchain platform they do have this
overview of lino but it’s more like what they want it to be and what their what
the Eco what what what like how the finance works and how you can donate to
other people and stuff but not so much the blockchain actual content should
mute my Google home when I’m doing this yeah so it’s just super on unimpressive
you know it’s just it’s so unfortunate I’m gonna do a full deep dive into D
live and how it’s not really it should just be called live or fake lino or want
to be twitch I don’t know they do have things that they’ve improved
on from twitch I’ll give them that staking is cool being they take no
platform cuts that is that is cool that is good that they do that there is there
is a bunch of things that make them better than twitch but to go around
championing as the only live streaming blockchain application is a gross lie
and it’s as simple as that going through these spheroid eventually they might
start to really use AR which will be really cool or I guess like that’s the
whole point no no I tried this I remember it now it’s only a mobile
application that lets you play around in AR it doesn’t actually use the
blockchain really yet but that’s the whole point of where they’re gonna take
it and it’s very unique and the only the only thing the only platform or project
in this space that’s doing this so I wanted to keep it on the list in case it
becomes like some crazy a our snapchat blockchain platform but again probably
not probably not because most platforms that don’t start off with what they’re
supposed to have rarely end with it as we’ve seen sapien
you know I’ll actually show sapien because they’re doing a good job of
improving the platform little by little but they’re still lacking the community they’re still lacking a lot of things
I definitely think they’re doing way better though they’ve been getting a lot
better and yeah I mean it’s it’s it’s got staking it’s got it’s like a merge
between steam and mines but with like very little community and you know like
it’s it’s kind of iffy it’s it’s slow sometimes and things like that but uh
they’ve really improved the UI and yeah I don’t know I mean before you had to
like paid to be able to comment but they said that was a bug so they fixed that
but I don’t even know like it like ice Prout here it reminded me of
bear shares where it’s like they say you have to pay for a comment but that’s a
bug it really sounds like they just dropped paying for comments and then
people were like completely outraged and then they said oh it’s a bug and then
they just got rid of it because it’s hard to accidentally have a
bug that makes you paid a comment like how does how does that accidentally get
in there that’s it is weird that’s weird but there’s a chance that
if the community gets better if the platform continues to improve sapien is
one of the few that I think could really get back like get on top and come out of
this like lower lower recommendation area as well as deal IFT well it’s more
it’s more on lion-o than it is on d live if lion-o really gets there blockchain
going this could be big it could be huge unfortunately most people don’t even
know that that’s not the case so I mean it might just get huge anyways off of
false pretenses which is dangerous because then they don’t actually have to
follow through won’t be good score um is another steam alternative it is one that
I don’t have gripes about I just don’t use it because I’m not into sports and
this is a complete niche sports application so if you like steam and you
like sports that’s your that’s your platform bit tube they they they’re
pretty good but the UI is dull and the community is lacking but if people if
more people get into this platform it definitely has the potential to to
really get somewhere and yeah I mean they also need to improve the UI a
little bit it’s not terrible you know it’s kind of dynamic it moves around a
little bit but when you go and like look at your profile it’s just kind of clunky
and awkward like you’re just looking at this person’s like it doesn’t look the
greatest they get it’s just all like gray and
black and there’s not a lot here maybe if they have like a night mode in a day
mode where you could swap between the two that’d be nice but yeah they just
need they need a little bit of improvement on their UI and they need a
better community I mean it’s it’s ironic to say if they have a better community
more people will join the like the website which is kind of like it’s it’s
ironic because the only way to get a better community is if more people are
joining and only more people are gonna join is if you have a better community
so this is really like if a small enough group of people start to get really
serious on here it’ll attract the attention of other people and then it’ll
sort of grow out from there and yeah we’ll see I mean it looks like there’s a
lot more people posting but weirdly enough like 90% of this is all like from
five days ago so that’s kind of weird yeah
again it’s it’s not a top recommendation but it has the potential if they really
start to do better but I definitely saw see I’m seeing that there’s a lot more
views at least at the very least they’re getting a little bit more traction tribe
super unfortunate I use this for so long I thought there was gonna be so much
potential here I earned like 14,000 tribe of 14,000
tribe and it ends up being like no one really cares about this platform no one
uses this platform I only I mean I always got like a comment or two I
always got a rating or two but if you go and like just look at the latest posts
on the platform okay well that’s disingenuous well I of
course yeah of course now it’s blowing up that’s ridiculous
last time I reviewed this there was literally no one using the platform like
two or three weeks ago and of course now there’s all these posts well maybe if I
look at one like is there even any interaction of course tons of
interaction of course of course well hey maybe I’ll go and I’ll check out tribe
again but I mean even outside of just how often people are posting it’s a
clunky weird platform it is slow when I originally signed up this was the
biggest issue that they had it was that when I originally signed up for tribe
they I mean it took me days to figure out connecting scatter to tribe and I
tried so many different things even the admins they had no idea like I talked to
three or four and some Monds and still nothing after continuing trying things
out on my own I finally got it connected and they took more than three days I am
100% that the that most people will try this and give up or they can’t be
bothered and yeah I mean it’s just it’s not super intuitive it’s not super
useful I mean the whole website is built on WordPress
that’s not very reliable you know only it’s just not and yeah I don’t want to
spend too much time on that because it’s not that great bit shoot this one is
this one I have a lot of popularity because a lot of people want this to be
the next big one and I definitely think there’s enough people using this there’s
enough people posting it’s definitely getting a lot better so there’s
definitely a lot of potential here hundred percent there’s a lot of
potential I’m just not sure when this is actually going to be
super viable I mean it is cool because what you can do is it’ll automatically
connect to your YouTube and then upload everything add the title thumbnail
literally everything this is all pulled directly from YouTube I don’t do
anything I almost never even use this platform because they use Disqus for
commenting and that can be censored very easily and they have censored as well as
it’s really clunky and it’s just not and it’s not very good to use so I didn’t
really like using it very much and you can’t even upvote comments or anything
like that unless you’re using discus you can’t just do it regularly they have
definitely gotten better it’s gotten faster they’ve improved some like bugs
and things so this definitely has potential but I think they have to make
it a little bit of a better like layout like this is weird
you’ve got multiple channels and they don’t have like a cover or anything I
mean this looks okay like it’s a decent way to lay things out but I’m just not
super super into this platform maybe other people are I know they’re
definitely gaining a lot of traction in their community there’s a lot more
people using this especially than like–but tube or view lis so if you’re
thinking of a platform that is purely purely video so you know like D tube is
video but it’s on steam with everything else if you want something that is only
only only only video it’s–but shoot yeah for the most part I would say
you’re probably just good to go with this or if you don’t want to put in the
effort you can just have it automatically take all of your YouTube
videos so that’s not bad but again it’s not a top recommendation for me I don’t
like actually browsing and using it very much it’s more just something that I
have diversified on to endorse and spring roll these are kind of these are
summed up into dock i/o so yeah that’s it’s we don’t really need to cover these
they’re just sub apps that work in this massive interoperability of
different apps working together and it’s all basically through doc IO which is
still kind of in the works but it’s the only LinkedIn business networking
alternative that there really is on the blockchain that I know of so now we’re
getting into our our big recommendations so I I dive into these more and I tear
them up a little bit more because I really like them not because there’s
more to tear up I could go on and on about the other platforms these I was
getting hyper specific about the complaints that I had any issues I had
because I want them to be fixed but I think these platforms are amazing and I
have no doubt publish oh exit uptrend are going to be in my primary
recommendations very soon there’s just a few issues that they’ve got and we’re
going to talk about that right now so publish o X which is the original
platform that we had brought up they have a few things that I didn’t like
like they don’t have commenting yet but I’ve actually gone through and talked
about some of these issues with with some of their staff and they’re actually
gonna be solving a lot of these so they’re gonna be coming out with
commenting they’re gonna be fixing pretty much any issue that I had with
their platform is going to be solved and there’s so many more reasons as to why
this platform is amazing and why you should be using it than the other way
around so for example I’ve only been on here for a little over a month and a
half and I’ve earned about 23 dollars from using this platform just from
posting articles and I post these everywhere so the fact that I’ve earned
23 dollars here is pretty significant and I did have a gripe before about how
you can only withdraw on Mondays but they actually explained to me that by
doing this they can store all of the tokens offline and then bring them
online just for the transactions on Mondays which will keep it much more
secure so that you never have to be worried about losing them or not getting
your reward and they won’t get hacked as well as it
will it will allow them to pinpoint when someone is trying to cheat the system so
it’ll be good for security as well as how they deal with security issues it
makes a lot of sense it’s it’s slightly inconvenient but it’s it’s worth it I
mean who doesn’t like free crypto something that’s really cool about this
platform is its crypto agnostic meaning they don’t have their own token they
didn’t do a nice EEO they use other tokens from other platforms and projects
and they reward you and they work with them as like a sponsor and then they
reward you with their tokens and it’s all just free tips and donations so
you’ll earn different tokens and you’ll be able to diversify your platform
really or your portfolio really well without having to spend any money to do
so so you know these coins could go way way up for all we know and I’ve gone
over 10,000 Hydro so if it if it went up a lot in value I could actually make
some really really good money so there’s a lot of cool opportunity with this
platform and it works similarly to to steam in the sense that you’ve got you
know like your here or let me find it yeah you’ve got your your actual like
profile with your blog and then you’ve got all your posts and then they’re
listed based on their values of how much you’ve earned and then that’s how
they’re ranked so if you go and look at popular posts for this week you know
this is how they’re ranked based on how much they’ve earned and you could see
one of my posts right here that got three dollars and sixty two cents worth
of hydro so that’s pretty cool the way that they do that again very similar to
Steam but it’s also more unique in the way that you use the platform now I’m
not gonna do an entire platform review I just want to give you the basics so
uptrend this is the other up-and-coming platform that I really like it again is
a little unique but also very similar to what you already know I
keep dropping my frickin phone in the screen accidentally my phone number I’m
gonna have to blur that again okay so I’m trend this platform is pretty cool
it works sort of like a Twitter reddit and you earn points and then you can
spend those points on promotion or to tip other people or what they allow you
to do is you they have like a level system and each level you’re able to
earn more cryptocurrency from every upvote that you receive so it’s kind of
the opposite of steam so the way that steam works is you earn crypto and then
you invest it and then your vote is worth more whereas in this platform you
earn their crypto slash points and you invest it back into the platform and it
allows you to earn more versus you being able to give more because it doesn’t
seem super ideal for you to invest all this money only to be able to give other
people more it’s like why did I spend all this when I could have just you know
sold it or whatever whereas with this the more you invest in yourself the more
you can earn in the future the issue in the difference here with steam is steam
you could always take back your invested currency but it takes a while it’s
locked up for three months in here once you’ve spent your coins or your
tokens or your your points and this in this sense because they get converted
from points to tokens when you actually want to withdraw which they haven’t
actually released yet so you know they can never be a primary platform until
you can hundred percent be able to withdraw sell and earn the money so you
know once they get to that point will be set but there’s so much potential and
opportunity in this platform you can get decent enough views with your
advertising based on your points that you can spend and then you can earn more
from that advertising and keep recycling it which is what I’ve actually been
doing and it’s been working flawlessly and yeah I’ve gotten some
pretty good interaction posts have trended you know like some posts get
thousands of views so there’s a lot of potential here to just really capitalize
on and the unfortunately they don’t have a ton of categories yet it’s all
basically crypto but when they eventually you know spread it out
they’re gonna allow people to spend points to make their own categories and
then you know you can just fill a fill out from there I don’t know why I mean I
guess it makes sense they don’t want to overcrowd the pot the platform with
communities so they want you to have to spend to create one which is kind of
lame if you want to use a very generic one like say you want to just have a
photography community but it’s not created you have to spend to create it
it’s only a hundred points which isn’t too bad if you get to the point where
I’m at but a hundred points is worth like five dollars so that isn’t cheap
but you can earn points pretty fast when you start to really get the hang of it
so I would definitely say check this out it’s pretty cool and yeah there’s a lot
of opportunity on this again the things that they need to improve are being able
to withdraw and actually earn the money but again they’re very very new so
they’re gonna do that soon and to be able to make more communities when they
allow you to make more communities and to be able to withdraw the tokens you’ll
be set that platform will be ready to go it’ll probably go into my primary
recommendations really positive community they’re really great so four
primary recommendations we have steam and doc i/o honestly I don’t write I
don’t use doc I owe a ton but I know this is by far the only the only type of
platform of its kind and that’s why it basically makes it to this point because
I need some sort of LinkedIn alternative I want some sort of business networking
application for blockchain users this is it it works with all the
other ones so there’s really just no other there’s no there’s nothing that’s
gonna replace this this is the the only one of its kind and that’s why it has to
go here again I don’t use this a lot I’m not super big on it but it is the only
one of its kind and it is really good for what it is and I highly recommend
using this of course one second I don’t know why they have an Authenticator for
this the only platform that I even use with an Authenticator on blockchain
alright so not verified basically you’ve got where is my profile to feature I
mean I don’t even know this platform works clearly this is not a good example I think the point of this is to try to
like verify credentials and this is not good you know what maybe I just don’t know
what’s going on but it looks like it literally lost all of its all of its
interoperability with these other applications or like there’s something
going on I have no idea but it’s going down here for now that’s ridiculous
I couldn’t even use it so steam steam encompasses so many different
applications that it’s it’s honestly overwhelming and steam it just is the
main one the first mover really that most people are aware of and I often
used II tube which is decentralized you tube or steep shot which is like an
Instagram they’ve gone all these different interfaces steam it is just
one of them I know a lot of people get that confused but there coin is worth
you know like 43 cents or something so it has the most opportunity for you to
earn profit for you to get some serious value from earning coins and then
selling them now again if you compare this to publish show X for a brand new
user I think that you’re better off publish show X you have more potential
because you’ll get you won’t have enough people that are actually gonna even see
what you post on Steam but if you can get a niche going or if you can
understand and like learn how to get your Steam invested and to use bid bots
you might be good to go but there’s such a huge learning curve for steam that
it’s definitely a challenge but I still love steam and I see so much potential
in it it was still the first mover it still has the largest community although
it’s active users have basically haft I still think there’s a lot of potential
here this is still where I earn the most money this is still one of my top
platform no doubt but you know I do actually
think that publish o X an uptrend could end up replacing my love for steam just
because of how how great they’re they’re starting off and they’re very very early
in their process so I’m sure you know two-three reviews from now things might
look differently although the best of the best I think will remain forever as
mines it depends though it really depends it
depends what you’re looking for if you are looking for the best place to earn
profit it might not actually be mines because they’re tokens are worth very
little and yeah I don’t know you’re gonna there’s a little bit of a back and
forth when it comes to like the actual ability to earn the money on this
platform and actually cash out because when I compared this in my how much can
you earn on blockchain post this was one of the lower performers for how much
money can you actually pocket but I find this platform has the most impact and
influence and I know there’s the most influencers who are using this nasa uses
this tim pool my favorite journalist he uses this joe rogan uses this steven
mall new you know Jordan Peterson Dave Rubin a lot of these people see that
there’s value in this platform I mean they’re not all using it every day
because you know they they’re realistic in the sense that they know that they
have a lot more in what’s elsewhere but they’ve taken note of this platform and
I think this is the platform that’s gonna last out just because it has it’s
the easiest to use it has the most features it’s got pretty much everything
except the profitability totally locked down and they’re going to be coming up
with multi currency support and I think once they do that it’ll really open up
the platform for the ability to earn more
and as this gains more traction and their token eventually gets listed on a
bunch of exchanges I think it will go up in value a lot and you’ll actually have
the ability to earn some serious money with this platform even though it is one
of my lower performers for profitability it is the best for social impact and
social awareness I’ve only been on here for just under a year and I’ve almost
hit 10,000 subscribers and I’m almost at four point five million views and that
is extremely extremely significant this is one of my best performing platforms
in terms of my actual results and I highly highly recommend mines so again
at the end of the day it depends what you are using these platforms for if
it’s for profitability there might be better places for you but if it’s for
your entire social strategy you know you’re over encompassed like your your
comprehensive social strategy should include this there’s a lot of
opportunity here so I think that about sums it up there’s a few edits that I’m
gonna have to make and a few cuts and different things but um but yeah I felt
like this was a crazy long time this is probably like an hour so I’m I’m glad
for the people who stuck all the way through I mean hopefully you gained
something from this and if anything you know the best platforms that you need to
be on our mind steam publish o X and uptrend it’s as simple as that if you
just want the simple version the our dumbed down to you know a 20 second or
10 second sentence it’s that and then I’ve just linked the previous articles
the previous reviews that I did in case you want to check those out as well see
how things actually change since then not a lot so you know it’s not a huge
concern to go back and check all that I’m sure most people probably won’t
actually read through all these though I’m sure some people are going to see
something that they like and then try to defend it against my recommendations and
I’m totally open to hearing what you have to say but yeah I mean if it’s if
it’s like your platform and you’re defending it just because you like it or
because you invested in it you know you know like I’m sure some people might get
upset about hyperspace or D live just because they didn’t know about D LIBOR
maybe whale shares cuz I didn’t know about all the sketchy stuff going on so
you know we’ll see but I’d love to hear what your guys feedback is and what you
think of all these platforms or maybe if I missed one let me know because I’m
always collecting for the next review I do them every two months or so so ya
know and I’ll start today I mean if I post this and someone’s chairs you know
some new platform I’ll definitely write it down and keep it in mind so again let
me know what you guys think of this let me know there’s anything I missed or if
I made a mistake you know sometimes I slightly misrepresent one of the
platforms because I’m going through so many let me know and I’ll make sure to
correct it or whatever it might be or let you know why I felt that it’s that
way or why I believe it’s that way and yeah let’s all learn a little bit more
about crypto and blockchain and take advantage of these awesome awesome
opportunities that are all open for all of us so again let me know what you guys
think about this I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing off

11 thoughts on “Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review III

  1. Nice content.

    I'm a huge fan of Crowdholding, I would advise anyone who wants to earn crypto check it out –

  2. Hi there Scott! Seen this video from your publish0x post. Thanks for this list you shared. @fycee here from publish and steemit. ^^, More power on your channel.

  3. Dude this was very helpful. Ill drop you some minds tokens. Poketnet is another one I'm trying right now

  4. Hi Scott, from what I have seen, Steemit was showing a lot of potential to be the ultimate platform, but I see a lot of negativity because of votebots, also the fact that unless you know important users to vote on your content, or if your content is not crypto-related, not many people will see or upvote your content. Have you tried Steempeak? I believe it is an interface for the steem network and looks a lot better than Steemit but I don't know much about it.

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