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Blackfishing Instagram Model

(Audience cheering and clapping) Welcome back! It’s time for another edition of Hot Talk. Joining me is the host of Michelle Collins’ show, which I listen to daily.
You’re kidding! No
Wendy! Thank you. I check you out.
This is the biggest honor. I mean, thank you.
On Sirius XM, it’s Michelle Collins.
(Audience ovation) And from Hot 97 radio here in New York, Give it up for TT Torrez.
Hi Wendy! (Audience ovation)
And welcome back the author of the book “Nobody”. Please say hello to doctor, doctor, doctor darling. Lamont Hill. Good to see you, always.
Alright let’s get started! Alright, so there’s a newspaper, the new paper magazine, excuse me. Have you seen it? With Amanda Bynes on the front. She admits that drugs let her down a dirty, dirty path and a break down back in 2013, but she says she’s sober now and she wants back in show biz. Yeah
What do you think? I think this is a terrible idea. Do you?
Yes. She’s 31, she went to fashion school, she is working on fashions. What do you think?
I’m happy to see her back and thriving. I think she looks gorgeous on the cover. I think we all love Amanda Bynes. And the truth is, she’s a talented girl. I think Americans are very excited and eager to welcome someone back. Look at Britney. She had her meltdown, never forget bald Britney and there she is.
But Britney is still under conservative ship. She’s still not all together.
All the way back. But she looks good, she’s touring And Amanda,
Making money Amanda is still under conservative ship too. There you go.
But look at Lindsay Lohan. She never really came back.
Yeah, but Lindsay has some other issues.
Yeah, but I’d say Lindsay wouldn’t come back even if she weren’t in the show biz. (Audience laughing)
But she wants to come back. She’s gotta have people all around her that is going to tell her the truth, that she is going to listen to and hold her accountable. Because you can be back, right? But what comes with that? The parties, the drugs, the movies, the scripts, the insecurities.
But where is she going to work? She can’t work at Nordstrom Rack, or like Cardiff. She has to get a job in show business
And they do coke at Nordstrom Rack too
Work on your fashion line My Favorite store for the record, but you know what I mean? Like what? Lamont, what do you think? I agree with you.
Marc, I mean. It’s fine. I think that no matter where you go, you have to deal with those demons, you have to deal with these vices. Let her pursue her dream. Hollywood loves a second chance. Just go do it, but just make sure you make good choices. I know plenty people in Hollywood, I am sure y’all do too, who don’t go to all the parties, who don’t do drugs after work. I am never invited, but I will tell you that like I love party so.
Neither am I, don’t worry. Have you ever heard of “black fishing”? (TT let out a heavy sigh)
Okay, look! There’s a model, or an Instagram person. Her name is Emma Hallberg. And she has been accused of black fishing. That’s pretending to be black. (Audience lets out a cry of stupor) Well someone recently outed her by posting this picture. (Audience sounds surprised)
She actually looks better black.
That’s right Ted. She looks better black.
Her highlight is popping as a black girl. I like it.
Well, they say that she is making money from brands marketing towards black girls.
An influencer. Yeah! She’s an influencer.
I see why. She denies everything. Take a look. I cannot change the way I was born because the things I have been accused of and the things people are mad about are things that are natural in me. Like my hair, my lips my nose, my face. I’ve never claimed to be black or bi-racial or anything else than white. Let me tell you those lips are not real, so imma need her to stop.
Exactly. And the body, the body is…
Ain’t none of it real. Ain’t none of that real. I have an issue with this. I have an issue. So there’s a long history in this country of people doing black face. We get mad when white people do it at Halloween. We used to get mad at doing Jim Crow. This isn’t just black face 2.0, she is just making money off of it instead of entertaining fools. And that’s not right. No, it’s not.
But the Kardashians have kind of made it cool to do this. Look at Kylie Jenner. Look how she puckered up her lips and The body
The cornrows, But you know what?
The bodies This is the whole skin, I mean look, this is just ridiculous.
Come on, cornrows? Listen, as the white girl on the panel may I just say, when I go to get spray tanned, there is a limit. I always say, don’t take me full slumdog. You have to know that dark, like look at Luann got into the whole controversy when she was Diana Ross cause her spray tan was too dark. There is a limit to what is tasteful and tactful, and what, borderline, sounds racist. And you’re lying
And I think she passes it. But you’re a grown woman. She’s only 19, or 18. So her age group, the white girls are still gonna you know, buy her stuff. The brands are still going to flock to her. She’ll still make more money than ever, because now we’re talking about it, people have been talking about it. She is getting a lot of heat, you know what I mean? And, there are some black girls I’m sure, who’ll follow her as well, still. This is wrong. But here’s the thing. Being black is cool now until you get stopped by the police. I bet. Exactly.
She might be the only black woman in Sweden. Truly. So, the show Storage Wars, we talked about this the other day on Hot Topics. There was 7.5 million dollars found in a newly purchased unit. (Audience gasping)
The original owner wanted all the money back. He demanded it. And offered some sort of pittance to the actual buyer of the unit. TT, would you give the money back? Absolutely not. It is mine. If you had all this money hidden in the storage, how come you did not pay the bill? Yep
I’m not giving anything back See? That why I’m giving it back. (Audience screaming in shock)
What? Why?
Why? Calm down! Listen! See, everybody in the hood like Get out! Get out!
What you talking about? But see, if you’re from the hood, you understand that anybody that would leave 7 million dollars in a safe and couldn’t go back to get it probably tied up in something that you don’t want to be tied up in. And you don’t want that smoke when he comes back for the seven and a half million dollars. I will remain anonymous. They wouldn’t know who I am and I would never show my face. And what I don’t know won’t hurt me.
Let me tell you first of all,
Don’t tell me where the money came from. Doesn’t this have judge Judy written all over it? Judge Judy would have given every penny to the person who bought the unit, because I want to meet the guy who forgot seven and a half million. Who he?
Yes Who He?
I’m trying to tell you. That’s my man right there.
He did not forget. Ain’t no body forget seven, Bill Gates ain’t forgetting seven and a half million dollars. He couldn’t get to the seven and half million dollars cause he was doing seven and a half year somewhere, but when he come home, he’s coming for you. He still sends hi.
Exactly! So,
I love an ex- con. You ain’t that safe.
I would definitely, I will keep all the money, but the guy ended up giving the money back a for one point, I think five million dollar reward.
That’s good! But it’s free money
Whatever. 1.2 I would take it. I don’t know. Alright! So, there’s a woman, everyone, who wants to trade babies with a stranger. We’ll break that down next as Hot talk continues. We’ll be back! We are back with the Hot Talk panel! There’s a woman desperate to have a son. She’s got one more frozen embryo and it’s a girl. (Audience sounds shocked)
So she wants to trade embryos with a stranger to have the boy. TT, how do you feel about that? Listen, I have a eight year-old son. My husband wants another baby. He really wants a girl. I said listen, let’s try the natural way, whatever we are blessed with, that’s what it’s gonna be. I cannot switch, swap a baby like it’s, like I’m knocking on the door for some sugar. Like, who does that?
I am like you and I agree, but I have to tell you, there are two consenting adults. If they both agree to do it, I think it creates a lot of problem, to the kids as well once they’re grown.
Exactly! But it’s not my life. So I’m like if they’re comfortable doing that with each other and it’s not illegal, they can do it. I think it’s a mistake
Let me ask you a question. What if both women were pregnant, and they say “you know what? Let’s swap babies as soon as they’re born”?
(Audience cries in disbelief) It’s the same principle, right? That’s you kid
Hold on a minute! I’m not doing it. I’m just saying No, but would you be okay if they did that? I still don’t like any of it I don’t love it.
What do you explain to the kid when they are like 16 and they have answers and I don’t look like you mami, and I don’t look like you daddy. How do you explain that?
In it’s own way, right? I wanted to have a boy, and so your mother is somebody that we don’t know. Typically it’s an adoption. It’s just, the parents are agreeing to mutually adopt each other’s kids. I just think they should out and adopt a kid. There are so many kids who need homes. I watch, you know, I watch Long Lost Family. Wendy I don’t know if you watch the show, it’s fabulous! But you see these adopted kids that grew up in beautiful homes. I don’t know, I do think it’s selfish.
That’s a great idea! If you want a boy that bad, it’s not going to be yours anyway biologically, so go adopt one. That’s good! I think it’s selfish for the parents and when the kids grow up, there’s going to be problems. I agree with you.
A lot of emotion problems. Well, my thoughts on designer babies are just (Wendy makes a fart sound)
any way. I don’t like it. If you can’t do it the in and out way, then do the in vitro. Then get the in vitro shot or something like that.
Go on tinder But yeah!
Because there are also women who cannot have a baby the natural way and so in vitro is needed, but the switching up the… No, I’m not with it.
There’s a gender piece to it too because optimally, you kid is going to grow up feeling like “mommy didn’t want me because I was a girl”.
Yes! And that’s a problem.
Exactly! Alright panelists, thank you so much for being here. If you want information on the panelists, go to Ask Wendy is next! (Woman singing on an upbeat electro melody)

100 thoughts on “Blackfishing Instagram Model

  1. Wendy quickly jumped in on the Kylie Jenner comment. The Kardashians/Jenner's are making millions of dollars appropriating the black culture and black people have no problem with it. When this young lady does it people cry foul. Stop the hypocrisy and leave this girl alone!

  2. Like I said before!! No white person should get to enjoy the benefits of being black if they haven't endured the struggles!!

  3. ”must be the only black in sweden”. Swallow your pride and begin to get a handle of own bussiness, america. They seem as erudite as their president..

  4. How can Wendy say it's wrong with her bleached skin and blonde hair. Smh. She's doing the same exact thing. Let people live! And Swedish girls are curvy af.

  5. Very telling how many black women feel threatened by a white woman, the insecurities are VERY visible, otherwise you wouldn't care AT ALL…. I see you insecure black Women {the ones complaining} how are your insecure selves doing? lol

  6. white people can’t have big lips naturally? and is it wrong if we would want them to be bigger? why is this used as an example.

  7. Wendy williams slurs her speech. On the air honestly wendy need to take those breast implant and see the difference. With her health who knows maybe. Both implants leakage. And thats why she's. Getting , wendy do the right thing and remove those implants.

  8. You’ve never met an Italian if you think white people don’t tan like that. And honestly, these people are real assholes for saying they know her body isn’t real. White people come in all shapes. You don’t own body types.

  9. Slum Dog?!!
    I'm sorry I stopped at 4:18 when the "white girl" (that's what she called herself) said when she get spray tanned she tells them not to take her full "slum dog" i.e., very dark! I'm sorry but that's just racist. And let me clear her up- more white people are on state assistance than black people. Slum that!

  10. Now wait, I don't understand why people get upset when people are trying to look a certain way when they say the highest compliment or form of flattery is imitation- it is true! So if people want to get thinner noses, bleach their skin, perm their hair curly or relax their hair straight, we're cornrows or lace fronts, dye their hair blonde or brunette, get butt injections, spray tan their skin, pucker their lips, or whatever else we can think of- let them! Why care when most every race (if not all) does it.

  11. 1) what’s up with Wendy’s eyes
    2) I will never understand how someone like Kylie Jenner can have the following & support she does for being fake.

  12. People: We live in a society of open-minded people, where anyone can be whoever they want to be
    Also people: This girl is acused of blackfishing
    Like wtf, if she wants to look black, let her look black, there is nothing wrong with it, plus it's kind of like a standard now.
    You may have heard of asian people that use skin whitening creams and die their hair in light colors and no one cares about them.

    And in my opinion, she doesn't even looked that white before

  13. When I was younger, I adored dark skinned people.
    I was even upset for years that I'm pale.
    Now I learned to accept my skin colour and every other skin colour.
    Pale, Mixed, Dark skinned and Light skinned, you're all beautiful, the way you are.

  14. "She might be the only black woman in Sweden" Umm Sweden is the country that has the highest % of immigrants in the world… Silly lady

  15. who fucking cares! Unless she is saying rude things towards a race I don’t think she is doing anything wrong. Yeah she’s making the lighting darker so she looks darker, but WHO FUCKING CARES. There are people in countries dying and we are worrying about a girl who is fooling the internet by making herself light skin. Y’all need to grow up and calm down

  16. When I walk down the street with straightened hair, nobody thinks I’m white. Hair in itself does make you look like you’ve changed your race. But this girl is is obviously changing her race by using a number of different enhancements, and it’s gross.

  17. Americans are so delusional it's pathetic, blackfishing does not exist, it's a term invented by pompous first world idiots, just for their need to whine about nothing at all. I'm not black yet have curly thick dark hair big lips big brown eyes dark skin and get even darker during summers, I used to let my hair grow into an afro back in my teenage years, who would've imagined if there was insta back then I would've been accused of blackfishing by delusional Americans loooool. I'm glad this girl got more exposure it'll help her career like never before, i hope she never turns down any offer or feel the need to stop tanning just to shut the special snowflakes up, pathetic.

  18. listen idk if she makes money for pretending to be black, let real beautiful black women make that money! there's barely enough black women and poc women in modeling do you need to steal their color too to push them out further? no. stay white and deal w/ it.

  19. This girl has never claimed to be black. Wendy williams should pick on someone else other than a teen like who cares shes doing no harm. What about black women lightening there skin how come there's no rage on whitefishing😂

  20. noone better moan when black women become white cuh i swear to god they will put up laws if it was us so why they allowing it with white people??

  21. i dont see the problem with the blackfished girl besides the way she photo edit herself to look darker than she is. her skin in the video is actually fine, she looks more latina than black.

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  23. If moms want to swap embryos and carry whatever gender to term fine but it shouldn't matter what their gender is you should love them unconditional regardless.

  24. "She might be the only black woman in Sweden", when white people try to be relatable to black people and fail miserably. Sweden is a country, not an ethnicity. A country that takes over 100 000 immigrants every year, which is a lot considering our population is just under 10 million. 25% of our population has foreign roots. Tired of Americans saying that Sweden is all white. By saying that we are only white you're contributing to non-white Swedes feeling excluded. All my friends that are non-white are just as Swedish as my ethnically Swedish friends. Also, the "slum-dog" comment was pretty racist.

  25. "She might be the only black woman in Sweden" Like really?? Americans tend to have a very old perception of what Sweden looks like. The reality is that Somalian people are actually one of the biggest ethnic groups in Sweden. Sweden doesn't look like it did during the 50s.

  26. Ugh. That's the problem with some "parents". You are birthing another human being, not an order at Burger King. You DON'T get it your way. When a child is born he/she is who THEY are, not who you want them to be.

  27. I just hate how they are excluding a lot of claim from the accused girl. She even showed her hair from when she was young but yall didnt show that. She showed a pic of her and her brother who has dark skin due to tans and to my knowledge white ppl can tan to that skin tone if u look at her brother. I aint white and idc bout her but i stumble upon her defense on herself and yeah i say if you want to put any verdict or view upon her you NEED to know everything first not just a side by side photo and then proceed to allege her

  28. "what border lines on racist"

    Says don't tan me till I look like a sLumDoG

    You're trying to say darskin women are Slumdogs sksksks

    *education has left the chat * 💔

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    ❤ nothing but love but always in truth.

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