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  1. There's also a Buddhist lesson here about being centered in the present moment and recognising fleeting distractions (including your own ego) for what they are.

  2. Unity Through Humility Philippians 2:1-4 Therefore if there is any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any affection and mercy, fulfill my joy by being like-minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness [humility] of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.

  3. One of the great benefits of your videos is that they've taught me how to pronounce certain words I've read but have never heard out loud. I now know how to say "carapace," and I thank you for that. Also, I'm 62 pages into "Catholicism," which is a brilliant guide to the faith. I appreciate your work, sir.

  4. Bishop Barron, once more you have nailed it right on!!! I appreciate all you do so very much, and I pray for you, please pray for me. The Spirit is truly in you.

  5. Social Media has completely changed society. Those not using it may be healthier, but they're also disconnected from where so many are.

  6. I'm someone who uses a fake name online so I can be myself. When I don't have to worry about people knowing who I am, I can be who I truly want to be under a different name. Granted I also use it as an opportunity to be vague about things such as my age, but I don't think of it as a way to impress people, rather a way to be who I am and say what I want without people pointing out personal things (although my fake name is named after a TV show, so that certainly hasn't helped me in arguments).

  7. Great work, just recently started following you. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback on Jordan Peterson!

  8. I know no one else who is such a powerful and exciting representative of the Catholic Church (save very few) than Bishop Barron. Always prescient, always relates it to a God, always treats a question like Aquinas, even when it comes down to interpersonal dynamics. Inspiration from an inflight magazine and makes it into such a larger, more important point. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you Bishop and my fellow brethren.

  9. One of the greatest things I chose to do was get the heck off social media. Ditching the Instagram and snapchat helped me get a firm grasp on reality

  10. We all have One who sees us and knows us when no one else does. Live for the All-Wise, Almighty Audience of One.

  11. Lesson: Curate your twitter better. πŸ˜‰

    Kinda joking but also not… I have some amazing conversations with various circles on twitter – gotta keep really quality intellects.

  12. Dear Bishop Barron,
    your video really struck a cord with me, I think I am often times too much filled with pride, especially according to your video. But how can we cultivate humility (especially in day to day conversations etc.)? It seems rather difficult, since every conscientious attempt to do so has the danger to transform into pride itself.

  13. 8:06 Mary and Jesus mirror themselves it gets almost painful. Jesus experiences earth through His mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, though He doesn't to. And Mary experiences her Queenhood of the Universe through the infant Jesus. Him or Mary are the perfect role model. AD JESUM PER MARIAM.

  14. I think I'm the first way with my current girlfriend. I want her to like me so I try to say all the right things. How do I become the latter? Thank you Bishop Barron and/or whomever answers.

  15. wow… mind blown. Thank you for sharing that. It reminds me of something a pastor said once, "Humility is not about thinking less of yourself. It's about thinking of yourself less."

  16. Social media is ironic. The reason is that there's more opportunities to be social, but most are less social today, because of it.

  17. I chose to exit Facebook. It was a waste of time for me, worrying about about other's opinions about my posts and not having real connections with real people. Glad you shared that article Bishop and how it inspired you.. 3 cheers for being lost in the moment!

  18. I guess what surprises me most is Bishop Barron's description of Pride, the deadliest of all Sins, as merely "spiritual distortion and dislocation". Anyone who has really witnessed it, either in another person or themselves, knows from experience that it is far more dangerous, with consequences far more deadly.

  19. Bishop, your example of the mother on the porch holding her child is similar to Dorothy Day's experience during her process of conversion to the Church that you described in your video "Why Do We Believe in God," which was a beautiful story of gratitude to God.

  20. What a great message, Bishop Barron! It's all the more impactful in an age of outrage, fake news, and digital soapboxes– and I'm as guilty as anyone else! We've gone from Andy Warhol's "15 minutes of fame" to a personal 24 hour news network via social media platforms. We all need to put down our devices, turn off the computers, and just enjoy our time with friends, quietude, and God. Thank you!

  21. A few months ago I was prideful in a comment I made under one of Bishop Barron videos saying that he made some horrible statements. Well Bishop Barron actually responded to it and I think I offended him. So if you are reading this Bishop please except my apologies! God Bless!

  22. This is why I don't have a Facebook or a twitter or Snapchat. And this is why I love bishop Barron.

  23. As anything can be used for good or bad so can this. Immaturely social media is used as a shrine for ones self for the ego as stated. Living in reality may be boring at times but I find the quiet unplugged nature of a walk or a drive with out having to impress an audience endearing and fulfilling. Much more so than a like or a "lol"

  24. Hello Bishop… I always appreciate your commentary. It certainly helps keep the brain cells of a 63-year-old man active and focused on higher things. My question today is a little bit off subject with respect to your comments on pride, humility and social media. My question is as follows: Because there has been a lot of talk regarding anti-Semitism in the media recently I began to take a closer look at it this problem as a Christian.

  25. There are a lot of self serving motives apart from ego, when one engages in a conversation. There are other things to gain from presenting crafted sentences to get the other person to change to the desired belief, give material things, gain control over how they can act, and a lot of other motives. I think there would be more benefit in tricking other people to think one is great and receive other benefits than ego.

  26. Deep talk. It seems like the world is full of things / distractions / temptations that can contribute to this "ego preoccupation". It is interesting how motherhood broke through it.
    Hopefully there are easier ways to do it.

  27. Great help Bishop! Can you please do a vid recommending catholic books or authors that appeal to young adults spectrum…

  28. I think that God must have a huge ego. He demands credit for creating everything and if people don't agree then it is said that they get burnt in hell. If I created some thing that was good and people didn't believe me I would just accept their view and let them keep their view.

  29. Bishop, I've never heard someone use the word 'distantiation.' I like it. Are you deriving it from Latin or some other root language?

  30. Social media is great, but with every great thing there is bad in it. One thing I like about social media is it connects us with other parts of the world. Before you would never know or only know very little what is happening in the other side of the world. Plus porn is great but that's another story lol.

  31. Thank you Bishop Barron. I have been searching. The birth of my children, grand-children, and great-grand-son. There truly is a God in heaven. I lost that faith, humility and spirit of our most merciful, loving God for too long. I have it back. God have mercy on us, and those MOST in NEED of God's mercy.

  32. What does the Lord require of us? To do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly before your God. As a former Fundamentalist who is now a Catholic I am dismayed at how our Historic Christian views are not treated justly. And how we are attacked without mercy and without a whit of humility. It makes me angry sometimes until I realize that was how I was for decades. That was what I was taught.

  33. Bishop, I hope that some day you'll demonstrate this virtue by apologizing to those people raising legitimate concerns about the Holy Father. Your typical reaction – though not unique to you – has been to dismissively wave off such concerns as the imaginings of wild-eyed zealots. Or, you'll demand a certain precision to the stated concern so as to avoid dealing with the substance of it.

    While you should not have to apologize for giving him the benefit of the doubt for as long as possible, you owe the rest of us a little bit of that too. We were right – and maybe we're not as crazy as we've been made out to be.

  34. I never really thought of my social media as a prideful thing, but now I can see it. I write to have that audience. huh…
    I got off facebook because I was tired of seeing everyone happy and it made me miserable. I guess that's prideful, too.

  35. I'm with you Willman! I gave most of it up for Lent but now it's slowly luring me back and podcasts too are doing the same.

  36. I've been subscribed for over a month now but I never really got around to watching any of your videos. Recently, I've had thoughts of similar themes come and go and I'm glad that today I somehow got 'bored' enough that I decided to click this video.
    You have presented something incredibly profound here, sir, and this'll make me think a lot more about my own existential struggle as a young man in an increasingly post-Christian, post-Truth world.
    Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to more of your work (after I catch up with what I've missed already).

  37. I recently deactivated my Facebook account. I felt it was not as socially edifying or satisfying as I thought it would be. As a matter-of-fact, it became downright frustrating; so I had to separate myself from it.

  38. Humility is JUST that. Its being Completely Humiliated. Being Completely Humiliated is a blessing from God.

  39. Bishop Barron, I love your videos and they strengthen my faith so much as a nineteen-year-old. Everything you're talking about in this video is just a reiteration of what David Foster Wallace had to say when he was alive. You probably have no time to read him but he had a lot to say.

  40. Great video father! I don't agree with everything you say on some of your other videos, like on salvation from hell and Martin Luther, etc, and hopefully, I can make a video of some objections to those sometime, which I'm sure you'd be interested to hear.
    Also, I just watched your address to FB HQ and I could stand up in my room applauding, finally a brave bishop of the church of our time, not there aren't more, but it seems to be very rare! Yes, father stand for the truth! Keep standing up for truth compromise nothing for truth πŸ™‚

  41. I feeel like a struggle with egotism in a way where I don’t notice it much, tend to want to make people laugh and such almost csuse I secretly like being the center of attention and I don’t know how to cope or even look at this

  42. Wow! I did both of things he talk about in the video. God does work in mysterious ways and it’s good to suffer. God uses that and allows us to be closer to him.

  43. My observation is that social media cultivates the false self, gives rise to a trend of narcissism in society (especially in young people) which results in widespread inability to establish deep and meaningful connections with real life and real people; the result could make it more difficult for the media saturated to envision a real connection with God. As always, thank you for your incredible analysis of culture relative to our experience of faith and the presence of God!

  44. Thank you. This bolsters the deepening of realizing that the witness to the Gospel of Life which I convey; not usually 'snarked' at; but mostly ignored; while I need to be critical on my part on the message formed by my words is; or may be received in various clear or distorted way —- that if I feel to much pain of rejection — while the world has a great need for spreading this message of raising awareness —- feeling to much personal pain is serving the ego. But realistic pain in the climate of reticence or differing understandings on sharing this urgent message; is a more objective pain to be offered to Jesus Christ.
    The thing I find most sad; is that there is not enough realization that not only has the healing of parents & others helping raise awareness by aiding informed consciences; and the alleviating of the pain of the helpless who ardently, emphatically, earnestly desire with natural Godly will to live in God's Providence;
    that the very freedoms being lost by attrition now; are a direct result of giving into 'staw man' arguments in the realities of the human condition; which are truly heart wrenching; but these realities historically have been used to manipulate many to accept a lesser than the freedom & right & value & dignity & Sacredness of every human life; and that particular agenda has resulted in the fogging over of the realization of the key reason for real loss of many freedoms afforded by Natures Laws and The God of Nature. How much oppression will 'We The People,' knowingly (while many not even realize they are being taken away); — more to it — how much oppression with the Providence of God allow toward everyone — when He may require of to whom much is given, greater courage than is necessary today to stand up for the very things we are complacent, apathetic, or omitting today?
    The Light shines in the darkness.
    God help us.

  45. The more heart and the less ego we have, the greater our humility. And the faster we travel through a space called time.

    I am using my words to practice metaphysics. At first I was going to the comment sections to plant little trees.

    But then I shape shifted this to sparks trying to ignite kindling. To start a raging wild fire that is so bright that it fills the black hole in space with light (truth) so that it's darkness (ugliness) goes away and stops it's heavy gravitational pull from sucking the out of life.

  46. Our Children Are Gifts of God from Heaven! When you gaze at your newborn you just want to move Heaven and Earth to give them a Good Life, the Best Life Ever, the Love is Infinite, there's no possible way you can love them enough – they blow all circuits! So I can relate, I had the same experience with my two beautiful children as the Mom / author that you are talking about Bishop Robert! I think it's True for All Parents! But the reality of what you can give your children in this world, aside from your love and the Love of God and His Church, of course, which is the Most Important, may be less than you hoped for – the most detrimental deficiency being if others don't love you and you have no family or community support which happens to lots of single Moms… So a big problem can be that unless you're in a truly Sacramental Marriage, then as the children get older, what you can actually provide is tragically less than what you longed to give and you have to watch your children suffer from social shunning and isolation, at least that's what I have experienced as a single Mom and it's what Gaby Rodriguez talks about in her book, The Pregnancy Project. Because of the scourge of abortion in our nations, we are all short of loving family members and friends, we are all missing so many loved ones – we are destroying our own support systems so lots of people are very lonely and don't know how to be very loving because when you live in a world where babies are murdered in utero it scares everyone… So we must end legalized abortion and make Laws against it so that people know that it's not ok, and work hard to get everyone to be loving and kind, to seek personal holiness and be chaste and to love God above and beyond all things and love neighbour as self, especially preborn neighbours in the womb, and to help God to finally establish Peace and Heaven on earth! AMEN!

  47. Saint Theresa of Calcutta famously said about humility. And she quoted saying,
    "Humility is the mother of all virtues; purity, charity, and obedience. It is in being humble that our love becomes real, devoted and ardent." Meaning we have to put aside our selfishness, pride and egotism and focus on helping others who are in need and less fortunate. And I think that if we practice humility more often and help those who really need it then we may receive a good reward in the end. Say for example that if you have a mom who's in her early 60's and she needs help shoveling snow and clearing the ice out at her house. Go and help her out and yes, it can be annoying and frustrating. But if you do it humbly without complaining then you realize that you've done something good.

  48. With all due respect , Bishop….this day in age….we mothers have to work also……its harder on single mothers.

  49. THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE… Please read below!

    God spoke to me and gave me major questions to ask myself and he revealed the simplicity of his plan. Why did he create this whole Universe? That boils down to the meaning of life!

    Here are the questions and there answers:
    What has God been working on? Heaven

    When you think of Heaven, what do you see? (Insert your own personal vision here…)

    Now use a single word to describe your Heaven…. (I came up with "perfection")

    Now ask yourself, can Human Arrogance/Pride exist in a perfect Heaven? (I hope you said No like I did because last thing I want to hear is some guy complaining when I get to Heaven…)

    With all those questions and answers, it leads us to the real reason why God created everything. Why we have war, disease, murder, rape, and so on in life… We are here to learn 2 major intertwined lessons.

    1. Love
    2. Humility

    In the Bishop's video here, it is exampled by the story of this woman. She had her baby and felt that unconditional love! From that love, she experienced her first taste of humility.

  50. dude, you should come over to poland and teach that pride stuff to priests and especially politicians who called themselves christians, because it got out of hand.

  51. We spend our lives trying to make others comfortable at the expense of our confidence and self esteem. Social media fixation is a perfect example of this toxic mindset

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