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Bill Evadu Kadthadu || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Jahnavi, let me taste it.
– You’re tasting every dish that is on the table. But you said you were full.
– I’m just having a bite. Waffles! I need chilli flakes and oregano.
Get me chilli flakes and oregano, please. You said you were full,
but look at you gorge. Sai, taste some! It is good, isn’t it?
– Yes, it is. If the bill gets cleared so easily,
what is the point of this video? But usually, a lot happens after the bill is received.
Let me explain it to you. ‘Everything on this menu is costly.
I’ll order whatever is cheap.’ I’ll have an Orange Rush.
– First, you need to select the brew. Then, select the bread.
Then, you can choose the flavour. ‘Rs. 250 for Orange Rush.
I’d rather order something else.’ Get me a hot chocolate, please. I’ll skip. I’ve no money on me.
– We all will chip in. Order whatever you want. Cool! I’ll have Maggi,
Peri-Peri fries and an ice-cream. ‘I have Rs. 2000 on me.
If I spend around Rs. 600 here.. Cool!’ I’ll have a chicken Maggi
and a green tea and a cold coffee. Sure, sir.
– What sort of a combination is Green tea and cold coffee? It isn’t a combination.
It is a calculation. What do you want?
– I’m full. I just had my lunch. I just came here to meet you guys.
– Alright! One chicken pasta, with white sauce!
And.. Chocolate waffle,
with a scope of vanilla! Nutella cookies
and a red velvet cheese cake! Something to wash it all down,
so, one Cafe Mocha. This footage was already played.
So, let’s fast forward this. Karthik, play it from here.
Let’s just hype up the bill a little. ‘Wonder how much the bill is.
Rs. 3000! Shit!’ ‘This is beyond me.
I’d rather escape from here.’ Hello? Yes, I’m coming!
I’m almost there. Here is the bill and it is Rs. 3172.
With GST, the bill is Rs. 3331. GST? Who ordered it?
I didn’t eat any GST. You didn’t? We ordered two flavours, bro,
CGST and SGST. Am I missing anything here?
– Let me take a look. It is only Rs. 3000.
I’ll pay. It is no big deal. I guess the bill has been taken care of.
– It is alright! You pay all the time. But, this time, we’ll pay.
– Wait! The reception is weak here. I’ll step out. What do you mean by we?
I told you I had no money on me. Why are you guys making such a fuss?
Give it to me and I’ll pay! It is alright!
I’ll pay! I said I will! The PIN is 5431.
– I guess the bill has been dealt with. Gau, don’t just tell out your PIN.
– Oh, that’s no big deal. I don’t even have a PIN.
– Really? Hey! Jones is back!
– I’m sorry I had to take the call. It is alright.
– You are always on the phone. Where is the bill?
– I paid! – Yeah, She did. Oh, you did?
I was planning on paying it. Yes, we accept all cards.
That doesn’t mean we even accept the PAN card. Oh, no! Guys, I forgot to carry
any of my cards or cash! What do we now? Any of you guys pay now.
Through SayTM, Foogle Pay MobiLate or even through Cell Pay,
I’ll transfer the money to you. Please pay for me too.
– Hello.. – Jones! I didn’t hear your phone ring.
– Stay on the line, bro. Did you hear it ring the previous time?
– No, I didn’t. It is because my phone is on silent mode.
– Something is fishy. I’m sorry, bro. I was paying the bill at an eatery.
– Let’s just split. Rs. 3331 divided by 6.
– That is Rs. 555.16 per head. How did you know?
– I knew you guys would anyway split. So, I made the calculation before hand. Why divided by 6?
I told you I had no money on me. Fine! Divided by 5!
– I’m saved. – Rs. 666.20 per head. Why divided by 5?
I didn’t place any order. ‘Right! We placed the order
and you ate it.’ Fine! Divided by 4.
– Rs. 832.75. Pay my share too!
I’ll transfer it to you. Don’t worry! Let’s call Jones here! Jones, come here!
– Yeah, coming! Shit! I guess I’ll be made
to pay the bill. Bro, I’ll call you back later.
– So, we’ve decided to split. It has come down to
Rs. 833 per head. It is cool with you, right? I’ve only Rs. 500 on me.
Alright, consider I’ve Rs. 600 on me. So, it has come down to
Rs. 3000 divided by 2. Since you always pay,
I’ll pay this time. So, that is how I ended up
paying the bill. Each time, the bill is put before me like Mr Brahmanandam from Manmadhudu,
I’d be tempted to ask, ‘They paid, no?’. So, if you could relate,
please give it a like. And also, comment and let me know
how you guys behave while paying the bill. And don’t forget to subscribe!
I’ll see you next Wednesday!

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