Biggest Exposé of Indian Media!! | Cobrapost Operation 136 by Dhruv Rathee
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Biggest Exposé of Indian Media!! | Cobrapost Operation 136 by Dhruv Rathee

How sold out is our country’s mainstream media? How much can it stoop for greed of money? Till date we could only estimate that. The news shown in the mainstream media, how it included mostly propaganda and fake news. How it indulged in character assassination against a specific set of people. Having witnessed all this, we could only estimate that probably all this news might have been sold out for money. But now we have a credible proof, a video proof which shows how our mainstream media is ready to show different types of news in exchange for money. Cobra Post, an independent news portal has done the largest mainstream media news expose. They went to 36 news channels. Cobra Post expertises in investigative journalism, undercover operations and sting operations. Their journalists disguised themselves and as under cover agents went as members of a Hindutva organisation to 36 media news channels. The name of the journalist is Pushp Sharma. He changed his name too. As he went there, he offered money and said a desired news in favour of Hindutva and a particular political party and against another oppositional party should be propagated.. He said that he will give money worth crores and asked if they were ready. Friends, you will be shocked to know that all 36 media houses were ready to propagate such a news. Cobra Post has named this operation ‘Operation 136’ 136 because India’s Press Freedom Index Rank lowered down to 136 in 2017. because as you know, our media is increasingly becoming pro-government, scychpantic and sold out. Operation 136 investigated 36 different news channels and conducted sting operations on them. and they have made Part 1 expose public. All are not public. The sting operations of 18 news channels are now public. There are lengthy videos of all of these. I will not show the videos here but will add the links of all these videos in the description and comments section. so that you may go and watch. Because it is such a big expose, it is quite possible that anybody could finger point Cobra Post and say that they are funded by Congress or AAP. They are Comi or Pakistan’s agents or anti-nationals. I too get to hear such things. Those who dare to raise voice against the wrong keep getting accused in this manner. Before anybody says anything, I would like to tell you something about Cobra Post. its history and when was it founded. A journalist named Aniruddha Bahal founded Cobra Post in 2003. He is the co-founder of Tehalka magazine too. Tehalka is a credible and reputable magazine. The focus of Cobra Post is investigative journalism and sting operations. They have conducted investigations and sting operations of high magnitude even in the past. like in 2005, they conducted an investigation against 11 members of the Parliament. They went in disguise and said that they will give them money; in exchange for money they want certain issues to be raised in the Parliament. All those 11 MPs agreed to this in 2005. and after these investigations, they were expelled from the Parliament. The was the country’s biggest MP expulsion in Parliamentary history. In 2013, they conducted Operation Red Spider in which they told how big banks of India were engaged in money laundering. In 2016, they investigated how 24 water packaging companies in our country were misusing the ground water. They were exploiting the ground water. they extract ground water but do not refill. because of which the water table in getting reduced in depth and thus local residents are facing problems. and these companies are only making profits. and Pushp Sharma who went as an under cover agent to conduct these sting operataions against the news channels, is himself a reputable journalist. In 2010, he conducted an explosive sting operation. in which he exposed how in our country people are sold out for creating and propagating riots. how people will get ready to do riots and damage to public property. He is awarded International Press Institute Award for this investigation. in Vienna, 2011 and it is not an insignificant award which can be bought in exchange for money in India. International Press Institute Award is a reputable awrad.It holds a high respect. My purpose of telling all this is that he is a very credible journalist. Cobra Post and Pushpa Sharma; I am already expecting a propaganda against Cobra Post with an aim to defame them and character assassinate them. because they have raised their voice against really powerful people To be genuine, I have made this video so that this investigation gets publicity. So that people get to know the truth. So that every citizen of India gets to see their sting operation. Everybody should get to know the truth about mainstream media. Everybody should know how sold out our media is. And the most surprising thing is that nobody amongst these media houses claimed to propagate the Hindutava agenda because they believed in it. Everybody was ready only for the sake of money. Today it is Hindutava, tomorrow it would be something else. The reason would always remain money. The links to all sting operations are in the comments. Enjoy as you watch these videos and have popcorn. and share as much. Thank you

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India TV :
    Dainik Jagran:
    Hindi Khabar:
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    Samachar Plus:
    HNN 24×7:
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    Swatantra Bharat:
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    Sadhna Prime News:

  2. Mai aap ke baad theek hai lekin of BJP ka paksh kyu le raha hai Baar Baar jab BJP ye kaam to nahi karne bola tu kya bolo bolo ge score yeh kaam kisi doosre nahi karwa Raha hai Na… Baar baar BJP ka naam chal raha hai kyu???

  3. Arey bhai media kyu tu bhi bikou hai tu YouTube channel kyu Khula paise ke liye na… Paisa ka lalaj terey andar bhi hai

  4. Ab sirf dhruv rathee ka sting operation baki hai kyuki baki sab to bik Gaye hai yahi bacha hai ab🤔 bolo kahase shuru kare 🤨

  5. Duniya la sabsy bara jhuta media Bharti media jo nanga hoky samny aya duniya k jb india ny sapny main F16 giraya

  6. Rayheeji,you are Rajasthani,I salute you are Yung telentedboy for incoming Media exposure.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Hello Dhruv, Mai Sant Shri Aharam Ji Bapu Ka Shishya Hun…..Meri Aap se Request Hai….Aap Un Pe Lage Aarop Ki Research Kare….Aur Sachai Logo Ko Bataye…

  8. I came here after watching rathee’s video about CP operation on bollywood actors. Everyone was ready for being a BJP prostitute except 4. Now I know why everyone is so much active in politics these days, and Just Guess how much Anupam Kher, Akshay and Kangna have pocketed? Any amount in your good guess?

  9. Bhai mene wo vidio dkha ,gernalist jo he wo news ke bare menahi baat kr ra he wo hindutva ka prachar karne ko keh raha ,mere bhai ye koi expose nahi hua na hi koi sting operation hua ab rahi baat is pramotion ki himdutva ki to jo news chanels pe din bhar rashi batane wale bethe rehte he uska kya or jo din bhar tel bechne wale atte rehte he uska kya…..

  10. S sir good job we knew this media/ TV channels are sold out they do reporting for money by doing so true journalism have lost face in India it's a matter of great concern to the citizens .

  11. Even Rajat sharma and India tv is sold in the hands of bjp when he took the interview of Pm Narendra Modi in

  12. Hi Dhruv, just wanted to share an idea: As more and more people start understand that the mainstream media is rigged, I expect greater traffic to migrate to channels such as YouTube,etc. It might be time to start thinking about a model code of conduct for such channels. Three questions arise:-
    1) Where does one draw the line between political and non-political content?
    2) If according to the aforementioned point, if the content is political, how should one cover it?
    3) Should a disclosure of funding be obligatory or optional?

  13. 1.1k dislike matlab bhakto Chand pe bhej do with Modi or oxygen ki jagah bolo Modi Modi bolo ye sale wo bhi kare YR ITNA BHI ANDH BHAKTI THEEK NHI HAI.

  14. This man belongs to different country….stay in other country …..always use abusive, hated, and vulgar speech to Indian culture, Indian media and India.

  15. Indian media is just a bikaaau media
    They are now no more indian media
    They are modi media

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  17. Dhruv Bhaiya to fir hamare lite sbse reliable source kya h… correct news k liyee….Bina correct source k to ham yuhi vewkuf bante rhengee… please tell us correct source of media news

  18. Don't take the name of these generalist… We want them alive… And safe because.. Indian wants them… These are real hero..

  19. Well luckily, i do not watch any if these tv channels. My fav channel is rstv.
    But it seems now , with growing right wing presence in house i might have to find something new as news.

  20. भाई जो एक्टर लोग कोबरा पोस्ट में exposed हुए हैं अगर इससे आपके दिल को ठेस पहुंची है तो un एक्टर्स को अनफॉलो कर दें… धन्यवाद

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