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Bigg Boss Office – Part 1 || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Hello and welcome
to Bigg Boss office. Let’s talk about the employees.. Are you wondering who I am?
I’m the HR. Let’s get to the point
and see who all are working here. There is Vishal, Manaswi,
Virat, Anish Naina..
I mean Keerthi Naina. Sumith, Babu..
I mean Mr Ram Babu. Mounesh, Newton Rayudu
and Jhanu Sree. And the final employee
is someone you all know. Yes, you guessed it.
Rita Madhuri. Fable, right? You want to hear a fable, right?
Here it goes. Once upon a time, there was a king
and that king had seven sons. No. I’m just kidding.
That king had seven wives. So, the King’s family..
My bad. I shouldn’t talk about families here. Everything seemed happy for all
but for two of his wives. One of the wives went to the king one day
and said she wanted to visit her parents. The king obliged. 4 other wives followed suit
and went to visit their parents. And this left behind
only 2 wives. These 2 wives too asked the king
to send them to visit their parents. And the king’s reply was ‘Who’d do all my chores
if even you two go away?’ So, in order to find out which
of those two wives stayed behind we’ve to first find out
how our employees are performing. Shall we find out?
But how? Through Tony TV. ‘Time – 8:30AM.’ What are you guys talking about? About that Vishal guy,
the newly crowned team leader. That guy is only a team leader
but has got the air of the owner. You know what happened?
– Let me tell him. No. You aren’t a good narrator, Tommy.
– Tell me, either of you. Tommy called in sick and Vishal asks
‘Why didn’t you inform me beforehand?’. Doesn’t he have
basic common sense? How can anyone inform
about falling sick beforehand? Are you okay now, Tommy?
– People call in sick only when they’re sick. Where is he now, by the way? A fresher girl is set to join us today.
So Vishal might be waiting at the main door. ‘Time – 9:15AM.’ Hi, Naina!
– Hi! I’m Vishal.
I’m the team leader here. Welcome to the office. Feel comfortable.
All the best. Vishal, do we get Peri-Peri here?
– Peri-Peri? Anish.. Get her Peri-Peri.
– Yeah. Whatever. He’ll get it for you.
– Yes! ‘Time – 10:20AM.’ Dear..
Look how I tied up my hair. Since you don’t work here,
I’m talking to you through the CCTV. I’ve got a lot of work to do.
So, I’ll talk to you later. Bye! Jhanu, I’m going to get coffee.
You want to join me? Do you even realise how many times
you had coffee since morning? Why do you come to office?
To work or to have coffee? And to top that, you keep
chatting with your husband through CCTV. Why don’t you get the coffee machine here
and drink a cup every minute? I thought you’d join me.
But never mind. I’ll help myself. ‘Time – 2:30PM.’ I wasn’t sleeping. I was in deep thought
trying to crack the code. Sumith.. Isn’t it your duty to wake up
your sleeping colleague? Sir, isn’t it wrong to wake up
someone sleeping? More so because I’m a nice guy.
– I’m only reminding you of your duties. If I don’t, I would fail
as a team leader. ‘Mounesh, since you’ve slept
in the office’ ‘Bigg Boss
has decided to punish you.’ ‘Everytime you sleep’ ‘10% of the team’s budget
would be deducted.’ ‘Vishal, come
to the conference room.’ I didn’t sleep.
– Calm down, bro. I work very hard here.
– Cool down, bro. All’s well that ends well.
– I want to quit. Hello, Bigg Boss. ‘Vishal, do you believe’ ‘that the team members are happy
with you as their leader?’ Yes, Bigg Boss.
– ‘Watch this clipping then.’ I hate this team leader.
He’s making me do twice the work. Doing the work is not a problem.
– Exactly. But to literally make us do it
is irritating. I’ll give him the feedback he deserves
at the end of the year. I’ve an idea.
At the end of this year one of us
should become the team leader. Then, we’ll teach him a lesson.
– He’s got such attitude. He is so senseless.
– Correct. ‘You may leave, Vishal.’
– Yes, Bigg Boss. You’re here too?
Won’t you ever let me sleep? Why do you always target me
and not let me sleep? I get a feeling we all are deliberately
targetting Mr Vishal. Even I feel the same.
He wishes everyone in the morning and apologizes
even if he isn’t at fault. It is commendable that he apologizes
each time he has an argument. None of us do that. I too feel
we’ve misunderstood him. ‘Time – 3:15PM.’ Look at me while I’m speaking. Why do you care
if I apply for leaves? Exactly!
Why would I care? Don’t level false allegations
against me. Why did you check my attendance then?
– I saw you go through her attendance. No, I didn’t!
– Don’t lie. She says you did. Don’t mess with our right to take leaves.
– You both are wrong this time. Don’t link work
with leaves. He didn’t go through
your attendance record. He didn’t check
anyone’s log in details. Trust me.
– You’d know the pain if he checks your log in details. No, you trust me. I saw him do that.
– Fine. I don’t want to talk anymore. Neither do we. You think you’re the boss here?
– You’re happy that Rita shouted at me, right? How can you go through my log in details?
– Forget it, Jhanu. Don’t talk with this jerk. Hey, Manaswi, mind your tongue!
Act like a civilised person! How dare you check my log in details!
– Do you even know what you’re doing? Of course, we know. Hey, Bigg Boss, come down here.
You think this some sort of a joke? You’ve made your employees fight
and now you act like you don’t care? I’m an international employee. I’ve made all my previous employers pee.
I can make you pee too. I’ll make you sweat, son. You irresponsible prick. ‘Time – 4:20PM.’ Bro, please don’t sleep.
We can’t afford cuts in team budget. Please, bro. Don’t sleep.
– Please let me sleep for 5 minutes. Please, bro, don’t sleep.
I love you, bro. Please don’t sleep.
– Sure, bro. ‘Sumith, throw some cold water
on Mounesh’s face.’ Mounesh, what happened?
What’s the matter? You are all drenched.
– Sumith hit him. Sumith? Sumith usually
doesn’t do such things. Hadn’t this been our workplace
I’d have slapped him across his face. Be strong. Don’t cry.
– He’s no right to lay his hands on me. He has no right to hit me.
He hit me for sleeping for mere 5 minutes. I don’t want to stay here anymore.
I want to go home. Why go home?
We’re here with you. No. I want to go home.
I don’t want to stay here anymore. I’m sorry, Mounesh!
I didn’t mean to hurt you. I did it plainly
because Bigg Boss aksed me too. I didn’t even hit you hard.
It was only a faint touch. Rita, get him water.
Stop crying now. No one seems to believe me.
Until now, people thought I was a nice man. What would become of my glamour
if people keep hitting me? Nothing would happen to your glamour.
You’d still look a teddy bear. We’ll deal with Sumith.
– Have some water. Stop crying.
I’ll deal with this. Bro, I’m sorry.
I’m very sorry, bro. I hit you only because
Bigg Boss asked me to. Bro, I’m very sorry. I hit you
on Bigg Boss’s instructions.. Bigg Boss wouldn’t have asked him
to hit me that hard. Don’t get so excited. It’d harm you.
– He hit me so hard. Things like these happen.
Don’t take it so personally. I don’t want any of this.
I want go home right away. Bigg Boss, please send me home. ‘Bigg Boss wants
all the employees’ ‘to assemble
in the conference hall.’ ‘Employees who’ve applied
for leaves for Dussera are’ ‘Virat, Manaswi,
Newton Rayudu, Anish’ ‘Mounesh and Babu.’ ‘Newton Rayudu, go to your system
and take the print out’ ‘of the mail Bigg Boss sent you.’
– Yes, Bigg Boss. ‘Hell with these two.’ ‘Six people have applied for leaves.’ ‘But since there are pending projects’ ‘Bigg Boss has decided
to grant only 4 people leaves.’ ‘For this to happen, each one of you
must make some sacrifices.’ ‘If Manaswi is to get leave,
Virat would have to take up her work too.’ I will, Bigg Boss.
– Tommy, don’t. I don’t even want any leaves.
– No problem. I’d take up your work. I can do that much for you. ‘If Anish is to get leave,
Naina would have to cut her nails.’ Don’t do it,
if you aren’t comfortable. Cut your nails
only if your comfortable. Alright, Bigg Boss, I’ll do it.
– Sure? – Yes. ‘If Babu is to get leaves,
Rita will have to work here forever.’ Bigg Boss, for Babu’s sake I’m willing to work in this office forever.
– Thank you. ‘For Mounesh to get leave, Sumith
will have to admit his work experience is forged.’ I’m willing to admit it, Bigg Boss.
– Think it over again, Sumith. It’s your career afterall.
– I see your point. Sorry, Bigg Boss. I won’t admit it.
I’m not such a nice man afterall. ‘Since Mounesh isn’t getting leaves,
either of Virat or Newton Rayudu’ ‘will be granted leaves.’ ‘Decide amongst yourselves
and tell Bigg Boss your decision.’ Grant me leaves, Bigg Boss. No, Bigg Boss. He took offs
even for Sankranthi. So, I want offs this time. Nonsense. There is no rule that one guy
must avail offs only once. I’m missing my family.
– Don’t you dare talk about families. I’m talking about my family, not yours.
– Still, families are families. Why are you yelling at me?
– Because you’re talking about families. Act civilised.
– Don’t drag families into this. I’m missing my family.
– Don’t talk about families. What nonsense are you talking?
– Never talk about families! Try to understand what I’m saying.
– How dare he drags families into this! Rita ma’am, I’m scared of all this.
– Don’t be. No one has dragged your family into this.
– This is none of your business! Don’t point fingers at us.
– You don’t point fingers at us. This is none of your business.
– No one has said anything offensive. We aren’t losers to let you have your way.
– Neither are we. I didn’t mean
what he thinks I mean. Oh, Lord, help us!
– Did you call me? No, I didn’t.
– But you did say ‘Lord’, right? I wasn’t addressing you. Things have become too spicy, right? I guess by now you know
why I narrated that fable. But in the fable, the King decided
which wife is to visit her parents. But here, who’ll get leave for Dussera
would be decided by you. It’s late already. I’ll take your leave.
Pack up! So, this was our big Bigg Boss spoof
with the biggest possible collaboration. I hope you all enjoyed this
and offending anyone wasn’t our intention. We wish each contestant
in the Bigg Boss house luck. And don’t forget to subscribe to,
Mahatalli and Bumchick Babloo and Pakkinti Kurradu and Dhethadi and Jalsa Rayudu and also subscribe to
Wirally! What do you want to have? White chocolate Mocha for me.
– Two white chocolate Mochas, please. Don’t you like Latte better?
– I like whatever you like, Vaishu. Vaishu, want to have some beer?
– I want to. But, forget it.
– I won’t have beer if you won’t. Happy birthday!
– Thank you.

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