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Wake up already! I’m leaving for work.
I left some cash under the pillow. Rs. 150..
Cool, this will do. It is 11:30AM?
Shit, I’m late for the interview. Screw this! I always loose
the wifi reception when I need it the most. How may I help you?
– Hello, ma’am. It is a pleasure to meet you. I’m coming from Your Bank.
– From my bank? I don’t have any bank. Good joke, ma’am.
The name of our bank is Your Bank. If there is any help you need, you can contact me.
– I ran out of tooth paste. So, get me a tooth paste a new tooth brush and also a plate of Idly would do.
– Another good joke, ma’am. By help, I mean I can provide you
with credit cards and home loans etc. If you want any loan, give me your details
and I’ll apply the loan from your side. We promise that your credit card
would be issued within 24 hours. Cool! Note down my details.
– Your name? – Harika. Your monthly income?
– Well.. I get Rs. 3,500 as scholarship
and Rs. 2,000 my parents give me. So, I earn around Rs. 6k. Enough!
– These details are enough? Cool! Give me my card then. Do you even call Rs. 6,000 as income?
– How much more will an unemployed person earn? A jobless person isn’t eligible for credit cards.
– My dad chided me all night so I had to sleep till almost noon
and this made him chide me even further and now that my parents have finally stepped out
I was peacefully sipping on my morning coffee when you, like a wild boar,
knocked at my door and disturbed my peace
and asked me all stupid questions. After all this, you say I’m not eligible for credit cards?
Frankly, I don’t care I’m not eligible but what irked me the most
is that you, asshole, reminded me I’m jobless. Oh, please! Give respect and take respect.
– Respect, my foot! – This lady is crazy. Another idiot
is perhaps at the door. How come you’re here?
– Your place is enroute to my office. So, I thought I’d drop by.
– Cool! Get in. It’s been so long. How are you?
– I’m good. How about you? My life is hectic with office trips
and hikes and parties. Nice!
This remote control never works. Aren’t you bored sitting idle at home?
– I’m looking for work. I’m not finding any. Why won’t you? You are qualified enough
but you’ve been jobless for two straight years. If you won’t a job, I can help you get one
in my office. Don’t be shy to ask me. ‘Someone as jobless as her
complains about me being jobless.’ Sandra, hear me out. You IT people
wake up early in the morning have a quick shower and rush for work
as if something is on fire. But I don’t have to care about
when the sun is raising and when it is setting as I’m not accountable to anyone.
I wake up when I want to and eat when I want to. What more can I ask for?
I don’t have to care about missing office’s transport like the way you dumbos do. If I need transport, I make a call
to either of my friends and ask them to pick me up and they come with whatever ride they have.
With such friends around, what else could I ask for? Dumb people like you,
with the of the meagre salary you get apply for new loans and credit cards
and when you get those loans you splurge it on even dumber things.
To clear off these loans, you again work over time. But someone like me, develops thick skin
and leaves behind ego and self respect at the door and gracefully lets to be chided by parents
and then spends the whole day with Rs. 200 they give me. You again need to take new loans
and borrow money to clear the existing loans. But all I need to do is keep my parents in good books
by going to the market and buying groceries for them. To even set up a date
with your boyfriend you literally need to beg
your manager to grant you leave and even then your leave might not be approved.
But, unlike you, I’ll have my boyfriend buy tickets and wait for me at the movies and along with him,
I gorge on the popcorn through out the movie date. And if at all you want to apply for a long leave,
you’ll have to circumambulate your boss and trust me circumambulating a rock
may yield you better results. Aren’t you such a person who’d ask for the priest’s suggestion
when the Lord Himself asks you to make a wish? You people get yourselfs into this rat race
of projects and competitions and hikes and promotions
and lose your peace of mind. But someone like me spends all my time
waiting for Sunday feasts made by mom and looking up new recipes on YouTube. Am I not right when I say
you people go restless the 1st of every month and keep checking
if your salary got credited or not? You people pay no heed to the saying
beggars can’t be choosers as you spend more than half of your meagre salary
on team outtings and parties. I can see the daily grind you go through,
so I can’t force myself to take up a job like yours. I’m not saying I’ll remain jobless forever.
I’ll take up any modest work that comes my way. My point is respect everyone,
irrespective of their profession. If you ever try to subtly poke fun at me
for being jobless, I’ll ruin you because a lamp may give you light,
but it can also burn you. So, what else?
– I’m getting late for work. I’ll leave. Harika, it is time for our soap operas.
There is power outage at my place. He belongs to my religion.
– What do you mean? I mean he too is as jobless as I am.
– Alright. I’ll leave for work now. She is still unmarried.
Maybe I can try my luck. Who was she?
– No one important. Whatever. Lets watch the soap opera.
Wonder what would happen in today’s episode. Hey, people! I know you all have friends
who are as jobless as me in this video. So, do share this video with them.
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