BEST Way to Resize for Instagram 2019
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BEST Way to Resize for Instagram 2019

40 thoughts on “BEST Way to Resize for Instagram 2019

  1. Hope you guys like this one! This is a great way to put one last finishing touch on your photo to get it ready for Instagram.

  2. I’m having a trouble to upload photo on IG.. it’s a DSLR pic that I transferred to mi iPhone but when I try to upload it, it doesn’t fit the full image. It crops it which is such a disappointment. Any tips to fit the photo without the white or any borders..

  3. awesome video. I am wondering. what is the process that you go about when editing a picture. Do take the picture from your camera to your phone then export it to a cloud and then edit it in photoshop and send it back over the cloud to be posted? i Tried doing this method but some compression happens either through google drive or the exporting settings that I use for lightroom and photoshop I'm not sure.

  4. I just want to make sure you save the image as a jpeg and then you set it to the highest level and you may export and upload from there correct ? I followed all your steps and got it down then when it came to saving the image I was unsure lol

  5. this is such a great tutorial, my instagram photos were so blurry before, i didnt realise how bad the instagram compression algorithm was. just a question, if i want to use a landscape photo, should i let the width be 1080 or can i just apply this default action

  6. Hi there, great video although i am having some trouble – whenever i resize it dramatically degrades my image quality when zoomed back in. i am using bicubic sharper reduction and have tried this with .tif and RAW files. any suggestions? thanks in advance

  7. I can not find the answer to this question at all. Even when I resize my photo to Instagram's 1080 x 1350, when I go to upload it still crops the image height. Does anyone know what the problem might be, or how to get round this?

  8. I dont understand one thing … if Instagram´s screen size is 640×360 then why do you save it in 1080 , doesnt it make you loose quality?

  9. good video, but there are various pic format like taken from cell, dslr or go pro…and if you want to do same we might end up some of the info in pic, like you said 1080X1080 i.e square size, but we also can put 4:5 ( full screen size ) so for editing that kind of vertical images on instagram…shall we create blank canvas and do or some other procedure ?

  10. Hey Kaz great video, this helped me out a lot. Yours is the first tutorial ive come across to actually address this instagram de-grading problem.

    Just a quick question: does this action work for horizontal photos as well?

  11. I really enjoyed this video, im learning how to use photoshop currently. Does this change when the image is horizontal instead of vertical? Sorry if this is a dumb question!

  12. Kinda annoying that I went sooo long without having known how to do this, lol. By far one of the most thorough and easy to follow tutorials Ive watched. THANK YOU 😩

  13. After alot of frustration, I came to the conclusion that this video is only valid if you shot the picture in landscape.

  14. Hi! I have a question! If you are going to add a vignette effect to the image, do you recommend using this "action" before or after applying the vignette?

  15. Mannn this is really great! Helped me alot! Thank you so much for sharing. Waiting for some more awesome videos like this!.🤘💕

  16. This is kinda off topic but..I'm having trouble.
    I post on insta via computer by using a little hack but, I just edited a video from Gimp.210 and I can't open it or post it on Instagram. I've watched a bunch of videos but no videos answer my question. Does anyone know how to post an edited pic from gimp.210 to Instagram? Please help!

  17. I do the 1080 by 1350 300 dpi 73% and everything looks great at first but after around 24 h the quality of the image changes and it looks terrible. Maybe even though I compress the file size is too big and instagram still reduces it as my camera is 45 megapixels. I messaged some of other photographers on instagram and they say that they change the px to 2000 x 2500 and quality at 100%. Anyways Im even more confused now, help please

  18. do you have any tips on how to fit a complete image into instagram without having to crop it or lose image quality?

  19. nice video bt i have a question ! if i crop (4:5) the image after applying this method , the pic size is no longer like 1080p ! so is there any chance to lose quality after posting to the Instagram? or what should i do? keep the image size 1800p before crop ? thanks 🙂

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