Best voice activated speaker? – The Google Home Review 2017
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Best voice activated speaker? – The Google Home Review 2017

so you decided to go get a
voice-activated speaker and you came home with home
Google’s voice-activated speaker let’s take a look inside and see what comes
with it how to set it up and I’ll show you some neat things to do with it
coming up hey I’m Josh gross and this is the gross texture where you get useful
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and also look in the description below for any show notes or links to Google
home or any products that we talk about and each video will be there so let’s
get right into this all right as we take a look at the Google home we see that
they make as always their box is very interesting to see their as their Google
logo right on top of them we as we open it up will see the Google home itself
sitting there looking like a nice air freshener with its two microphone
reports you see there underneath the layer is a layer of information we’ll
save it has things like how to set it up some offers and some things as well as
the power cord inside so let’s get straight over to what we need to do with
hooking this up first thing you want to do is you want to take your power cord
unraveled of course and the nice thing is it’s a flat cord so easy to lay down
plug it into the bottom and now we find a place to put it
this place has underneath the TV that we have not really recommended but find
your plug plug it into the wall and we’ll get going on the phone next so go
to your phone open up the app store or your App Store for Android and type in
Google home in the search and it will come up with the first thing should be
the Google home app as we go into it we’ll go ahead and hit
download and through the magic of editing it should poof be done we’ll
open that up and get started right away so be by your Google home as you do this
so just go through the different prompts make sure your Bluetooth is turned on on
your phone and then go ahead and hit continue and go through the different
things will speed this up what you’ll need to do is actually connect to the
home like we did now and then next thing we want to do is make sure it works hit
continue you’ll hear the sound and just go through each step of this process the
next thing you will want to be able to do though is hook your phone and Google
home up to your Wi-Fi in your house so make sure you remember what your Wi-Fi
password is here we are just setting up what the location of this Google home is
so that way you can change how the speakers are used in everything but here
we’ll get the gross Network and it is connected the nice thing is after you do
this you will want to sign in with your Google account be that your Gmail or
your YouTube account it’s all still a Google account and that is how it
connects and does all your different options once it connects and signed then
it will go through and teach your Google home your voice so that way it knows
it’s you and not your wife or your husband or your kid or anybody else
saying these things so it’ll go through say ok Google next one says hey Google
and then ok Google and hey Google and it will basically learn your voice through
that phrase and be able to specify you versus your spouse or your kids or
anybody else so once it is finished doing this so go ahead and hit continue
here you’re finally done it wants to know where
your homes location is to be able to get the weather and traffic and things like
that that makes it more personal and more useful to you instead of having
just random information so you’ll just continue to go through the prompts that
goes on you can choose what is your music service and we’ll get into that in
a little bit later but pick or sign in to what you have or want to use for your
music and then go ahead and hit continue and if you have a chrome caster it
should already be listed ready to go or if you have any other devices you can
find it there now you’re done with the setup it can go through and have you do
a couple different tests or showing you what it is able to do it’s basically
just Google you can ask it essentially anything you can type into Google and
get a result for so let’s head over and I’ll tell you a little bit more about
what you can do with it and how to use it and now that it’s all set up let’s
play some games you get it you just unlock the gameshow assistant here comes
the music yes welcome to are you feeling lucky it’s
like a game show so you can play mad libs trivia games there’s a couple other
games you play it’s pretty interesting and fun to play any games with anybody
around here but the nice thing is if you have a chrome caster and we have one
hooked up right here to our TV you can actually integrate it with this so hey
you play gross technology on TV sure playing growth technology from YouTube
on broadcaster hey hey guys so summer’s basically over I’m Suzy and Johnny are
either going to start so as you can see it’s very nice and easy to be able to
have when you’re dealing with maybe you have a kid and you’re feeding him or
you’re burping him or you’re dealing with having to keep him entertained and
it’s easy to send things straight to your TV like we can say hey Google pause
they’ll posit hey Google ok Google Play studio see on the TV
sure playing studio scene from YouTube one broadcaster so you can switch
between channels you can switch between even Netflix but there’s a pretty cool
thing that are coming up for the home that is going to make it very very cool
so let’s let’s try something hey Google call my phone I’m not sure how to help
with that yet it’s not able to make a phone call let’s see google has
announced that it’s coming out with being able to make phone calls with your
phone or with what would I assume to be Google Voice so it would be free for any
US and Canada places you’re also going to be able to make
your calendar show up on your TV so if you say now if you say hey Google what’s
on my calendar there is only one thing on your calendar is on the 29th of
October 2017 at 9:30 a.m. and the title is started to talk with caribou and so
it won’t show me hey Google show me my calendar on the TV all right playing my
calendar from YouTube hey Google stop so there’s a lot of issues that you can’t
do yet with the Google home which would be nice to be able to show but Google
has announced that that is going to be coming out soon the other thing that’s
going to happen is it’s going to have automated ideas so let’s say you have on
your calendar that your son’s soccer game is at 5:00 what’s going to happen
it is on the screen of the Google home it will start to flash to give you an
indication that it needs your attention so you will say something to the home
and it will say hey for that soccer game you might want to be five minutes early
because the traffic is bad to get to the field so it’s supposed to help you out
and be more proactive in giving you information instead of waiting for you
to say something you can personalize who you are so I’ve already done that hey
Google Who am I you told me your meeting with mother yeah I forget that but you
can make it say whatever name you are and it can do other accounts so my wife
has her own account and it recognizes her voice and gives her her personalized
breathing’s her personal life calendar her personalized information you can set
up I’ll show you here shortly how you can set up your news or your daily
routine with the app so it gives you your weather for your area
if you are going to be going to work you can get the commute time if there’s any
traffic if you have any calendar events for the day will tell you and then you
can set up on the whole app what the new sources or shows you would like it to
play NPR Fox radio ESPN you can have it play the most current or most recent
story that you would like to hear in the morning so as you can see this little
piece of technology might be pretty awesome by itself but when you put
together this with your chromecast or this with other smart home pop products
like the nest thermostat the Philips hue lights that kind of things are going to
sync and jive very well with the Google home and once the update start coming
out for the Google home this thing is going to be what I think pretty
invaluable to a house and to me it has grown and grown to something I enjoy
having now there are a lot of times where it tells me that it can’t do
something or say it again or I will sit there and yell okay Google or hey Google
and it sits there and does nothing so I’d like to see some you know new
improvements with it I’d like to see it have better
updates more frequent updates we don’t even really know when those updates are
going to happen so I’d like to be able to know that I think the nice thing even
though everybody calls it an air freshener and it does I won’t lie it
looks like a little air freshener another cool thing that you can do with
the rule home is you’re able to sync these together so say you have one in
the kitchen in the living room in your bedroom in the office in the dining room
any room in the house and you can even change out the color to be able to
distinguish visually which one is what but say you are playing a
a song that you enjoyed having you’re going to be walking from around the
house from room to room and you would like to be able to listen to that song
everywhere instead of having just that speaker in that one room playing it if
you sync them together and group them into a group you can actually play that
one song simultaneously across all of your speakers now that is not just the
home but you can also do that if you have a smart speaker any kind of thing
that you can connect to here you will be able to do that with the other thing
that coming out with the update is Bluetooth able speakers you’re able to
now connect your home to that speaker and it can be used as a speaker through
the home that update is coming out it’s some people to some people it already
has come out so if you have that great I’m not that lucky to have it yet so I’m
waiting and looking forward to that update but we will have to wait to see
what Google does it so all in all for a hundred and twenty 9.99 which I think
actually they’re on sale right now for only a hundred bucks this little voice
assistant is pretty solid and spectacular in my opinion and I think
it’s much better than Amazon a chrome for the sheer fact that Google owns it
and let’s be honest when Google owns something Google is going to invest in
it and going to make it number one so I love this little toy and it’s become a
very handy helper since having my son around and having my arm school because
of my son so I enjoy it a lot hey guys thanks for watching the video if you
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can’t wait to give those boxes and mail also question of the day if you
have a Google home where you have a echo please put it in the description tell me
what you like about what you have what you don’t like and we’ll talk about
seeing what possibly new updates might be coming for those lengths so again
thank you again for watching and I hope you have a great week
god bless you bye the top looks like it’s a tissue box
there’s available tissues out of here oops right the right jail see how you do
how you’re doing that I’ll do my

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  1. There were so many other things to put into this video, but too much to put into one video. I may make another video going more into detail about what all you can do and how to use it to the fullest.

  2. No doubt you tutorial is amazing sir, but it's very lengthy- Please try to make short videos
    People love short videos that covers everything

  3. Nice unboxing and review! Looks like it would come in handy. I liked how you went through all of the steps…I'm sure that will be very helpful for people!

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