Best Video Editing Software and Video Editing Tips
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Best Video Editing Software and Video Editing Tips

What is the best video editing software for
Mac and PC, and how can you take your video editing to the next level? I’m going to talk about that in this video. Hey, what’s up guys, Sean here with THiNK
Media TV, helping you go further, faster in media. On this channel we do tech gear reviews, video
gear reviews, and even software videos just like this one. If you’re new here consider subscribing, and
hey, at any point during the video check out links and show notes in the description below,
I’ll list out everything I talk about and all the software recommendations down there. Let’s get into the video. A ton of questions have been coming in from
you guys about video editing software. What’s the best free software, budget, what
do I use, what are tips for video editing? So, let’s jump into it. Gareth asks, “I was wondering for first time
YouTubers on a very low budget, what software do you recommend?” I would recommend, literally if you’re just
starting out, start with the free software that you already have. IMovie on your Mac, or Windows Movie Maker
on your PC, and just use that for a while. Start posting videos. It’s not the best, but it definitely will
get the job done, so that’s a great starting point. Now, as far as low budget software goes, I
really recommend Adobe Premier Elements. You can actually grab this for about 60 bucks,
I’ll link up an Amazon link you could either get the, they’ll send you the CD or you can
digitally download it for either Mac or PC. I believe it’s Elements 14 now. But, I also recommend that you get the bundle
with Photoshop Elements, I think you can get that for about 80 bucks, and a lot of times
during like cyber Monday and stuff sometimes it’s heavily discounted. That is a great way to get into, not just
your video editing software with Premier, but also creating your thumbnails and other
social media graphics with Photoshop Elements. Vince asks, “What do you use for video editing
software, and do you use a Mac or a PC?” Thanks for the questions Vince. Now, personally, and what I think is the best
video editing software, is Adobe Premier Pro, or CC, Creative Cloud right now. That’s what I personally use, and I know this
may be controversial but I use a PC to edit. I know a lot of people who edit on Mac. I’ve actually been on PC my whole life and
I’ve been using Premier since 2002. That many versions ago, I’ve been on Adobe
Premier, it’s just gotten better and better and it’s really what I recommend that you
eventually get into, or if you want to jump right into it right now I believe it’s the
best video editing software. For a couple reasons. It has what’s called the mercury playback
engine, that’s able to utilize the GPU on your computer. Now, not to get too technical on you, but
it sounds kind a weird that actually a lot of video editing softwares don’t really use
your video card for processing video. Premier started to utilize that with the mercury
playback engine meaning this; it edits faster, it renders faster, it exports faster. And so Premier, with the right Mac or PC,
is super powerful. Now, I also recommend Final Cut 10, because
it also can do really fast rendering and processing. For most peoples needs I think speed is everything
when it comes to YouTube, so either of those solutions’ setup right, whether Final Cut
or Premier on a good computer will really speed up how fast you can edit, render, export,
all of those things. Now Adobe Premier costs about 20 bucks a month
and it’s a subscription, and I think it’s worth every single penny. Final Cut costs 300 bucks one time, and I
think you do get upgrades with that, but the nice thing about paying monthly is that they’re
always upgrading the software so it’s always compatible with the latest video camera formats. You know, depending on what kind of camera,
or if you’re using a GoPro or a DSLR or some kind of point and shoot, the video file formats
are always a little bit different and Premier does like a great job of handling all those
file formats, and staying current. Life Hacks and Pranks asks, “Can you do a
video on editing?” For now, I have not done a video on editing,
but here’s my biggest tip for learning how to use any of these pieces of software. I recommend, and I’ll link it up
in the YouTube description below. What it is, is that’s an education site with
great step-by-step video tutorials to learn anything, probably any of the software platforms
I’ve mentioned here but definitely Premier, definitely Final Cut. You can probably sign up for a free trial
and if you were to just take a day, just take a weekend day to go through all of those modules,
you’re going to learn how to edit. That’s probably the shortest path from point
A to point B when it comes to learning editing. Think Sterling asks, “How long did it take
to learn the editing techniques needed to create this video. I watch videos like this and wonder how difficult
it is to learn.” So, my general video editing tips are this. It took quite awhile. I think that anything gets better, you know,
as you practice and as you do it a lot, and I’ve been editing video for it feels like
almost 15 years now. Repetition really will help you get better. Just getting in there and doing it will help
you get better. But, I think the video you were referencing
was one where I did some kind of cool stuff about my whole equipment setup, and it was
a little more technical even than these videos. I’ll link it up on the YouTube card so you
could check out that video. But, for me, I think that having good influences
will help you edit better. Meaning, look at somebody whose like, “Whoa,
that editing is on point.” Then, try to replicate that. Actually, early on the influences that I would
look to was skate videos, like skate boarding, snow board videos. The editing style, the music choice, the way
that they edited too music, the whole vibe, I think creativity of that industry, is huge. So, if you want to really kind of level up
your vibe and, you know, you could of course follow people like today, guys like Casey
Neistat are taking editing to the next level. Learn the software like through Linda, and
then watch content that is really good editing and then just imitate it. I mean, you know, it’s still going to be different
when you do it, but you go, “Okay wow, look how fast their cuts are, how could I speed
up my cuts. How could I edit to the beat on music more?” Things like that. That’s probably my best tips for getting better,
and then just do it a lot and you’ll get better over time. Question of the day, “What video software
do you use, and what are your tips for getting better at video editing?” Let me know in the comments section below,
and remember that some of the best tips and ideas come from you, the THiNK Media TV community,
so make sure to connect with everybody in the comments section. Thanks so much for checking out this video. Definitely subscribe for more videos just
like this, and if you haven’t downloaded the THiNK Media TV video gear buyers guide, it’s
a guide I put together with the best deals for every budget on cameras, lighting, microphones. You can download that, I’ll link it up on
the YouTube card as well in the description below. Until next time, THiNK Media TV is helping
you go further, faster in media. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon. Hey what’s up guys, hey-
Helping you think, think, think. (singing). Ooh … if you’re still watching this video
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  2. Get pc / Mac
    Get camera ( m50 )
    Get adobe premier pro
    Try recreate different youtube vids
    Make them watchable with adobe
    Post that shit
    Share it to all your friends
    buy them all a pint
    Repeat x 1000
    = your a YouTuber

  3. I want to get to the point where I am a go to YouTube channel for my industry here in Vegas. I know I have a lot to learn before it happens I’m so glad there are you tubers like you help others to get better.

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  7. Would you recommend using window movie maker or iMovie to produce Youtube content/short films or should I invest in something higher than that. (I have a very low budget for such things.) OR should I use the free software that I have at my disposal already and invest in equipment?

  8. Hi I have no pc i only use my Oppo android phone for filming and i'am also the one who will edit this but..i want more advice how to get a good topic for new youtuber

  9. Right now I just use Videoleap. It’s just an app for your phone and that’s what I use to shoot my videos. Honestly, the reason I still use it is because I got a free trial last December, but I forgot to cancel it so I have a year of the pro version… so my software is by mistake, but it gets the job done.

    Remember to cancel your subscriptions kids lol

  10. Bad thing is that, I am not old enough to have a credit card.
    And I need to wait YEARS until I can get a video editor, and in a few years I might even stop doing youtube.

  11. you should get videoappsuit!!!
    i am using it for years and no joke its the best editing software i am with.
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  12. you should get videoappsuit!!!
    i am using it for years and no joke its the best editing software i am with.
    check it out! @t​

  13. Thanks for this info Think Media useful for me as a new youtuber.
    Hello everyone please support my channel….im new youtuber…Thank you.

  14. I prefer to use BlackMagic Davinci Resolve but sometimes for quick stuff I use Premiere Elements both on a Windows 10 PC

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  17. It so funny 😄 Sean never mentioned Kine-Master for Android users to do editing right from your cell 📳!. We began using Kine-Master from a You Tube video. We still use Kine-Master now and signed up for the 7 day trial.. After it ends the fee is about $38 for the year! Thanks for the info on the best software to use on a 💻 that can make the process go way faster..Kine-Master is like playing 🔴 Light, Green Light 🚦 …. Finally Export is complete then you wait for it to Upload to You Tube! 🙄😫😴
    Sean your delivery is the best… I hope to give more positive energy in my videos moving forward! By the way, I decided to change my channel name (as soon as Google lets me out of "name change jail") and work on content! Since I have my daughter going through your You Tube University videos (Wow, there's an idea for an actual campus) has been creating more artistic catchy Thumbnails! She is well on her way to become a foodie vlogger…her thumbnail for our Mambos Seafood Mukbang getting great views!

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  26. I actually use Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium, it has some nice effects and it also has some limited but decent amount of color grading, its pretty easy to use and the keyer is pretty good if you want to do something quick and not spend a lot of time. In all its a very good editor for your main edits but for scene that require special effects I do them in After Effects and complete those FX shots and then render them out and add those finished effects shots into the editor.

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