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Best Tuner Cars Under 10k | The Bestest | Donut Media

– [Narrator] Whether you
need to carve some canyons, hit up a track day, learn to drift, or just have fun on a daily basis, you’re gonna need to
pick a weapon of choice. This week I’m covering the
best project cars you can buy, maintain, and customize for under $10,000. With 10k in the bank, you can buy any of these cars at any commitment level. You can start cheap and
customize, or you can find one in great shape
that’s ready to rip. I’m starting off my list
with the Audi S4 B5. You can find these from anywhere
between 4500 to 6500 bucks which gives you some room for repairs and some simple modifications like suspension, wheels, brakes, tires. The key word here, repairs. Because the bi-turbo V6 is pretty complex, and replacing the timing belt every 80k can get pretty hairy. However, if you’re up for the challenge you can tune this motor to do
some really incredible things. And you’ll have a great looking car that has street cred as an M3 killer. Ready for any canyon
road, track day, car show regardless of if it’s snowing, raining, or in the middle of nowhere. If you’re nervous about repairs like any sane person would be, then you can always save a
ton of cash and headaches by going with a 1.8T model A4. Those engines are pretty
reliable, they’re easy to fix, and they make some pretty good power with a tune and some bolt-ons. And you still get that look and feel of a quality German sports car. And if you’re extra practical,
they make both in a wagon. And since we’re talking
dollar signs and not euros, I have to bring up the Fox Body Mustang. It’s been gaining
popularity over the years and that’s reflected by
the expensive listings I’ve stumbled upon
while doing my research. You can still find them
for around 2800 bucks, but you know that car is
going to need a lot of love. Once you get inside that hunk of junk and burn some gas with that
obnoxious low revving V8, you’re going to forget all that mismatched paint and the missing bumper. However, if you have a little patience, you can find a legit
example for around $7,000. I’m talking murdered out,
tuxedo black, legit-ness. Ready To turn tight ones in Oakland, CA and then dip out on the 580. Okay, not everyone has a
burning need for speed. Some people just want a respectable car that looks good, is
reliable, and drives great. If that’s the case then
the 190E Mercedes-Benz could be the car for you. There’s a bunch of models to choose from. Depending on what you’re into,
and how much you’re into it. The cream of the crop being the 190E 2.3 liter 16 valve Cosworth. The 190E was a legend in the golden era of German touring car racing. And because the Cosworth was the model with the most history behind it, you’re gonna have to do some
digging to find one under 10k. But the other models
still carry that flair and they were built like bricks. That means they don’t break down. And they look like bricks. If you want a car that can commute to work and look good doing it,
you can’t go wrong here. That being said, you can pick up less desirable models
all day for under 3k. Slap on some bags, some
three piece wheels, and you’ll have an automatic
pass into any car club. Otherwise, keep that baby stock and reap all the benefits
of a wise choice. The second generation Mazda RX-7, the FC, is on its way to becoming a
collector’s car for enthusiasts. It’s a Japanese version
of the Porsche 944. Which is also an under $10,000,
but it’s not on this list. The rotary engine is not known
for being super reliable, but it is know for sounding great, being lightweight, and
packing plenty of power. You can find them anywhere between 3k for a car that needs a
little love all the way up to 10k for a car in great shape. And if a driving experience
is what you’re after, that’s what you gonna get with the FC. With 50/50 weight distribution and a dynamic tracking suspension system, which is sort of like the 80’s version of four wheel steering, you’ll get that heavenly connection with the car and the road that many
cars cannot provide. And trust me, that feeling
makes everything worth it. Just make sure you leave some money in the bank because this car will break. The Corrado VR6, a unicorn hatchback regarded as the poor man’s Porsche. That’s because it was
faster out of the factory that the Porsche 944 I mentioned earlier. Plus, it’s got this
sweet mechanical spoiler that pops up when you hit 45 mph. The Corrado VR6 is becoming increasingly rare and hard to find. And the prices reflect
its collectible status. That being said, you can
still find a good one for around 6 1/2k with a
little bit of patience. And all you really need
is a nice set of coilovers to give it that aggressive
look and performance. But, don’t expect that
spoiler to work for too long. Because the Corrados are
known for electrical issues. I know because I owned one. And even though I have a scar on my back from a malfunctioning
electrical seat belt hook, I still wish I never sold it. It handles like a go-kart,
the engine sounds great and runs super strong, and
you’ll be instant friends with every other dubber you meet. – V Dub for life dude. – Yo, V Dub. – Yeah. – My third best pick is
the Porsche Boxter S. Yes, that’s right. You can own a Porsche for under 10k and it won’t be a beater. It mike not be the best looking Porsche, but once you slap on a
hard top with a roll cage and a rear wing, it all of a
sudden starts to look the part. Lots of guys race these
cars competitively. And they hang on the track with cars that are twice as expensive. It’s mid-engine so it has great handling characteristics that
Boxter owners swear by. And you get that awesome sound
that is unmistakably Porsche. It’s one of the newer cars that you can buy at a bargain with low mileage. So it’s pretty hard not to
rank it high on this list. Second place goes to everyone’s
favorite beginner car. The Mazda Miata. Lightweight, small, nimble,
but they’ve been increasing in price and I would never
be caught driving one. And since these are cars
I’m recommending to buy, I’m taking it off and I’m replacing it with the EK Civic hatchback. I’ve never owned one of these, but I’ve seen the performance
potential of these things and the EK is probably
the best looking model. If you drop 10k into a Civic hatch, you’re gonna have one
fast little fart can. Parts are cheap, upgrades are vast, and engine swaps are endless. Plus, it’s super light. That means you can drag race it. Give people whiplash while
driving past any boba shop. And if you got the
skills you might be able to keep up with those rich noobs in their Nissan GT-Rs at the track. Just saying. Last but not least the BMW E36 is finally being recognized by me as the best bargain for
performance and style you can buy. Note that I did not say M3. Good luck finding one of those for under 10k that doesn’t need another 5k in repairs or
preventative maintenance. But you can easily find a
325 or 328 for under 3k. Which leaves you plenty
of room for modifications to take this car to the next level. As in M3 level. Say you start with a 325is. You can pick up an M3 engine
for about 2 to 3,000 bucks. And it’s a straight up
plug and play engine swap. That’s right. The engine bolts right on to the existing five speed transmission. And the wiring harness
literally plugs right in. It does not get any easier than that. And boom. You’ve got a lightweight
M3 for half the money that lets you rip up canyon roads, take it to the track,
enter rear-wheel drive rally competitions, drift,
you can do whatever you want. You can even pick up a chick for a date and still look good doing it. They’re easy to find, easy to work on, and they’re easy on the eyes. Even if you don’t swap the engine, if you lower the car and
slap on some meaty tires, you’re gonna have a lot of fun. Again I know, because I used to own one. Not gonna lie, I’m a little biased. But, there’s a reason you’re seeing these cars more and more. That’s my list. And believe me, it could be a lot longer. So if you have any other recommendations, let us know in the comments. That way, anyone currently searching for ideas can weight their options. I can think of three more right now. Mini Cooper S, Toyota MR2, 300ZX. Just remember, do your research. The key to finding the right car is patience, persistence, and research. Don’t be afraid to walk away from the first car you check out. And most importantly, try to stay away from red flags like salvage titles, high mileage, rust, and automatics. Me and Pumfrey made a sweet video where we actually buy an E36. Click right here to watch that and find out all the tips you need to know before you actually buy a car. We got new shows every day of the week. We’ve got Wheelhouse with Nolan on Monday. You got Field Prep with the pro drifter Matt Field on Tuesdays. You’ve got science garage
with Bart every Wednesday. Up to Speeds on Thursday, you know that. And the best show, with the
bestest, with me every Friday. It’s all Donut, it’s all
family, it’s all the time. See you next time.

100 thoughts on “Best Tuner Cars Under 10k | The Bestest | Donut Media

  1. I have a 03 cobra That I absolutely love but I don’t put much miles on it. Been looking for a cheap daily that I can tune for cheap. So I’m definitely going with the HATCH

  2. I own a BMW E46 325Ci, first car I bought with my own money, I got it for 1800 euro, but it needed some repairs which cost around 300 euro (usually they go for 3000 to 3500 euro so it was a good choice… I love the way it handles and I am thinking about modifying it soon, nearly 200hp is quite good for a car that size, but I want it to be quite better…
    My friend got a EK9 with a 1.4l engine and he is thinking about swapping it when he gets the money with something way more powerful

    Both cars go from 0 to 100 km/h in around 8 sec which is quite good for a stock car…

    One thing I don't agree with… I'd prefer the Audi A3 with 1.8T engine, it is lighter and easier to work on because of the engine placement and that engine is SOLID, like, there are close to 800 hp ones around here…

  3. SC400

    IS300 with a manual
    Eclipse GSX
    W202 Benz C230 Kompressor/C43 if you have more money
    W201 190E with a 2.6
    E36 325 (obviously?)
    E34/E39 540 with NO FUCKING VANOS and a manual if possible
    Any Civic with a dual cam
    Prelude H22
    Audi S4 2.2 turbo
    Bugeye WRX
    Volvo 740/940 Turbo
    2ZZ Celica/Corolla
    Foxbody 5.0
    Z28 Camaro
    Genesis Coupe (Because in Europe you can get them under 8k euros which is around 9k$)

    Those are sort of reliable vehicles that aren't gonna break the bank like the Porsches/Rotaries/2.7T Audis.

    Mainly you have to watch out for the condition on the S4, the 325i, and the WRX. Rest of the list is literally bulletproof.

  4. Quick question. Can an e90 M3 V8 fit in a e90 330i? If not, can the e46 M3 Inline 6 fit in an e90 330i?

  5. It’s funny the bmw 325/e34 got first place because that’s what I’m looking at right now. Reliable, stylish, and cheap.

  6. Can u do a review in a Infiniti j30 it's a old school rwd Japanese so technically it's the cheapest of all Japanese rwd sedan in technicality it's not a is300 but it's a rwd Japanese sedan LMFAO 😂 with 200 hrsprs

  7. I can only find S4 Quattro sedans. plz help know a webiste were I can find S4 B5s Biturbos update I found out that the B5 is called the Quattro so I found one

  8. I know you mentioned the VW Corrado VR6 but I think the VW Golf 4 R32 or VR6 are really fun to modify and tune, and I found quite a lot of them for 10k or less.

  9. Thank you. None of these cars are available in India. screaming Dammit, we need good cars you assholes. Make importing cars more relaxed you peasants.

  10. I have a Honda 96 EK Hatchback. No mods. My mates and I race short sprints (traffic light to traffic light) what car could be recommended or should I keep my whip?

  11. Ek coupe alll day fuck a hatch and i have suprised alot of sti owners as well as porche owners in the turnes modded hondas handle better than a speed train on rails lol

  12. Hey here are cars that if u can find them in the perfect circumstances they’re affordable go fuck urself

  13. i buyed this car: MAZDA 323 F 1.6 Sportive in my eyes it the fater of the mazda 3 . so its a great cai in all araund way

  14. The frs/brz/86 is also a fantastic project car and you can find them around 10k and they are super easy to work on

  15. Obviously the Civic would make this list but if I were to build a Honda and it would have to be 4th Gen Prelude.. They're better looking and have a rare.. you never see them anymore. Those Ludes are the only Honda I like.

  16. you forgot to mention the fact that all you said only counts for american M3's… european have the 3.2L 300+hp beast but is also extremely costly to fix if anything substantial gets broken

  17. Forgot about the Buick Regal GS… Supercharged from the factory.. kid made a video about sleepers and made his car like 480whp for like $4,000

  18. So your saying the 50k I dumped into my foxbody to make it a drag monster coulda been done with only 10k? I think not

  19. Ich was just waiting for an Audi A3 or S3 from like 2000-2008. They are cheap and there are really nice mods

  20. I thini on this list is also the Volvo family welcomed. Like the volvo s60 r. Stock 300Hp with a 5 cilynder Turbocharged. And the best you can tune theme up to 400hp with stock parts!
    And as fact for pritty much every volvo with a turbo in it has already wrought pistons.
    So a volvo is like a borned sleeper car

  21. Message from 2019:. There's no way in fucking hell that you're gonna find a 190E for under 10k if it isn't a salvage title or just completely gone

  22. What about audi A5 3.0TDI. Looks awesome inside and out, well equipped, fuel efficient and 240bhp standard. You can add a few mods costing a few k and get 400bhp if you wish. Mine cost £4300 and looks alot better than all the cars here except maybe a corrado.

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