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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and tools. I have never heard of TubeBuddy before and I love it!! I have only used it for a couple of minutes and already can see the value in it. I am all about supporting other content creators so bought an annual subscription through your link

  2. I LOVE 💙 your content, but please, render the audio in 'Stereo' 😂.

    Edit: Actually need to adjust the Balance (too directional Mic, maybe?).

  3. I was always concerned to use TubeBuddy because when you agree to the terms it says something like TubeBuddy can **delete your videos**. Has anyone else been concerned by this or know what it means? 🤔 I’m sure they don’t just delete your videos randomly but why is that there?

  4. I love your videos, but PLEASE. Get a camera microphone. I'm going to make it easy for you!



  5. Such great USABLE info!! Thank you!🙏🏻 I will definitely be downloading your guides as well as utilizing the apps!

  6. I use the free version of VIDiq for the tags people use and keywordseverywhere. It also shows rankings. I'm not as familiar with tube buddy, but I'm not using any paid versions atm.

  7. 👍👍 Thanks Vanessa for the great information! I've been working online since 2003 and have made millions of dollars and your information is superb. I'm learning quite a bit of social media marketing information from your Channel and it's great. Wish you all the best on your YouTube channel. 😀

  8. Vanessa- you are KILLING IT GIRL! Videos are getting better and better… you deserve all of the success and more! xoxo

  9. so grateful for your videos makes so much sense and i have a full note pad of info that i follow when i am creating videos. can't wait for the next one.

  10. A little tip for newer YouTubers…try to target not just things that YT ranks well, but also things that have around 800-1000 in search volume. The goal is to find things a decent number of people are looking for, but that aren't so popular that they're hard to "win". As you grow your size, you can grow those numbers.

  11. Hey Vanessa just checked out your SocialBlade stats and you are on a roll. avg 500 subs a day 20k views a day last 15 days.
    I'd love to see you do a collab with Sean at Think Media/Video Influencers. This video was helpful I thought TubeBuddy was pay only, it's installed now.
    I just gotta get the courage to start my new endeavour . GO CANADA, although I bet before you know it you'll be living in California 🙂

  12. I love watching Vanessa. Her tips are always so useful. Especially for us newbies that hardly know what we're doing 😆

  13. I blindly subscribed to Vanessa Lau for being hot but little did I know that I would learn so much from this youtuber from actually listening and watching her videos clearly. Thank you vanessa for being unique, inspiring and helpful to the community!

  14. I think I came back to this video 3 times already, this video's packed with information! Thanks for making it so concise Vanessa! 🙂

  15. WHAT?!?!?! INSANE VALUE. Ridiculous. 🙀(Also geeked out my video was on your initial screen-share!) Just downloaded Flume & Keywords everywhere. OMG You also showed me how to use Later even more efficiently! bows I should probably wait until I finish watching the entire video before writing my comment, huh?

  16. Been binge watching vanessa lau’s vids and she inspired me to improve my social media game. Currently created my youtube account and will def use these tips. Please check out my channel too. I share my struggles as an introvert. 👍🏻

  17. Wow !! love love love your channel. saw so many "HOW TO "form BUT your tips are far the best !!! actuall tools for my youtube channel . keep upload your secrets ;)))

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  19. Hi Vanessa …I appreciate the tips! Do you feel that it is critical to growth of an Instagram account to use YouTube as well? I'm primarily interested in growing organically on Instagram. I was curious because of the grouping of the tools for YouTube and IG.

  20. so so so helpful…could i also check what are you using for screen capture where it shows cursor and the blinking button? @vanessa lau

  21. I love all your videos your advice and tool has help me to start my own business .. Thank you for all the tips

  22. wow thanks for the tips though with my channel which is gaming it's still hard to grow with all the competition. But believe me it's a struggle…. sad life T_T

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  24. Oh my goodness, I have been binge watching your videos this whole morning. These are some amazing tips. I have the free version of tube buddy.

  25. I just started using tube buddy do you recommend going back to my older videos to do better keywords on those or just start with videos going forward?

  26. How can you honestly even dare to recommend a tool like tubebuddy with out a disclaimer that with this tool one grants full access to the own YouTube account, meaning they can manage all videos, even delete comments and videos etc.? Please do a better job and don't just do any video just for the sake of more viewers.

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  28. I don't know if anyone said this already but Flume is Mac exclusive. So those of us who prefer windows will have to find an alternative.

  29. Hey Vanessa! I was about to use tubebuddy when it asked me to visualize, edit and erase definitely my videos, classifications, comments and discription on YouTube! Is it going to ask before it does this things? Should I trust it?

  30. Awesome sharing, love this content and your clarity in explaining each tools. Appreciates! Now to apply and grow! Big thanks!

  31. Any small youtuber help each other grow our channel together ? Please subscribe and like first then I will as soon as possible please do fast

  32. I just started watching your content recently from Sunny Lenarduzzi channel. I must say your channel will be my go to for expert tips for Instagram and YouTube!

  33. Hi
    I found awesome blog post about it.
    Top social media tools
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  34. Wow! I can’t thank you enough! So much great information and delivered in an easy to follow way. 😊😊🤗

  35. I. Love. Your. Videos!!! 😀
    One question though, what would be your take on a tool such as eClincher? It integrats everything you covered into one tool, plus it gives you a wider image and a stronger grip of any and all of your social media. I mean, I've been using it for a while now, it's proven well beyond useful.

  36. hey Vanessa so I just have a question, how TF do I change my youtube user name?! I've had the channel for a longgg time buy only now like actually using it and I need to change the name that shows up in the URL because my middle school self made it up🤦🏼‍♀️

  37. Thanks again for sharing with us. These are DEFINITELY helpful tools and insights on how we can be better content creators!

  38. Super nice video! Thank you so much for your advice. It is so helpful. In some other video, you were showing how to find third party apps that are compartible with Intagram but I don't find it anymore. Where again can I find these information?

  39. I love your videos because they are actually informational and don't feel spammy and selly!!!! Great video, keep thriving girl! <3

  40. I hope you guys enjoyed this video!! Let me know if you have other IG related questions!

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