Bert Kreischer Falls for the Instagram Hoax – Lights Out with David Spade
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Bert Kreischer Falls for the Instagram Hoax – Lights Out with David Spade

By the way,
a bunch of celebrities fell… for this viral hoax
on Instagram, where you can use your photos
against you in court. -Remember this thing?
-Right, right, right. Unless you reposted a
screenshot to your account. They got a bunch of us. Pink, Zoe Saldana
and Josh Brolin fell for it. -Yeah.
-And so did… -I fell for it.
-Whoa! I fell for it.
I deleted it this morning ’cause everyone, like… -So humiliating.
-SPADE: Deleted it. I deleted it ’cause, like,
Whitney Cummings texted me and she’s like, “Seriously?” I only reposted it ’cause, uh,
that guy Mark Duplass… -Right. -SPADE: He did it?
-He looks like he reads, -so he posted it, so it’s like,
-SPADE: Yeah. I’m sure he read it.
I didn’t even read it. -I didn’t even read it. -What
pictures were you worried about? -Look at how long it is.
-I just was like, I thought they were gonna… If we’re gonna talk honestly,
my ego was like, “They’re gonna steal your videos
and make a TV show out of it.” (laughter) -That’s impossible.
-That’s not gonna happen. -That’s not gonna happen.
-Uh, yeah, no shit. No, that wasn’t a huge worry. I can’t even read this much,
so I was like, -I don’t know what’s happening.
-Yeah, I thought the same– I think it’s funny
that Zoe Saldana fell for something that,
like, my mom would. Is Zoe Saldana also, like,
googling– Like, for to google,
does she go to Ask Jeeves -for, like, she goes…
-(laughter) -clothing store hours?
-Is Ask Jeeves still around? It– Mm. Maybe not.
I don’t know. -Google it.
-SPADE: Yeah. I bet there’s a correlation
between the same people who reposted this and the same
people who still wear condoms. (laughter) -The two big hoaxes, right?
-KREISCHER: Yeah. Dude, I fell for the condom
thing in high school. All of the cheerleaders
have AIDS. I only wear one during the show. You know, this is like saying,
“I posted a screenshot “of I get shotgun from now on, so from now on,
I do get shotgun.” You know, I posted it,
it’s on my Instagram. And everyone goes, “Oh, shit.
That is legal now.” -All right. -Well, this is
the second round. They had another one of these
that went earlier. -I fell for that one, too.
-SPADE: What was that? It was. It… (laughing) -I remember there was something
else. -I don’t know. Bert, there’s a third one,
you should get on it. SPADE:
Get ahead of it. Dude, I’ll repost this
right (bleep) now. I’ll just repost it right now. You should do it now. Just way after. That’s great. -It’s on.
-SPADE: It’s on. Nikki, I screen-grabbed it
off Mark Duplass’ thing. -There it is. It’s right there.
-It’s right there. -SPADE: Embarrassing.
-Make it a bigger screen. He’s doing it.
He’s doing it. And then… Heads-up, everybody,
get in front of this. (Spade laughing) (applause and cheering) Done. Posted. That’s way better. Posting right now. All right. I can’t wait to see D’Elia
light me up. “Dude. You don’t need
to post that and you don’t need
to wear condoms.” (laughter) We get it.
You text with D’Elia.

77 thoughts on “Bert Kreischer Falls for the Instagram Hoax – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn as if Disney had a say in it….. I push the unlock button on my key fob harder than they do on actual issues.

  2. Burp Christiner seems like the most gullible racist I've ever met and ive met hundreds of racist scum at my ghost party meetings.

  3. Bert fucking sucks and literally makes every conversation about him. “No but this one time when I was on travel channel” should be his catchphrase.

  4. Can't believe some real
    Comedians get on this show and they're the most cringe guests so far, fukin phoneywood huh ?

  5. Todd would be a great cohost for this show: mostly sit there, but occasionally throw something very pity and dry into the mix 🤣

  6. The only thing worse than falling for the Instagram copyright hoax is falling for it three times.

  7. Yeah, still don't have, and don't think ever will, Instagram. Got rid of Facebook 6 years ago or more, too. No need for these, life was good before they existed, so moving right along.

  8. "I think there's a correlation between the same people who reposted this and the same people who still wear condoms."

    "the two big hoaxes, right?"

    Todd Berry is the best hahaha

  9. Yuck I hate this hack Bert I’m surprised he didn’t take off his shirt every time I see him that’s his go to move

  10. David comes off as a disinterested, self important has-been who's just trying to cash in on the business model created by the modern L.A. comics, so he can afford an even younger GF. In a word, fake.

  11. Bert is so fat and disgusting. Quit drinking and get your life together. At least he had the decency to wear a shirt this time.

  12. Wow Nikki and Bert are painful to watch. I hav never been so ready for a clip to end. This kinda gross act of desperation is causing within me a sinking feeling. This was just so inauthentic . Enough to have me teetering on an existential moment. Could I be too good for this shit? I can't handle the thought. I've got to get to a Ross Dress for Less asap; bring down any lofty expectations of life.

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