Bernie Refuses To Take Media’s Bait
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Bernie Refuses To Take Media’s Bait

>>You appeared to have a kinda of a non-aggression
pact with Elizabeth Warren. Do you two have a deal to not to attack each
other at least at this stage?>>There’s seems to be a very aggressive attempt
both by debate moderators and members of the mainstream media to get Elizabeth Warren and
Bernie Sanders to fight. Now they’re the two most progressive candidates. They are very similar when it comes to some
of their policies. However, there are some settle and significant
differences, which we’ve talked about on the show and we’ll get into again, but it would
be a bad move for them to attack one another. So I think that it’s a good idea that they’re
staying away from that and resisting pressure to attack one another. And you know what, luckily,based on the answer
Bernie Sanders gave to CBS, they’re not planning on doing so. So let’s take a look.>>Elizabeth and I had been friends for over
20 years. She’s running her campaign and I’m running
my campaign, they’re different campaigns. But I think the most effective way to campaign,
to be honest with you, is to talk to the American people about why the middle class is disappearing,
why we have massive income and wealth inequality, the great challenge we face in terms of climate
change. The thievery that is now going on within the
pharmaceutical industry, where there is not only price fixing, but there is just incredible
greed. You talk about those issues, you do well. You try to beat up on somebody else, frankly,
I don’t think that’s good politics.>>But, Senator, at some point, you and Elizabeth
Warren, as most pundits seem to indicate, will make that next debate. How will you differentiate yourself from her? You’re two progressives.>>Well, I’ll tell you, I’ll let you guys
and the punditry and the American people make that decision.>>It’s amazing to me, because I get the sense,
and maybe I’m wrong that the media thinks that they’re the same, like they’re exactly
the same. And that it is Bernie Sanders’ job or Elizabeth
Warren’s job to attack, like they have to attack one another to make their case provide
them the best. And it’s frustrating because he’s absolutely
right there. First of all, they never read the policy. They don’t care, they don’t care about the
policy. None of them, I guarantee you, none of them
who have this insanely high paying jobs with these fat salaries have sat down and actually
read Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for all bill or Elizabeth Warren’s proposal on student
debt or Bernie Sanders’ proposal on student debt. I’m not talking about some lame summary that
was written by some lame writer in some lame publication. I’m talking about the actual bill and what
it would do. Why don’t you know what the difference is? Why don’t you know and why don’t you talk
about it?>>No, so, look, a couple of things. First of all, I agree with you that they care
more about the drama than the substance.>>Yep.>>So do they have a top line sense of the
difference? I’m not sure. Do they know all the details? I’m sure they don’t. Okay, I’m keeping it real, right? But they don’t really particularly care about
that. They care about the fight.>>Yes.>>And so is there a little bit of a group
thinking while those progressives fight, they might actually hurt each other’s causes and
we’re all kinda have an establishment bias? I think that does happen subconsciously, nobody
gets together at CBS and goes, should we get them to fight so the progressives will lose? No, there’s no actual meeting like that but
there is a group think in Washington. But more importantly, that’s a smaller part
of it. They just can’t understand why the moderate,
the conservative Democrats, the corporate hours, whatever you wanna call them, are willing
to fight each other, and the progressives aren’t, they just actually genuinely flummoxed
by it. Okay, so let me explain. And I was turning a reporter today about this
same issue and the reason that the corporate Democrats don’t mind fighting each other is
because their objective is not policy. Even if they agree, even if, for example,
their healthcare proposals are incredibly similar, they’ll fight anyway. Why? Cuz their goal is not policy, their goal is
power. They want to be president for the sake of
being president. And so if Cory Booker and Carla Harris agree
on something, they’ll fight anyway, because maybe their number two if you’re being fair
and kind to them, you’ll see their number two objective is policy. But their number one objective is power. Now for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,
the reason why a lot of progressive voters like them or love them is because they are
genuine. They actually do care about policy. So they’re like, why would I fight Bernie
Sanders if we agree on Medicare for all? What’s there to fight over? Why would I fight Bernie Sanders about Green
New Deal if we agree on Green New Deal and vice versa? And so I think Bernie genuinely looks at it,
well, I don’t know what you want me to fight about. Right?>>Yeah, look, if you wanna work for World
Star, go work for World Star, right? Like we wanna talk about substance and that’s
one of the more frustrating parts of these debates because it’s set up in a way where
all these candidates are looking to make these sound vitable moments that can be played later,
and they can feed into the drama in an effort to increase their name recognition. That’s what it’s about. And it’s frustrating, because this is not
the time to play these stupid little games. Now is the time to talk about real solutions. People are suffering right now. Things continue to devolve under the Trump
administration. And they’re sitting there having a conversation
about, why aren’t you guys gonna to fight? Who’s gonna to throw the first punch? Again, it’s not World Star.>>It’s kind of a weird, ironic to be fair
to them. But most of the media have never seen two
progressives at once in the same race. You often never see one progressive in a race,
let alone two progressives in a race. And so it doesn’t compute, because almost
all the politicians care about power and not principles. So it’s almost a foreign entity that they
don’t know how to deal with. And they assume that, no, of course they don’t
actually care about policy, like all other politicians, they just want power and they
wanna be able to call themselves president. So I kinda get why they’re confused, because
it is so different than anything else they’ve ever dealt with. But even if you just wanna do strategy by
the way guys, it would still be bad strategy to fight today. And by the way, mainstream media, if you want
a fight, they gave you one, just wasn’t against one another. Those two as one of the reporters told me
in the middle of the debate turned to me and he’s not a progressive, he’s just a normal
reporter, said, it seemed like they went back to back, like you see in the movies. They were kinda cornered against superior
forces like many more people and they started doing, like, wheel kicks out of the corner.>>Yeah, that was great. It was it was wonderful to watch.>>Yeah and they kicked the living crap out
of the conservative Democrats. You gotta fight and they want it. It’s just that they didn’t fight against each
other.>>Exactly. I mean, I really appreciated the solidarity. And if that solidarity confuses these top
dogs in the media, then honestly, it’s just another example of mediocrity in our mainstream
press like it just is. I mean, they should understand these things,
they should know these things. I mean, it’s incredible to me that they have
all the resources just right there in the palm of their hands and I don’t know why are
you guys fighting. I mean, that is how deep this conversation
goes. In fact, final video on this, let’s take a
look at the follow up question.>>What is the single principle there? What is the biggest difference between you
and Senator Sanders? Senator?>>No.>>No?>>By half no. I have to tell the American people what I
believe. And I’m gonna take on the greed of Wall Street,
the drug companies, the insurance companies. We are gonna tell the Fossil Fuel industry
that they cannot continue to destroy this planet for their short-term profits.>>Look, I love that Bernie is focussed on
a message and he’s not straying from that message, but I’m not gonna sit here and say
that I don’t want him to fight, period. I think it’s important for him and for Elizabeth
Warren to remain in solidarity while talking about the substance and the differences in
their policies. I want him to fight the conservative Democrats
because they are gonna be punching him in the face. And what we saw in this last debate was more
the fighter. We saw him throw some punches and it worked. So he does need to fight in an effort to differentiate
himself from their policy but more importantly to defend himself cuz there’s gonna be a lot
more attacks.>>Yeah, actually, that’s good point. So that leads me to my final two points. If you notice Bernie was far more combative
in this debate than the first debate, why was that? Because Bernie doesn’t like fighting in debates,
he just doesn’t. He never really challenged Hillary Clinton
in any of the debates. He barely laid a glove on her. I mean, Jesus, if it was me. Would have been totally different, right? And if you watch the show, you know what I
mean. So why did he come out fighting in the second
one? Because he didn’t, they attacked him. If you remember, John Delaney, in his opening
statement, attacked Bernie Sanders. And why should I be President? Cuz I hate Bernie Sanders. And so since they personally attacked him,
it was the wrong strategy. It forced Bernie to fight back, which he doesn’t
actually like to do in the debates. So they had the wrong strategy. Now why is the progressives staying together
the right strategy? First of all, again, if you only cared about
politics, it’d still be right. Because they actually have fairly different
voters, if you look at the demographics of the polling, and so why would a progressive
like Bernie Sanders wanna alienate other progressive voters that are backing Elizabeth Warren and
vice versa? It’s actually smart. Plus, they actually do care about the policies,
and the last thing is Republicans made a giant mistake in 2016 when they all attacked one
another and left Trump alone. If you remember, they did that for like 80,
90% of the primaries. They’re like, it’s okay. We’ll be down to one against Trump and then
that one establishment person will beat Trump and obviously didn’t work that way. Progressives are not making that same mistake. They’re saying, hey, it would be a dream come
true if the final two were progressive. We ain’t got time to worry about that. We got 20 other conservative democrats that
knockout first. Eyes on the prize, know what your real objectives
are. So they’re both doing a terrific job of doing

100 thoughts on “Bernie Refuses To Take Media’s Bait

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  2. Yessss!!! Y’all two need to be on cnn instead of Anderson cooper Vanderbilt asking Liz why she didn’t fight Bernie lol

  3. America refuses to ever allow Bernie to get the nomination. He'll never be more than a senator from a tiny odd state.

  4. If I were bernie I would have said "If the media paid more attention to the American people's needs and less on the horse race and personal attacks in politics then maybe we wouldn't have trump as president right now".

  5. MSM is taking the Russia approach; stoking division and sowing discontent. They just want to see the top two progressive candidates go at each other. For entertainment, and because they desperately want an anti-progressive soundbyte. Bernie and Warren are too smart to take the bait.

  6. If we were voting strictly on Authenticity & Trustworthiness, I place Bernie #1, Tulsi #2 and Warren a distant #3

  7. this is Mel chicken a collector of beautiful things feet and wings from wings I flew from wood I took riddle Who am I that cute little bird I sent to the podium how is this possible I am The Impossible why right now because everything is at a set time I am time that's set you are a night in my chest bored rock tonight for

  8. Bernie is the man. MSM cant STAND that it is trying to divide and conquer and its not working as well as the last couple times.

    MEDIA is complicit, there Ana, so come on already. that curtain on all the secret-dudes is ripped back, so.. yeah. Big Media is bad at the top, it explains the rampant sex-shit in the corporate offices down to the cheep talkinghead seats.

    we see this
    MSM courtiers need to get STRAIGHT fast
    too much weird shit is happening in OUR COUNTRY
    we got weird stuff goin down over on LITTLE SAINT JAMES ISLAND

  9. If you put Warren and Bernie in a no-holds-barred cage match for the nomination, who wins? The American public, and probably the Democrats in 2020. Boom.

  10. What other candidate has been fighting for everyone's rights for decades? Even before some of them were politically popular! What other candidate has stood for years (not just when running for president) with workers on picket lines? Which one took people to Canada to buy meds they could not afford here? Which candidate had the guts to speak out against peaceful Native Americans that were brutalized at Standing Rock? Yes, one other Dem did, Tulsi. What other candidate stood up and declared boldly that they were against Obama's Grand Bargain that had proposed Social Security cuts that would also had affected Veterans that are on Social Security and Veterans benefits? Which candidates were speaking out for raising the min wage, for Medicare for all, BEFORE running for president and fighting against NAFTA AND THE TPP? Which candidate voted the least for Military Budget increases? What other candidates do NOT take corp donations in any form including that would not take corp donations in the general? Which candidates have been consistent for the same issues for decades where you know they won't go back on their campaign promises? Which candidates voted against the Patriot Act that took some of our freedoms away? Bernie2020 has EARNED my vote NOT bought it!

    I think that clearly shows the differences in Bernie and Warren!

  11. It’s a catch 22 situ. If Bernie & Warren do start a fight then it’s ‘waaaaa…. circular firing squad’ again

  12. NO NO NO!!!! their NUMBER ONE objective is their DONORS and all you see on stage is a puppet show to appease the american public into thinking that an actual debate of ideas is taking place, that is why donald trump won and why bernie standout, but now the corporate democrats have caught on and are masquerading around as progressives to fool/confuse the public

  13. How serious can you take these clowns when they start out with an annoying
    “Norton Antivirus sleezbag add” lol

  14. Bernie is a Communist, that not “progressive that’s Communism. Look it up Vacations in Cuba and said our “country should be more like Argentina”
    Communist will take America!

  15. “Establishment bias” wow, these people are anti American also. Move to Cuba cause America don’t want communism

  16. Let’s talk about who you Millionaire clowns help.
    I figured nobody with brown skin would be on.
    CenK is white washed.

  17. I find it hilarious that you don't want bernie and warren to fight, but you want all the other dems to fight.

  18. I'm sorry, but calling Bernie and Warren the two "most" progressive is ignorant. Tulsi is far more progressive than Warren and was behind Bernie from the beginning when Warren supported Clinton. You guys lost touch with reality after the Russia BS and now you can't see the truth here. I'm beginning to think about unsubscribing and ending my membership.

  19. The Drama is what the people want and thats why the Media pushes it. Bottom line its all about the rattings.

  20. While there on air, they have people shouting in their ear get them to do this, get them to do that. In Britain we have the BBC which is supposed to be impartial, but they're not and when it comes to disasters, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis they start jumping about whooping at this. Rubbing their hands together with Glee oh there's a disaster, so there's a shooting, so there's this is, so there's that is and they love it. We get hours and hours and hours of a street or a field or of a damaged block or road and they're always saying, this just in or this is just come through, now listen now this is important bit of news and all they do is regurgitate what they had on 45 minutes ago go for an hour and a half ago go or 3 hours ago and it's got no relevance and it's all crap we have 30 minutes of news and they spend 20 of it trying to see if there's any dead bodies we can't show you that, but they film the dead bodies anyway, news reporting has become big business but they don't report on big business, because they are owned by big business, but the BBC isn't it's funded even though it's meant to be free, free by a licence which costs us £150 a year and all we get is repeats or what you call reruns. There is no such thing as impartial news now most American news and politicians say the Russians did it, when we know they didn't, we also know that the hacking of the Democrats was done by two American brothers. Who worked for the Democrats, after finding out who they were, one of them mysteriously died 3 weeks afterwards. Then you have had two federal officers on the way to certain places, that have been stopped kidnapped, tortured and suffocated alive, but there is no news on this, because it's the BBC's and the American news networks get rid of trump campaign. I don't particularly like the guy, why I don't particularly like his policies, but they're better than the alternative of the Democrats, who was paying Hillary Clinton to sell you lot out allegedly and that she would have won it would have been the opposite it would have been get rid of President Clinton instead of get rid of President Trump. All he has done he to carry on things that Barack Obama did by carried out taking children off immigrants, was there a obama thing about putting them in ICE camps which was a Barack Obama thing and so on. And there was other thing of interfering with the elections in Britain by the Europeans and by the Democrats under Obama the wall that was partially built. Countries have kicked out US military out of bases, because they was Killing civilians and groups of people. The film The shooter with Mark Wahlberg is based on a South American Village that complained about chemicals being used on pineapples and other fruits and they were causing the children to be born malformed with disabilities and the US government allegedly sent in operatives working for agencies and they murdered 400 people just to keep them quiet now you know why. They don't want American bases in their country that's why Europe wants to get rid of NATO, because Europe fed up they think it's been there to long, because US says they all speak different languages, but the main contributors is Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand plus with the Americans when things are passed around they are not for the eyes of non english speaking countries and that's official that is the facts. We don't hear about this on our news, but we hear about it on European news and from the European Parliament they slap what they call a D notice on which means the British Public cannot received or look for information regarding potential disaster scenario. You have had two federal offices on the way to certain places. They have been stopped, kidnapped, tortured and suffocated alive, but there is no news on this, because it's I see nothing news and hear nothing news and the american news networks get rid of trump campaign. I don't particularly like the guy, I don't particularly like his policies, but they're better than the alternative of the democrats allegedly. Who was paying hillary clinton to sell out allegedly. And if she would have won it allegedly would have been the opposite it would be get rid of president clinton instead of get rid of president Trump run poorly is done he is carried on things barack obama carried out taking children of immigrants put them in ice camps and there was the other thing interfering with the elections in britain and by the europeans and by the democrats under obama. Then there's the wall which Obama started. These countries have kicked out US military bases, because they went round killing civilians and groups the people. The film the shooter with mark wahlberg is based on a south american village that complained about chemicals being used on pineapples another fruits. And were murdered by American operatives working for American agencies asked to initiate relieving this American companies problem with its workforce. So they killed 400 people and the film The shooter made with Mark Wahlberg and Danny Glover what was the outcome of the movie where it was set in Africa rather than south America.

  21. Really Anna. Sounds like you kinda talking about Tulsi. You guys TYT is almost the same as fox and CNN msnbc. So why you going on like you guys are not picking sides. And I don't mean the progressive side

  22. Warren voted for trumps bloated military budget..why do you insist upon calling her a progressive,? The question begs to be asked, what's your definition of a progressive? She stood and gave trump a standing ovation, bernie refused, that's moral compass if you cant sit out a s o for trump, how are you going to stand up against the corps?

  23. You missed something significant – the structure of the primaries and in particular the Democratic National Convention. Assuming no one gets over 50% on the first ballot, which is likely, not only will delegates be able to switch their votes but super delegates will reenter the equation (that's literally the only reason the DNC agreed to the extremely mild reforms in the first place – as long as they overcrowd the field that could essentially ensure a second vote). So even if combined they have over 50% of the votes on the first ballot and all of those combined delegates agreed on one of them, there is still a strong chance it won't be enough. Every single delegate vote is going to be extremely important on the second ballot – and by demonstrating unity in the debates it increases the likelihood that their delegates will favor the other when the time comes rather then switching to a centrist – most likely Kamala Harris.

    I also think it will be extremely refreshing to a lot of Democrats to see two candidates working as a team rather then attempting to tear each other down – especially since they do have a lot of overlapping policies – and they'll be more inclined to support one or the other with the expectation that if one of them wins they'll pick the other as VP and the two will be a fantastic team in the whitehouse.

    In short – I think it would be a mistake if they ever started actually attacking each other. It would definitely be valuable for them to publicly discuss their differences later in the campaign, but the way that should happen is far different from the way they should deal with centrist Democrats.

  24. the political debates are reality tv episodes….fullstop! corporate shills form the panel and frame questions that aren't connected to democracy in the debates…..!!!! that is perhaps the MAIN problem……..!!!! why not have prominent leaders of social groups across america form the panel for the debates, instead of having these cnn and msnbc corporate tool morons shape the direction of the debates with their stupid corporate-biased questions…….?????

  25. Presidency requires Dem to beat Trump in Mich, Ohio and Penn. Biden is up on Trump by almost 10% in those states now. Bernie and Warren down to Trump in those states now. Do I want 4 more years of Trump or some nail-biting "I HOPE Bernie or Warren wins" scenario? I'll take Biden and Trump being CRUSHED early and easily. Bad timing for a "medicare for all/free tuition" and the election of Dems majority Senate to get it done campaign. Too much wishful thinking and not enough reality in that scenario. I'll take Biden until someone jumps over him in the rust belt.

  26. i think if it comes down to Bernie and Warren regardless of who wins is there anything stopping them from picking the other one as a running partner? i think together they would be a force to be reckoned with. Also we in the UK need a Bernie, a Warren and AOC our government right or left is rubbish, no passion no challenging the establishment, better yet e need our own TYT.

  27. As much as cnn and msnbc are dogshit, i dont see a big problem here. If they asked delaney and chickenpooper the same question – hey you two corporatist bosom buddies are identical in your stances, do you have a pact not to attack one another, it would be a non issue

  28. A Bernie/Warren or Warren/Bernie ticket may be the only hope for the country. And I was never a Bernie fan until this year.

  29. I appreciate TYT calling out mainstream media outlets for biased coverage and misrepresenting progressives, but you shouldn't do the same thing yourselves. Calling every candidate who is not Bernie or Warren conservative is just plan not factual. Yes, there are fake progressives like Kamala Harris, but Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard are progressive in the vast majority of their policy positions (Gabbard's recent anti-BDS vote notwithstanding).

  30. Couldn't agree more, the media are doing their best to ensure Trump 2020. If they really want Trump out they should be throwing their support behind what's going to get him out. But this pitting Dems against each other for a show just does Trump's work for him.

  31. oh you dont think they have meetings to figure out how ti destroy their enemies? then your dumb. yes they certainly do have meetings to figure out how to get the candidate they want into the white house. thats exactly why they are trying to make them fight each other. duh.

  32. Bernie and Warren should make a pledge to have the other as running-mate, whichever of them gets the nomination. I would bet that would put support for both of them above Biden. Plus it would be a dream ticket either way.

  33. Bernie rocks. I haven't watched TYT in a couple years and ("I'm keepin' it real") I do not miss it, still useless and horrible. Note to self: no more.

  34. You really think CNN/NBC and all of them don’t have meetings where they discuss a general direction and narrative for their politics?

    Read Noam Chomsky’s
    “Manufactured Consent”
    And you’ll finally understand, with precision, how the MSM caters to the ruling class’ narrative.

  35. They have so many similarities but are still different especially when it comes to records, one fought for progressives in 2016 the other one forgot to support the progressive cause in 2016

  36. Media that pits bernie and warren loves sensationalism and drama like what is going on with reality shows… they want another trump. Not some boring politician

  37. "back when the rap game was praying i'd diss, they act like 2 legends can not coexist, i never beef with a n** for nothing, if i smoke a rapper its going to be legit"- j.cole. thats what bernie should have said.

  38. Lawrence O'Donnel made a great point saying " presidents dont debate " it doesn't at all prove who would be the best president. Presidents are very deliberate and consult many experts before making decisions…the smart ones do anyway. 45 not so much

  39. Bernie was recently asked about his taxes…..he changed the subject back to trump and trumps taxes lol. Bumie isn’t winning 2020 liberals. Sorry but it’s true.

  40. If Bernie or Elizabeth get the nomination. One should be each others' VP. They'd be a great duo, and speak to the Majority of All American's Reality, and concerns.

  41. I absolutely do not see Warren as a progressive. I do not trust her. I believe when push comes to shove she will buckle. She’s already back peddling on big money. If Bernie gets cheated again I would vote for her over Trump. But that’s as far as it goes. Bernie is the only true progressive in the race and the only one that I believe will fight to the bitter end against this corporate takeover of our government.
    Long live the hand that wields OathKeeper!!!
    Corporate Socialism Sucks!!!
    Sanders/Gabbard 2020

  42. Guys don't get yourself so upset about this haven't you noticed that Bernie has totally changed the trajectory of politics since 2016 and he did that because people started looking at his record for 40 years the man just got into the national spotlight four five years ago and not since FDR has anyone turn the political world upside down like Bernie has but here's the other thing Burns doing he's changing the trajectory of the national media these people these corporate hacks initial TV I've never had to confront someone in Bernie's league and they're realizing if they don't step up their game Bernie it's going to put them out of business so you will see the media change its trajectory because of Bernie Sanders also and it don't hurt how did you guys on the internet media because sooner or later internet meat is going to take over the national media…… But you guys got to start putting in
    place now….. And I mean now legislation that will keep the corporations from taking over the internet or they will control the content and YOUTUBE also….. TELL HOW YOU GO ABOUT LEGISLATING THIS….

  43. Well you guys are talking about the drama of the media, so they must be doing something right. It's about views. C'mon. Where was the substance in this vid??

  44. Someone should animate that:
    Bernie and Warren back to back surrounded by moderate hordes. And they start punching out the others, with those Batman-like sound effect bubbles, but instead of “THWACK”, “WHAM” and so on, it says “MEDICARE”, “GUN LAWS”, “GRASSROOTS”, etc.

  45. Dont forget about tulsi and de blasio. They're progressives too. So really you have 4 in the race. And yang seems like one too

  46. The Two Guys in the Iron Monkey Kung Fu Movie Teamed up with each other. Than fight each other Against the Shaolin Monk! Why would Bernie & Elizabeth Fight each other??💪😉👍

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