Benefits of Stock News – StocksToTrade Streamer Feature
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Benefits of Stock News – StocksToTrade Streamer Feature

– In this video, I’m
gonna talk to you about the news streamer, a tool that allows you to get the news before other traders. You wanna be there first. Maximize your potential to make profits. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, lead trainer with StocksToTrade Tim Bohen here. Gonna talk to you about our real time rapid fire news streamer, one of the best tools in StocksToTrade. So this is a real time
constantly updating feed of every news article in the markets. A lot of stocks in
trading, they move based on press releases, articles,
contract announcements, SEC filings, all of these
pieces of information that are constantly hitting traders’ desks every minute of every day. Now, how do you maximize your potential to target these and trade these stocks? You get there first. We have the tools to get you there. Every second, there’s a
new article coming in. Well not every second,
but almost every second. That gives you the
potential to spot a ticker that has a good headline,
that’s in a hot sector, that has the potential to run on the day. Now, the great thing about
what we have with StocksToTrade that many news platforms don’t have, I mean you can get news
in all kinds of websites, all different platforms, but
it can be information overload. I joked and said an article every second. Well, think about that. If that was right, if there’s an article coming in every second, how do
you manage that information? It’s overwhelming. You as one person, a sole trader, can’t manage that, can’t
parse that information. And a lot of this stuff doesn’t
necessarily move the stock. So what we have is the ability
to filter that news stream and isolate the stocks
that are in your sector, that are in your price range, that have your technical
indicators or your price action. So for me, as primarily a
momentum low price stock trader, I don’t care if a $200 stock has news. Because quite frequently, a $200 stock doesn’t react exponentially to news. They don’t have the parabolic news. Now, a $2 stock with
news has the potential to make big moves. So now I can filter for
that two to 10 range. And what I actually do is
I have several brackets. I look for two to 10, I look for 10 to 20, and then I look for 20 and above. And I have all of these streamers running simultaneously
in my StocksToTrade. Then, and this is the tip
that you should write down and be sure you’re using right
now, filter by percent gain. Because I don’t care if a $2 stock as news unless it’s moving and has volume. So that’s a great way to
reduce that fire hose down and get you in front of the other traders. Remember, if you’re there first, you’re gonna maximize your
potential for success, your potential to be profitable. You wanna be there first
before the other guy and beat the other guy. The market’s zero sum game. One trader doesn’t care
about the other trader, we’re all here to make money. And if you’ve got the
tools to be there first, that’s what the news
streamer can bring to you. So be sure to use the news
streamer, be sure to filter. Break it down. Don’t try and track every piece of news. Don’t try and figure out
whether or not it’s tradable. Focus on your sector, your price range and big percent movers. And if you’re using the news streamer, be sure to comment below and
let me know if it’s helped ya. And as always, be sure to
subscribe, like the video, and we’ll ya next time. Hey everyone, lead trainer with StocksToTrade Tim Bohen here. We’d like to thank you
for watching our videos. We really wanna help you
learn, grow and evolve and become a consistently
profitable trader. We’re proud of the tools
we’ve built in StocksToTrade and wanna help you maximize your success. Be sure to check out the
other videos over there. Like and subscribe, and we’ll
see ya on the next video. (upbeat music)

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  1. It's fantastic. I'm checking the news first thing every day at 6am, 2pm and even 7pm after hours. I only wish it was sort-able like the watch lists.

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