Before You Scroll Down, WATCH THIS! One of The Most Eye Opening Videos
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Before You Scroll Down, WATCH THIS! One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

the tycoons of social media have to stop pretending that they’re friendly nerd gods building a better world and admit they’re just tobacco farmers and t-shirts selling an addictive product to children because let’s face it checking your likes is the new smoking Philip Morris just wanted your lungs the AppStore wants your soul there are two billion people more than two billion people on Facebook that’s more than the number it’s about the number of notional followers of Christianity people check their phones a hundred and fifty times a day the millennial sort of audience and so if you think about it from the moment you wake up it’s like you’re jacked in to this environment and thoughts starts streaming into your head designed by a few technology companies what we find is the typical person checks their phone every 15 minutes or less and half of the time they check their phone there’s no alert no notification it’s coming from inside their head telling them gee I haven’t checked in Facebook in a while I haven’t checked on this Twitter feed for a while I wonder if somebody commented on my Instagram post that then generates cortisol and it starts to make you anxious and eventually your goal is to get rid of that anxiety so you check in and apparently we feel stressed when we can’t get our phone or when our battery is about to die you probably know this feeling and a research done in Australia among 3,000 people under the age of 30 founded nine out of every ten admit to feel this anxiety while having his battery dying Steve Jobs revolutionized the entire world with the iPhone and he never let his children use it because he did not want them dependent on technology right now an infant is getting their first laptop that’s soft and squishy and makes noise right now a child is being born online and being favorited and retweeted the hyper generational segregation of our time is bizarre unhealthy and historically unprecedented you’ve never seen the like of people sitting at a table in a restaurant not talking to each other because they’re texting and using their Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and they are they are at the table and don’t even know each other in the house and can’t even talk to each other and the pressure that’s on us to be like everybody else is so great that everybody tries to live like their inner reality show there’s a culture we don’t have enough in common anymore and that’s because the internet which was supposed to unite the world has become too adept at serving us personalized content do you know what I saw on Yahoo’s front page this morning no you don’t because mine isn’t the same as yours people get newest feeds now that just spit back customized stories based on what we’ve clicked on in the past we are great consumer report produced we will buy what we can’t afford with money that we don’t have and to impress people we don’t even know trying to be like everybody else get off of Facebook and put your face in a book right now a teenager is photoshopping their selfie because as a society we’re telling them they’re not good enough right now influencers encourage narcissism without knowing the breadth and depth of their impact on their audiences right now 40,000 spectators are in an Olympic football arena watching a competitive eSports competition because this is this generations football match there’s always this narrative that technology’s neutral it’s up to us to choose how we use it this is just not true technology’s not neutral it’s not neutral they want you to use it in particular ways and for long periods of time because that’s how they make their money and you don’t realize it but you are being programmed it was unintentional but now you got to decide how much you’re willing to give up how much of your intellectual independence if you feed the beast that beast will destroy you if you push back on it we have a chance to control it rein it in and it is a point in time where people need to hard break from some of these tools and the things that you rely on the short-term dopamine driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works no civil discourse no cooperation misinformation miss truth and it’s not an American problem this is not about Russian ads this is a global problem I challenge everyone to try going one week without social media don’t let your phone and social media control you [Music] Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “Before You Scroll Down, WATCH THIS! One of The Most Eye Opening Videos

  1. Glad I'm not jacked in. I watch videos here and there but could care less about fb twitter or instagram. And ni notifications for anything.

  2. Referring to the shameless propaganda ad for the tax based on lies. I'd like to know why by the end of this year the over $2000 I've paid in the deceitful carbon tax I only receive $307 dollars of it back? I'm your typical average consumer. Does this incompetent liberal government think we are all stupid?

  3. 1 billion of the 2 billion people on Facebook are probably just accounts that they've been locked out of so they made a new one it seems like they lock you out on purpose then you make a new one then they can tell all their advertisers how many people that they have on

  4. I dont think Global Problems are Social Media. JUST try To Look our Selves in front of the mirror,then we can see who Are the Biggest Problems..

  5. Hello brothers and sisters please help us with a subscribe to grow our Quran recitation channel!😊

  6. I refuse to put Fb on my phone.I am on Fb but I check it for 30 minutes after I get home. At the weekend I turn my phone off. I refuse to become to be an addict.

  7. Excuse me sir I am nine years old and guess what my teacher told me to join them in messenger because we will study our next test so are you telling me to become an idiot !!! Because i don’t want to be a idiot

  8. Gadgets and social media were born for mellenials if you don't wanna use it then use it but Never
    Ever teach anybody what you and only U feel about

  9. facebook is big help to me to advertise my business also easy to communicate to my love ones in a far place. i think it depends only to people how to use social media.

  10. I am not really in to facebook or any social media . . I only use youtube due to things that i learn about different things . . For some reason i hate social medias . . It just create chaos in my end.

    ME:im going to play games at my computer then
    Also me : "youcanstopme)

  12. It depends on how you manage ur time, social media has both positive & negative sides, so decide which one is good for you..

  13. Sometimes, I check my phone every 3 to 5 minutes for no reason. The new tech takes away our senses and our minds.

  14. If social media is bad shouldn’t you have gotten everybody in the world number so you could call us and tell us instead of put it on social media 🤣🤣🤣

  15. We are paying too much attention on putting the grate minds of silicone valley on wrong side they are making use of data providing better service but government taking all the money in form of tax and having fun it's ruthless the media is taking this because they are losing the market of creating fake news fake news existed even before social media came in light so it's politicians spoiling up your mind

  16. I used social media to sell my products and to earn income and to communicate with my long lost friends and it depends on how will u control urself to be taken over the technology to gain more attention coz for me when i with my family amd friends its better to talk to them than to face ur phone in front of them and that what u called your living ur LIFE!!!!! nothing more human than to interact personally with others ……social media is just a tool to meet the persons u love to be with whether its ir family,friends and mentors….yeah!!!

  17. I think I am watching this on YouTube and you also want me to watch it on a platform which again is a social media.
    Are you playing interstellar with me…

  18. I've just seen this, finally!!
    Know the game and be better at the game.
    Resist those ridiculous impulses to be a part of "their " game.

  19. Most is y'all gone look up and it's gone be too late you all ready have. This is the Antichrist and the ppl you hate so much Tru Hebrew Israelites of America gonna be at war on the frontlines fighting for y'all souls. Look at the signs ppl 11:11 1222 555 777 11:17

  20. I keep telling people these things. Leave social media alone. It is slowly killing your soul. I hardly even watch TV because as a child growing up I keep noticing that each time I watch the TV I felt as if all my energy has left my body. Same thing when I use social media so I stay away.

  21. AND YET…after all that this video declares about the evils of online social media, it then proposes you subscribe to their online therapy sessions!

  22. I have a question in the video that you're saying about ignoring social media and at the last you're said that follow or see your channels pages on Instagram and Facebook. why ? 😶😂

  23. I check my phone INSTANTLY when I wake up, and it's not MY fault my friend lives across the country. Sorry I don't know their address and don't wanna wait 2 months for a single message

  24. I am reading a book which shows exactly this problem, it is really good and recommendable, it is called zero. You have to realize that these social media Apps are programming us.

  25. Ok how DARE you compare SMOKING with phones my dad used to smoke and is starting to show signs of lung cancer he might not LIVE for much longer this is stupid f u who ever said that.

  26. It's to late for the majority, how many people even give God a thought, log off of Facebook and but your face in a book named the Bible

  27. All THESE COMPANIES ARE OUT TO LIE, Steal, and Hurt a generation!!!!! THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!! Facebook,Google even YouTube are ran by evil PEOPLE

  28. Why do I keep wanting to ask, "Is someone/something orchestrating all of this"? Why are we so easily controlled & willing to be corrupt?

  29. For one day, when you wake up don't reach out for your phone first for about a few mins to an hour. It feels so much better when I do it.

  30. I cannot use my phone, do u know why cause i have school 10 hours of school starting 7 and iss a private school
    Im not that kind of guy who checks their phone 150 time im the guy who checks thier phone 20 times less so eh

  31. I am without social media 6 years..only youtube for music wbenni am not at home…so i dont know for this nova days is bcs i dont care for stupid things like social media…

  32. I know how to resist my phone and social media it not hard just don’t do it
    Unless your playing dokkan battle then that’s the only exception

  33. And yet look at all your subscribers and other social channels you have in your description area. I hope you get a grip on that.

  34. Tomorrow's news headline :
    Be inspired office attacked and destroyed by big social media companies for making this video ,😅😅

  35. Are you serious?All this thing and then,at the end of the video,you tell me:"If you struggle and have a hard time,consider taking an ONLINE 'therapy' session with our partner BetterHelp."
    Did you just forget what you said?
    After all this discussion about what negative impact social media has on us,are you really going to just slap me that sentence at the end of this video?Phone dependence isn't just social media

  36. Reality sucks it hurts but this is the reality until someday somehow all the resources come to and end.
    Thats it
    But as long as theres a r3sources we cannnot stop this addiction what we called psychological manifestation of the social media.
    Yes from the word social media.
    Media since then creates a gap from every individual. Race, culture and religion from every nation.

  37. Get off the Facebook and get ur face in a book

    Man! I was in the metro and when i heard this line i stood up and shouted WOW!

    Everyone there was like what happened but when they heard it they had the preety same reaction too!!

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