Beat The Twitter Algorithm In 2018 – Secrets Out!
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Beat The Twitter Algorithm In 2018 – Secrets Out!

So how do you beat the Twitter algorithm in 2018? I’m gonna teach you what no one else is telling you coming up! Hi, this is Des from and on this channel we teach you how to start and grow your “Side Hustle.” If you haven’t been here before Consider subscribing and ringing the bell. And if there’s anything that I’m talking about in this video I’ll include it in the show notes down below in the description. Let’s get into this! So, how does the Twitter algorithm work in 2018? The first thing it looks at is the type of tweet is, it looks at whether it’s a text tweet, whether there’s an image or a video in there. and it looks for how much engagement has been on that tweet. So, How many likes, how many comments, how many retweets have been on it? It also looks at the tweet author, it looks at the tweet history of that person. So, if it’s seen in the past that you’ve you’ve tried to scam some people or you made really rubbish comments or People have unfollowed you for some reason or they’ve Banned you or muted your account it looks at things like that If those things are quite high in your account then it will Probably won’t show your tweets as high up as they should be. And whenever somebody sees a tweet what they all do is they will look at the sort of tweets that you’ve liked before The sort of things that you’re interested in. It will try and show those tweets her up in your feed. Depending on the sort of content you’ve liked before and engagement before previously. When you first open the app it looks at the top ranked tweets And it tries to show you those as soon as you open the app. So the way Twitter figures it, if Other people have been really engaged with this tweet before And it’s the sort of content that you like then they’ll Probably want to show you the exact same content. It also shows you “in case you missed it.” These are from accounts that you’ve engaged with Previously and other people that you follow Who they have engaged it was show those tweets quite high up in the feed as well And lastly is the reverse chronological order and these are just your normal bog standard tweets. So to be one of these top ranked tweets, you want to build momentum. My advice would be to go onto somewhere like FollowerWonk FollowerWonk is a website that’s produced by and it shows you exactly when you get your engagement. Then we will try and do is wanna use the right hashtags you want to use the right content to actually build momentum Before people normally engage with you. So, if it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon You really want to try and build momentum. Say, 11am or 12pm And it builds momentum over time for that tweet. To get into that “In Case You Missed It” list. You need to build up a network. A community around Either your account or around somebody else’s account, but, The way to do that is to follow who they follow or who they tag. If you do that and you’re always engaged them, you always Like and retweet and comment on their posts. You’ll be on that list of “in case you missed it”. The way to do this is you need to go on to their account and you need to Find out who they talk to. So, put in their Twitter account handle into the search bar And then just scroll down, click on the “latest tab” once you go onto their account and it will show you exactly who they talk to. And all you need to do is follow those people and engage with them. To go one step further you can also put those new people into a list. and make it a habit to engage with those on the daily basis. As soon as you build up momentum you can actually start deleting that list because you’re already engaged of them, and this will help you be in “in case you missed it” once you post a really great tweet. Twitter is probably one of the best platforms for organic reach it’s a lot better than Instagram, it’s a lot better than Facebook and it’s so much more better and Snapchat. The way to increase organic reach is you need to post quite a lot and you need to post consistently. Now, what do I mean by that? If, On my account I personally tweet on the hour, every hour. I’m not suggesting that that’s something you need to do. You need to look at your niche to find out how often your competitors are posting. but, a way to actually post consistently and post a lot is to use a scheduling tool. I’ll leave a link up above of a piece of software what the I use. I use Social Jukebox and I’ve got a separate video for that. Another thing you can do to beat the algorithm is to engage more than you broadcast. What do I mean by that? If you engage more than you broadcast. Let’s say for example, you tweet every 4 hours. You really want engage for twice or three times in that time and Twitter likes relevancy and it likes communication. So, if you can find a way of engaging more than you schedule your posts. Twitter loves that and it was show your tweet higher up in somebody’s feed. Now I’ve said it before and I’m gonna keep saying it Make sure you post more video! I’m not talking about YouTube videos. I’m talking about videos that you upload onto the Twitter platform. and the reason why this works so well is it’s actually moving image going through somebody’s stream. As they’re scrolling what gets your attention the most? An image or a video? Lastly, to get really great attention on your tweets and to beat the algorithm in the description you need to use emotional trigger words! secret, confidential, controversial, underground what no one tells you, have you heard, cover up, forbidden, banned behind the scenes, secret agenda, secret plot, censored, Concealed, unbelievable, hidden, underground. Those are the sort words you need to use and they’re called “emotional triggers”. and the top Twitter marketers use those a lot! in their Twitter marketing. So, if you want to beat the Twitter algorithm in 2018 That’s what I recommend you do! Guys thank you so much for checking out my video. If you haven’t done already subscribe and ring the bell. If you’re interested in more videos like this one click on the links on the left-hand side and don’t forget, On this channel we teach you how to start and grow your “Side Hustle.” I’ll see ya next time!

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  1. The Twitter algorithm seems to change each day. Follow a few of the simple techniques I go through in the video to stay on top of them! Feel free to watch my other videos on Twitter –

  2. I'm slowly learning twitter. I know it's a necessary platform for my brand and business. Thanks for the tips.

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