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What’s uuuup guys! Welcome to one more Jogando de2’s video! I’m Vini. And I’m Carol. Today we gonna play
BattleBlock Theater one more time! If you don’t know, we already played
BattleBlock Theater. And if you want to watch this video. You can just click on this windows that will appear now. If you like our videos, leave a like! If you think your friends can like our channel,
please, show it to them. That’s it. Let’s go?! Woooooow! Come on, let’s go. Without jokes this time. Woooooow! Get out of my way, please! Get out of my way! AAAAAAA Look, I can’t believe. You already started to die. Oh, god. It will be a long gameplay. Woooooow! Excuse me? I don’t like this guy. I’m serious. Out. “Spending my time” Can you see a lightning that may kill people, right? “Ouch, ouch!” There is something here. Right there. Where? No, there. I know. How can you see these stuff? There is an empty space there. Of course there is something hiding there. MAKE SENSE I don’t think this is so obvious. Yes, this is here! Or… is. Go, Mario. That was really obvious. Don’t go now. Let’s catch these rockets. Which one? This that you already catch. Wohool! Now just up. Omg, look… Wooow. AAAAA, I lost my rocket. Wait, wait. I’m gonna catch it again. She knows exactly what she is doing. I don’t like these guys.
I always think they will kill me. Done. We took all them. Let’s go! Took all what? I did nothing. You don’t even know what we are doing.. Don’t die! No! AAAAA OMG What should I get? A lot of crystals. Really? What do you mean? Let’s go now. Don’t die, ok? Right there has a death board. Can you see? Yes. Look, here… What? Hey, I died. Wait a second. Be careful or you will get a shock. I will not. LOOOL Wasted. Get out of my way! My bad. “My bad.” Come to here. Waaait. Who’s RT? Here is easy! Excuse me? You are disturbing me. AAAAA As I said, this will be a long gameplay. Woooow. Take it! In your face! Wait. Wait. Whaat? Why did I jump? I’m asking the same. I don’t… Go, die! He murdered.. Uhuul, that’s awesome! Yeah, but… Holy shit! Now you go and jump over there. Just click RT. Who’s RT? Oh, that’s this. Now I know! I knoooow! LoL Now you go. Now you wait. Now you come. Jump over there. Fine. Now you go. Only in this time, right? Urrrggghhh Noo. I died. Shit, shit. Where I am? Hi?! I can do this. AAAAAA No! Wait, let me go there to help you. I got it! Get out of my way! [ laughing ] Jump and click RT. Alright. That’s nice! Looks a little monkey. AAAA Done. How you see these things? Why I don’t? “I don’t know.” How you don’t see? It’s on the stage. AAAAAA You push me! Oh, this game is so hard! Wooooow “Stop with this shit!” He doesn’t come. He is going to get the boat. He is not to get the boat. Stay there so you can die of a shock. Desgraciado! “Hijo de P…” Come on.. It’s really easy to say “come on”
when you are already there. Let’s go. WAIT! Holy shit! You said “let’s go”, I tought I should go too. How many time we went there? I’m sorry. You go down and I’ll over. Ouch, ouch! The shock, again. Oh my God. AAAAAA That’s ice! Does slip! Die. You are very boring. Look. God. He will not let me leave the boat. He gave you a lick. Wait. Vini, if you die, I’ll punch you! WHAT? LET’S SEE! Wait! AAAAA Holy shit! AAAA Holy shit! AAAA AAAAA I died. Wait a second. Woooooow. So, that’s all folks! This was one more video from Jogando de2! Follow us in our social networks. Leave a comment bellow saying what are you thinking about this video. And giving us more suggestions of games that we can play together. Again, If you liked, leave a like and
subscribe to the channel. This help us a lot! Thanks for watching this video. And stay playing 2gether! Edgar! Farts! His power only stop the ducks. Surprise, motherfucker! Oh, shit!

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