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Ma’am, move a little to your right, please.
Sir, place your hand on her? It’d look so nice. Is it? It’d look good?
I didn’t know. I’m so sick of hearing
your stupid lame jokes, since we were young. Put your hand out! Now!
– This is why you shouldn’t marry professors. They rap on your knuckles for everything.
No wonder Mr Nag said marriage is 100 years of hell. I’m sorry.
– I’ll excuse you since you apologized. Now smile. Why are there so many students? Is this some science fair?
– No, ma’am, they all are your students. Wow! Your students seem to love you.
– Even I’m surprised to see this. Since you got tired having photos clicked,
I say you go and chill with your aunt. I’ll come join you. Now she asks me to go and chill, but very soon
she’ll make me do all chores. I know my future. Greetings, ma’am. Wish you a happy married life.
– Yeah, whatever. Anyway, Nerd, why are you here? You’re here to gorge on free food?
– Screw this! Why do people look so down at nerds? No, ma’am, I had a doubt?
– A doubt? You nerds always have doubts. You want me to clarify doubts even on my wedding day?
– Well, it isn’t a subject related doubt. Is it official you broke up with Mr Prakash?
– Idiot! You spied on me, didn’t you? Fine! What is it you want from me now?
Kiddo, don’t blush. I feel like to punch you in the face. You want full marks in the lab exam? Fine. Now go..
– Also, if you could.. – Will my properties to you? I’m planning on being irregular to college hereon.
So, I want you to manage my attendance. How dare you tell me you will be irregular to college?
You are insolent you are a nerd, right? I’m a nerd, that doesn’t mean I don’t have girlfriends.
It is important I don’t end up like Mr Prakash. You go to college just to troll your lecturers?
Fine, I’ll even write your papers, now get out of here. Right now!
– Yes! It worked. One such student
is enough to ruin our lives. Hi, ma’am! You’re looking so beautiful.
– Thank you! – Congrats! How do you do?
– Why do you care? ‘She is lucky to find herself
someone handsome. He looks like a hero.’ People like her torch the houses
where they are invited as guests. Girl, look this way. What’s your name?
– Sri Shiva Shyamala Sundari Swaroopa Shanti Sukanya. Just tell me your name, not the names of all your friends.
– That is my name. Well, it runs in their family.
I’ll see you around, girl. You’ll have to explain yourself
after this is done. Atleast you brought me a gift! Thanks!
All of your fellow students are here only to gorge on free food. Thanks again!
– ‘Shit! She is opening the wrapper.’ Ma’am, that is my record book.
Could you please sign on it? I’ll finish it before the exam. You knew I wouldn’t deny
on my wedding day, didn’t you? But, I don’t have a pen on me.
– But I do. – So, you are here all prepared. Being the lab professor is the worst.
You don’t even care if it is our wedding. You just bring along your records
and ask us to sign on it. Hold it.
– Right here, ma’am. This is the last one. This one is the last.
– You want me sign on every page? Fine, I’ll do it. Just one more signature to go, ma’am. Get lost now!
Take your pen with you. Congrats, ma’am.
– Wait up. – I better rush before food runs out. All these students are here only for free food.
Keep some food aside for me so I don’t have to starve. Will you give me a honest answer to my question?
– Sure. – I don’t remember ever being your professor. You’re here because food ran out at the other wedding party right?
– No, ma’am. I’m the boyfriend of Preeti, one of your students. I’m here to gain some experience.
– Experience what? Experience how to pose for the cameras? Not about that. You see a sobbing
Mr Prakash there, whom you ditched? Even Preeti is getting married next month to some NRI guy.
I’m here to learn how to sob from Mr Prakash. Vikram, he is my student..
– Naviketh. – Hi! Nice to meet you. You were talking about learning something?
– Well, I’ve an exam next month. I’m sure I’ll flunk that. So, I was saying
I wanted to learn the subject atleast for the supplementary. If you know you’ll flunk, why don’t you learn right now?
– Because few things aren’t as straightforward. What do you mean?
– I mean my paper’s evaluator might fail me just for the heck of it. Okay, Naviketh, thanks for coming.
Free food is that way. Go dig into it. I’ll see you guys around.
You, come here. What are these? Gifts for me?
– No, ma’am. My friends are at the movies. So, I’ll pack lunch for them too.
– It’d be a little embarrassing. Let me keep those boxes. No, I won’t..
– Give it to me.. You idiot, each plate of food costs Rs. 340.
So, give me those boxes. In return, I’ll award you good marks. I don’t believe you professors.
You people always make false promises. So, I’ll make most of the opportunity I have now.
– This guy seems too adamant. Alright! Go and pack whatever you can. Greetings, ma’am. Do you remember me?
– Hey, Dumb Venkat, it is you! Long time! Of course, I remember you.
You’re here even though I didn’t invite you. So cool! Wow! You’re still as frank as you were back then.
– Well, thank you! – Not just here I’d have come even if your wedding happened outside India.
– And why is that? You ask why? After you motivated me one day,
I quit college and set up my own successful business. I don’t even remember ever motivating myself
and he says I motivated him? Anyways, why decline credit? Good! I’m glad you’re now successful in life.
Now, go and have your lunch. Also, if you don’t mind,
tell my father-in-law too that I motivated you. Ma’am, if you could motivate me a little again now..
– Wait, let me think. What motivational quote
can I come up with off hand? Yes, I remember a quote!
Life is short, so, enjoy it a lot. Wow! Amazing! You’re the best, ma’am.
– I know another one. How much is four plus three? Seven.
– How much is five plus two? – Seven. – Right! The method is immaterial, but the desired result is.
– Wow! You’re so knowledgeable! Thanks! By knowledge, I’m reminded
of something. Knowledge is divine! Wow! You’ve motivated me enough for a life time!
– Tell my father-in-law the same. – Sure! He still is as dumb. But a student like him
is what any teacher dreams of. If he tells the same to my father-in-law,
he’ll let me henpeck my husband. Greetings, sir! I’m your daughter-in-law’s student.
She is so pious and sincere that when she was in a relation with Mr Prakash
for three years, she checked out no other man. Such a pious lady is marrying your son. He is so lucky!
– Harika! Greetings, people! I hope you liked this video.
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