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Bamma City Ki Vasthe || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

Hi, guys!
This is Bumchick Babloo! I hope I reach office on time atleast today.
This lady looks like my granny. Granny!
– My child! How come you’re here?
– You always ask me to come to the city. So, I decided to give you a surprise.
– I see.. – Now step aside. ‘Man, I’m deadmeat.
She’ll make a huge fuss.’ This place looks like a pigsty!
How can people even live in this place? Well, all bachelors’ pads in this city look like this.
– That is no excuse. Anyways, stay put here.
I’ll take you around after I’m back from work. I’ll skin you alive!
I can’t stay here even for a minute. So, you rather take me around right now.
– But I’ve to go to work. – I don’t care. Do as I say! Fine. Wait, I’ll be right back.
– You better hurry up. How is this boy
even staying in this place? Babloo..
– Who the hell is this man? Move on! We aren’t going to give you any alms.
– Alms? Do you even know who I am? I don’t care who you are,
but I won’t let you scam young people. I’m here to scam?
I own this place. I’m here to collect the rent. You call this pigsty a place?
– You call my place a pigsty? Babloo, come out! Who is this lady?
– She is my grandmother. Oh! Greetings, ma’am.
– Yeah, be blessed. Will you be staying put here for a few days?
– Why is that your business? Babloo, spare me this nonsense
and pay me my rent. So much? Is that rent for the whole year?
– It is the rent for a single month, granny. A single month’s rent is Rs. 10K?
– Unlike in your village, rent is collected each month. And Rs. 10K per month is very reasonable.
And what about the water bill? You charge Rs. 10K for the rent
and another Rs. 1,000 for water? You’re scamming this poor boy!
– Poor boy and him? I knew it straight away
that you were fraudster. Granny, calm down!
Granny, no! Stop it! What’s got into you, granny?
– He charges so much for this place? Prices are high in the cities.
– Mr. Babloo, here is your water can. How much for it?
– Rs. 250. – Here you go. You just paid the water bill. What are you paying for again?
– Rs. 1,000 is for running water. Rs. 250 is for drinking water. You spend so much each month!
All you guys are scamming my grandson! I beg of you to stay calm.
We’ll step out in a moment. That’s better.
– Wonder what all trouble she’ll get me into. Are you blind? Can’t you see?
– Hey, Babloo! – Hey, Shiva! How are you, bro?
– I’m good. And you? – I’m great! Who is she? Your grandmother?
– Yeah! – Greetings, ma’am. Who is he?
– He’s my friend. – I see. Step aside, will you? What for?
– You’ll know. – What’s going on, bro? Man, what is wrong with her?
– Why? – Just listen to what she said. So, ma’am, do you want to find me matches?
– Matches, my foot! Did you commit any crime? If you did, share it with me.
I know a cop. I’ll ask him to help you out. A crime? Why would I commit any crime?
– Oh! So, you’ve a disease! A disease?
– I know a doctor aswell. I’ll take you to him and get him treated.
– What nonsense are you talking? Don’t I look so fit?
I’ve no disease. Then why in the world are you covering your face?
– You suspected all these because I’ve covered my face? Bro, get going now. I’ll have a word with her.
– I’ll rip you apart if you don’t mend ways, old woman! Granny, all our cities are polluted.
So people in the city cover their faces. Why did everyone stop here?
Is there any street show going on ahead? There is no street show going on.
It is just the traffic signal, so all stopped here. I see! I don’t think there are as many vehicles
in our village as there are at this traffic signal. This city is very crowded, granny. Get down, granny!
We’ll have lunch there. Why have lunch at these restaurants?
The prices would be exhorbitant. Instead, we’ll buy vegetables and cook at home.
– That’s going to take a lot of time. It won’t. Trust me.
– Fine! What is this old woman upto?
Ma’am, please don’t snap them open. How much for the Lady’s Fingers?
– Rs. 80. I was asking the rate for 1 kilo, not for 5 kilos.
– I too gave you the rate for 1 kilo, not for 5 kilos. How much for this Bottle Gourd?
– Rs. 60. I’m asking you the price of Bottle Gourd, not pumpkin’s.
– I’m telling you the price of Bottle Gourd, not pumpkin’s. Forget about it.
How much for the tomatoes? Forget it. You’d have priced it too high.
Back in our village, the prices are much cheaper. Cool! Then buy from your village.
– All the prices are so exhorbitant. Take me to another store.
– Prices are the same in all stores. So, let’s instead go to a restaurant.
– Let’s not go to an expensive one. Let’s go to a cheaper one.
– Yeah, fine. Now hop on. Like you asked, this is a cheaper hotel.
What will you have? – What can I get? Will you have Biryani?
– No! I’ll have a regular lunch. Alright.
Excuse me! Place the order, granny.
– Do you make Pumpkin curry? Monkeypod pickle?
Drumstick soup? Drumstick soup?
– Fine! Get me whatever there is. You don’t get all that here, granny! Bill, please. How much did it cost?
– Rs. 300. – So much! Granny, how are you feeling now?
– I’m feeling better. Drop me off at the bus station. I’ll go back to our village.
– You said you’ll be here for a week. I can’t stay here anymore. Back in the village,
everyone talked good things about the city so I was excited to come here. But after coming here,
I was shocked to see the exhorbitant prices. Even the water is expensive here
and the air, well, that too is unbreathable. And if you call these the cities,
then I’d rather not live here. I suggest you too come back
to our village. Back in our village, even if you earn Rs. 30K,
you can lead a luxurious life. But here in the city,
even Rs. 100K won’t be enough. Your mom is worried that you haven’t gotten married
despite earning in lakhs. She doesn’t know that earning in lakhs
can buy you much in the city. Back then, your hair was so thick. Now it has receeded.
And look how fat you’ve become. While walking with me,
you even started gasping for breath. I’m 80 years old
and never was I admitted at a hospital before. It hasn’t even been a day
since I arrived in the city and here I am. Let me hold your hand. Now, please, hear me out.
– Yes, granny? You people are happy
you’re earning big bucks in the city without realising
you’re compromising with your health.

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