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Bad Boy || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

Shit, I ran out of gas!
I need to go to work as soon as possible. I’ve to submit the project today.
I wish someone offered me a ride. Lift, please! I ran out of gas. Could you please
give me a ride till the nearest gas station? Girls expect guys to give them rides.
But if a guy asks a girl for a ride she puts on a straight face
and speeds away without even gracing him with a look. But on a Rapido, you sit so comfortably
as if the driver was your boyfriend. Sorry, Rapido guys! I’m jealous of you all.
Atleast, hereon, give boys rides too. Fine, I’ll give free rides to anyone who asks me.
Happy? Give me a ride till the gas station, please! I won’t.
– Why not? – It was on 25th of June, 2017 when I asked you for a ride. You didn’t give me,
so why should I now? I remember every damn thing. Hey, girl, what is your goal in life? Everyone in my family, since the last 7 generation,
is dark skinned, but for Tommy. That is why I decided to marry only a fair skinned guy.
– Thank God I’m safe. I don’t need a menu card.
Just get me a chicken biryani and a Thumbs Up. Do you got fish curry?
Do you got Ragi Sangati or Ragi Mudda? Do you got country chicken curry?
What do you call that liquidy thing? Soup! Yes, get me a soup too. And finally, one ice cream.
– Alright, that’s enough. Hide this menu somewhere. You’ll have all that by yourself? The bill is Rs. 3,000.
Here is my share of Rs. 1,500. You pay yours. Well, I don’t carry cash on me.
– No issue, you can Tez it or Paytm it or use any card. Well, I..
– How do you step out without a penny on you? There was a time when only men were bread winners,
so men used to pay for women too. But now? Thanks to equality and empowerment, women are earning too.
So, why don’t you pay your own bills atleast now? How much do you
got on you right now? Rs. 20.
– Rs. 20! After some guy pays the bill,
do you use that Rs. 20 for tipping the waiter? My friend has a girlfriend. She is a Goddess.
She pays even his bills and even lends him money. Why don’t we find such girls, bro? She flew down to India? Hey, Pooja, you’ve come to India?
– Yes, it’s been two days. So you’ve officially stopped meeting idiots like me?
– Oh, cut it. Shall we meet now? – Like I have a choice. The traffic, the heat, the pollution in India is so annoying.
How are you people even living here? So embarrassing!
– So embarrassing! I’ll slap you across your face. Don’t you talk like that, for love of God.
– What? – What? Don’t you act innocent. I know your dad spent Rs. 20 lakhs to send you to the US
and that you picked a little English while you’re there. Please, talk in Telugu.
– Fine! Shall we go to a movie? – Which one? How about Joker? Or how about NODC?
– She is at it again. Songs and punch lines in Telugu films go very well
with a bucket of popcorn and softdrinks. So, let’s go watch a Telugu movie. Hi, Chandoo!
– Hi! Hi.. Hey, you!
– Hey, you, son of a.. Come on, finish the cussing. Say it!
– I-I am so sorry.. You guys spend all night boozing
and all day sleeping? Out of the 9 hours of work,
you spend 3 hours in the cafe and 3 hours smoking. And still you want hikes and promotions? Answer me!
Where is the project? Didn’t you finish it yet? Where are you looking at?
– Hey, you, step out for a moment! I’m talking to you. What do I’ve to do with any of this?
– Don’t you ask me any questions. Sir, please, hold this. Let’s go.
– Why are you yelling? Why have you been looking
so gloomy since morning? You look so pale. Are you hungover?
– HR yelled at me right in the morning. Maybe his wife yelled at him,
so he is yelling at us all. He seems pretty pissed. So, just don’t care about him.
Consider that worthless idiot dead. Forget about him. You’re upset he yelled at you once.
But he yells at me everyday. Not even my dad does that. You know what I do when he yells at me? I ogle at you.
I can’t stand his face, so I stare at your face. Now that you too are looking so grumpy
whom do I stare at? That’s why, put on some make up,
wear some perfumes, look charming and rejuvenate us. Make our lives a little better.
Women are stress busters for men! Stop looking so grumpy.
I hate it. Get out of my sight, at once. Bro..
– Ekambaram! When do you get here? – A while ago. There is liquor shortage in our village.
So, I’ve come to Hyderabad to chill for a few days. Where have you been, by the way?
– To meet my girlfriend. – Even you’ve a girlfriend? Which girl can be patient with a maniac like you?
– For two people to be together, patience is key. All are maniacs in their own little ways. If the boy
puts up with the girl’s tantrums and the girl with boy’s then those two will stay happy forever. So, even I’ve a girl
who puts up with my tantrums. What’s with your DP in Instagram?
– Well, what is wrong? I asked you never to wear that dress.
You not only wear that dress but you even get clicked in it? You know how skimpy that dress is? Don’t you get it?
Some random guy in my office was talking about it. I’m sorry. I’ll take it down.
– Right now! I said I’ll delete it.
– Don’t you have basic sense? I blame your dad for bringing you up like this.
– I said I’ll delete it. I’m sorry. Like I care about you being sorry. I said I’ll delete it!
– Why in the world did you cut my call? Throwing tantrums?
Don’t you dare! Now stop being a cry baby. I’m sorry.
– Do you even know how you yelled at me? Don’t you think before you say anything?
– I don’t know. I couldn’t really control myself. I get it you are pissed at me.
I get it. So now, be normal. You can’t even cajole me? That’s enough cajoling. Let’s go. I meant, hit the bell icon
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