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Back in Black – Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback | The Daily Show

When a news story falls
through the cracks, Lewis Black catches it for
a segment we call Back in Black. -♪ ♪
-(cheering, applause) You know,
America has been blessed with some top-notch diseases. Swine flu, bird flu, and, of course,
pizza rat chlamydia. I’ve had ’em all! Well, good news–
now we’re even more blessed, because one of America’s
classic diseases is making a comeback! Right now, the U.S. is experiencing its worst measles outbreak
since 2014, with 349 cases in 26 states
in the past year. NEWSMAN:
Measles is no laughing matter. Measles can kill and… MAN: It is exquisitely
contagious, so… you can be in a room
where somebody with measles had left two hours earlier
and still get the disease. (chuckles) Measles can survive
in a room for two hours? There’s not enough
hand sanitizer in the world. (laughter, groans) You can never be too careful. That was vodka, by the way. I hide it in Purell bottles
so I can drink it in public. (laughter) But yes, the measles are back like a New Kids on the Block
reunion tour– no one asked for it,
and no one’s happy to see it. (laughter) I thought measles were Dark Ages
crap we successfully eliminated from the planet, like the dodo. If you say you’re a bird,
but you can’t fly, you’re a liar! How did this happen? Modern medicine had
pretty much eradicated measles, but it turns out science is
no match for its greatest foe– idiots. This month,
the World Health Organization called the anti-vaccine movement
a major threat to public health. NEWSMAN: Hundreds rallied
to preserve their right not to vaccinate
their children. -It is highly contagious.
-Yes, it is. Perhaps one of the most
contagious diseases out there. -Yes, it is.
-Are you afraid you’re -putting your child at risk?
-No, I don’t feel like I’m putting my child at risk. There’s nothing that’s
gonna change my mind on this, on that specific vaccination. MAN: If you read the fine print,
I’m sure somewhere it says, you know, there is
a possible fatal outcome there, (chuckling): some possible
fatal consequences, and that gets you
a little worried. Heh-heh-heh-heh. I love morons! If you read the fine print– well, actually, I’ve read
the fine print of measles, and you know what
the side effects include? -Dying of (bleep) measles!
-(laughter) So where did these dummies
get these dumb ideas? The same place that wants you
to believe your miserable aunt and closeted uncle
are actually happy: the Internet. But social media are finally starting
to get their act together. NEWSMAN: Facebook said:
“We’ve taken steps “to reduce the distribution of
health-related misinformation on Facebook, but we know
we have more to do.” NEWSWOMAN:
Pinterest is blocking searches related to vaccinations. The social media company says
it wants to curb the spread of misinformation. Most shared images on Pinterest
relating to vaccinations advise against them. Who the (bleep) is getting their
health information on Pinterest? That’s where you’re supposed
to plan weddings and find tacky home decor. Then again, on Pinterest,
you can find tips on how not
to vaccinate your kid, and then find
the perfect headstone -for your un-vaccinated kid.
-(laughter, groans) Oh, shut up! I’m up to date on my shots. I don’t hear your ooh’s. Look, this isn’t a debate. Vaccines are safe. The anti-vaxxers put
the rest of us at risk. So get your shots! And find a new conspiracy theory
that won’t hurt anyone. We don’t even care
how crazy it is. You can think the Earth is flat and that Tupac is still alive and lives underneath
the flat Earth, like a ’90s hip-hop troll. (laughter, applause) Just leave us out of it! And if that doesn’t work,
we’ll have to fall back on the same plan B we use
for everything these days: get the kids to save us. High school senior Ethan Lindenberger says
his parents’ misguided beliefs about his health and the health
of his younger siblings put them at risk. He recently defied his mother
and got vaccinated. NEWSWOMAN: Lindenberger
thought it was normal for most kids
not to get immunized, but about two years ago, he began to see how
the posts about vaccines his own mother was sharing
on social media were dangerous. In November, Lindenberger
asked strangers on Reddit where he could go to get
up to date with his shots. “My parents are
kind of stupid,” he wrote. “God knows
how I’m still alive.” (laughter) He had to vaccinate himself? Imagine you’re in a bedroom
with a syringe, then your mom walks in
and screams, “Is that a vaccine?!” “No, Mom, it’s heroin.
I swear!” Look, vaccines are
a public good, and I’m willing to do my part
to end this epidemic of stupid. So for any kids
or teens out there whose parents
won’t let them get their shots, here’s my offer. I will adopt you. (laughter) Will I be a good father? No! I’ll gamble
your college fund, I’ll hit on all your girlfriends
and boyfriends. And did I mention… I drink vodka
from a Purell bottle. (laughter) But I’d still be better
than anti-vaxxer parents. My adopted kids
would need therapy, but at least they’d be alive. -Trevor.
-Lewis Black, everyone!

100 thoughts on “Back in Black – Social Media Helps Measles Make a Comeback | The Daily Show

  1. My father got measles the year before the Salk vaccine came out. The death rate does not tell the whoe story, Many victims were crippled for life, like my father, and many, like my father died a couple of decades later of complications, and some were in iron lungs for the rest of their lives. We have reduced polio to a few small areas in Pakistan. All we need for is for a couple antivaxxers going there and somehow returning with the disease.
    Measles can kill, but it can also cause blindness, deafness, and mental issues. The ones who died may not be the unluckiest victims.

  2. I don’t believe the vaccines are necessarily dangerous I do question the amount that is giving in such a short period of time. That is where the danger lies because there are additives such as mercury in aluminum that is present and those are dangerous to humans. And I do believe thatRight to think and do as I wish as long as I’m not hurting anyone in the process. Hate if you must. No worries.

  3. So, are these people so resentful of their children that they will refuse to vaccinate them and just let them die? One could argue that these parents are culpable of manslaughter and attempted murder. And every one of them should be charged, with willful negligence, at least.

  4. Vaccines are one thing but Military shots totally fucked up my health so beware and do some real research before letting people just shoot you full of shit but in general typical child vaccines are safe .

  5. Fun fact, Costa Rica was measles-free for years, until a family of un-vaccinated French tourists brought it back

  6. I LOVE Lewis Black, but why is every talk show blindly jumping on this band wagon?
    3:35 if vaccines are protecting you, how are un-vaccinated kids putting you at risk?

    & why are they quoting media outlets instead of peer-reviewed journals?
    Media mega-corps are as dangerous as Pharma mega-corps.

  7. Good video, but I don't like the beeps. The beeps hurt my ears. Why not leave out the bleeps, or if the real words hurt people's feelings, replace it with silence?

  8. He's prolly still alive the same reason I've never been vaccinated 42 years old and perfectly healthy and rarely sick. I might get a cold out flu once every 2 or 3 years

  9. How much money is big pharma paying you? Nobody HAS DIED from the outbreak. It's just that big pharma is loosing money because the stupid vaccine is killing a lot of people and they are running out of bullshit to cover it up.

  10. 1 in every 1000 children that get the measles die! And even more end up with pneumonia. Also 3 percent of kids that ARE vaccinated will get measles.

  11. Mr. Black, you look white to me, but never mind, the question is: Have you had your shots yet, or are you immune like I am, because we've had meassels.

  12. Lewis, you are hilarious.
    Vaccines do a lot of good.
    The triple vaccine, not so good.
    Baby bodies have trouble with it, and it was formed for only greedy intent.
    Stick with the 3 original vaccines, and be safe.
    PS. Lewis, adopt me, I've never had mumps vaccinations.

  13. Anti Vaxers should be arrested and charged with terrorism for using their kids as biological weapons. Ship them off to Cuba and give their kids to new parents who care more about their kids than some moron spreading lies.

  14. There's also a possible fatal outcome from eating. You're more likely to choke to death than die from a vaccination. Because there is a risk in life, living, of course there is a very ridiculously small risk, but the benefits FAR outweigh it and the risk of measles and other diseases are far more fatal and dangerous. I don't get what these people don't get about that. They think they've educated themselves and they have done the complete opposite. Sheeple.

  15. For God sake I leave in somali me and my students vaccine people in our village and we educate them about vaccines what they would for you and for your kids, now this is happening inside USA what heck is wrong with people! 😱

  16. I love how people r like, “vaccines are dangerous”. Yeah, cuz vaccines r way more of a hazard to ur health than the diseases they protect against.


  17. Hey Jon Stewart your pick is a dud,if u want a show let's do one on politics full time every night of the week but u gotta take phone calls! Look let's talk

  18. We all had the measles in about 1962 it was the bad ass German kind my little brother dam near died cause fever went to 104 I remember mom putting him in ice water tub ! I always said he has brain damage! We lived in southeast Texas kids died like flys, hell kids I went to school with did not have shoes in winter! Very poor ppl!

  19. AntiVaxxers are not weighing the cost benefit. They are afraid of something that is unlikely to happen, while the more likely outcome is to catch a deadly disease. I am against the flu shot, unless you are really old and could die from it. Also the chickenpox vaccine is not necessary either.

  20. The 18 year old that was in court because he refused to be vaccinated and came down with chickenpox, his fertility is in danger at that late onset of the disease. Maybe idiots are not supposed to have children ?!!!!

  21. According to sworn testimony from leading vaccine expert Stanley Plotkin, 76 abortions took place in the development of MMR. Aborted human DNA is an ingredient of the vaccine. This is America; we have a first amendment right to decline for religious reasons.

  22. Unvaccinated people aren’t a threat to anyone but other unvaccinated people. This outbreak is confined to a hermetic community, ultra-orthodox Jews. They don’t mix with you. They don’t go to your school, your church, your cinema, or your pool. You won’t come in contact with them unless you go to them. And you’re inoculated. Right? So much anger. Faith is deliberate ignorance. It’s the belief in what other people tell you. We all have it. We need it to live. Doesn’t matter if it’s faith in god or faith in the science. It’s still believing in what others tell you, without proof. They have doubts about medicine. You have doubts about god. You’re both right. And wrong.

  23. We don’t trust the government. It lost credibility and measles is but one side effect. 100,000,000 people not voting in 2016 is another.

  24. This is a case of rights and freedoms run riot. Yes I have a right to swing my fist anytime I want, but that right stops where your face starts. Not vaccinating is harmful to others, and takes precedence over individual freedom. Morons are fine; God bless them, let them be. But when they want to spill their big bucket of contagious crazy all over everyone else its time to put a stop to it.

  25. One way you can tell a comedian is utilizing studio writers is if the teleprompter says, "Tupac," and you pronounce it "tu-PACK."

  26. Poorly educated and easily confused nitwits with too much time on their hands and not enough critical thinking skills get duped by swindlers and hacks into believing information they've digested from Minions memes and debunked studies over the conclusions of the scientific community, more at 11.

  27. I was a military brat, who grew up in Okinawa, Thailand, and the Philippines. I had the measles and mumps before I was two years old. At one point they recommended arranging for Last Rites with local clergy, just in case. People feel safe from these diseases because they've been gone for so long. The worst possible thing would be to bring them back.

  28. unfortunately no vaccine for stupidity. D: gov should just quarantine those who don't want vaccination at a quarantine zone specially for them.

  29. I've never been a fan of Louis Black, but I think it's because I cannot handle a full hour of angry standup. His segments on The Daily Show are perfect, though, and I'm beginning to appreciate his comedic abilities.

    The most recent measles outbreak follows about 15 to 20 years of antivax protesting. Enough people were convinced to stop the number of vaccinations required to allow the disease to establish a foothold once more. I appreciate the religious objection, but allowing for the possibility of such a resurgence of this disease is inhumane. This is similar to encouraging the resurgence of the bubonic plague. That one could have wiped out humanity entirely. What exactly are you trying to protect?

  30. The supply of comedians and material must be dwindling if The Daily Show have to get Mr Black out to defend censorship in the name of protecting us from Measles. The old saying is; Those that would give up a little freedom to get a little more security deserve neither freedom nor security".

  31. In the 2005 medical information page that came with the measles combo vaccine it plainly states that yes it has been known to cause autism. Well I have an autistic son, and yes shortly after his 2nd year vaccination it was as if someone flipped a switch in his head and he quit talking. Well we got him some speech therapy and he's back to talking again (no he didn't talk at 2 but he was on par with having average development) So yes that kinda stinks that he got autism from that vaccine, but you know what else happened he also won't get dead from measles. And something else too he still a great kid. Get your kid vaccinated, you got vaccinated and you turned out OK. Give your kid the same chance in life.

  32. Ignorance can be altered with a little education but, it just goes to show……you can't fix Stupid!! On a side note……. i myself had both chicken pox and the german measles but was vaccinated for small pox and polio as a child. Back then the theory was, gain an immunity via contracting the disease and you'll be immune for life. Albeit shingles wasn't on the forefront of anyone's radar in those days. For those who are not aware, shingles is a byproduct of the chicken pox and shows up in older adults generally over 60 and there is no immunization against it or any quick fix to help one through it. It's very painful and can test the strength of the toughest old birds out there. Vaccines are the answer, immunize your children.

  33. If an anti-vaxxer claims to know more than the doctors, show them the testimony of Dr. Holtroo. She really shows her expertise.

  34. The former head of the NIH, CDC senior scientist, and FDA-appointed Neurologist (Hannah Polling case) all believe vaccines can cause autism.

  35. hey Louie you stupid fuck, don't you think that just maybe measles, typhus, hep,ebola, and the fucking bubonic plague might just possibly be the result of an influx of a 100 million or so illegals from shithole countries pouring in like water thru a seive instead of a small percentage of people who for religious beliefs do not vaccinate their children which has been happening since immunization was first instituted, funny how it waited half a century to show up, stick to comedy numbnuts, at least you're sorta good at it, leave the "Deep" shit to those that are qualified, fucking loony tunes lefty moron

  36. Here's what stupid and here's what the problem is with getting vaccinated not that they're necessarily dangerous but in some cases maybe they'd help but here's the tragedy of it your body when it comes in contact with a virus or germs of any kind start a process but naturally starts defending your body from them when you take something else I'm put that into your body that has to stop the natural process of its own and protecting itself from these viruses germs dust making pause more acceptable to them in the future and our kids that aren't even born yet think of the long-term damage but how many people will die from it without even knowing it I don't get vaccinated my daughter don't get vaccinated I've never had the measles chicken pox the mumps none of it I ain't even had strep throat and neither has my daughter and she turned nine this year I wonder how good are munities are compared to the people they get vaccinated and I bet you everybody that's been vaccinated has been sick with whatever type of vaccinations they've had pretty much everybody I know has back when you get vaccinated for the flu those people get the flu all the time we don't me and my daughter don't Raven been hospitalized in for my daughter never and me and I was a little kid been so sick he had to go to the hospital and be in the hospital not since I was locating my daughter never tell me who's right or wrong not saying not to do it I'm just saying there is and has to be a long-term effect and I know I'm right cuz that's the way naturally your body works along with naturally defending itself against pathogens and other sauce viruses in whatever you may come in contact with the whole universe works that way

  37. They need to make measles vaccinations freaking MANDATORY for EVERYONE! NO EXCEPTIONS! It's a public health issue for God's sake!

  38. How do "anti vaccers " threaten vaccinated ? Maybe open borders has something to do with the increases j/s.

  39. I am only slightly amused when Atheists get so wound up over the things that people from crazy religions do. I mean why aren't they happy just to find out the religious are killing themselves? I mean isn't that what they think? The anti-vaxers are killing themselves off?

    As a Christian, I am not anti-vaccination and I have a personal issue with parents who are anti-vaccination but that's not the point.

    I have an issue with anyone who is anti-God giving advice to others. People are too easily led astray. Then again, I don't worry that much since the Lord is not losing anyone to Satan. So carry on, fool.

  40. There are no such things as free facts in the world. If people had a grip on the billions of books in the world it would be a better and safer place. If you couple a lack of fact substantiation with drug use, then there are more delusional and hysterical people. What else could I say about crime and accidents? Studying takes substantial time and technique. A lack facts will, thus, lead to declining health and loss of control. Have a little respect for the informed. If information leads to fashion, then it is written in the fashion and etiquette manuals not dictated by Hollywood characters. Who has time for a constant formal presentation, though? I'm not going to get into the dangers of chemically engineered products or restaraunt grade food (hint, "grade") but maybe you can find your way there in the metals and alchemy? You can't live on quick internet searches in this world. Good luck, schmucks! It's very tempting to sit high on an informed horse over the infantry while they die or run amuck. Where do you think FCC licensed broadcasters get their stories and political platforms? C'mon….

  41. Originally elsewhere:
    Platonism* was discounted centuries ago, although mathematical axioms and proofs are permanent while scientific theory and "proofs" are largely temporary. I believe that science split from religion around the 1800s with John Dalton's discrete atoms discovery. The ancient Greeks made no distinction between science and theology.
    *see, Platonism related to mathematical religions

  42. bad info. Lots of science against vaccines. The govt has paid out billions of $$ for deaths and damage, all quietly.

  43. Funny how most anti-vaccers grew up after polio and all the other horrible childhood diseases we're nearly eradicated. Us older people saw the ravages and never want to go back.

  44. #LewisBlack4SecretaryofState2020 …… #LewisBlack4SecretaryofEducation2020 ….prove me wrong!!!! 🤔😷🤧🤔

  45. Mom would have been happier had he pulled out porno magazines with a goat on the cover rather than see him safe! Sounds like the IDIOT family whose child came in with lockjaw aka TETANUS!!!

    This isn't about principles! This is about a child whose life was endangered by the distribution of misinformation! On top of it the costs associated with this was over $811,000 and that isn't including other things that entailed his AFTERCARE including a stay in a rehabilitation center! The kicker is they took him home still unvaccinated!!!!!!

    As far as I am concerned anyone who would allow this is a CHILD ABUSER and should have their parental rights terminated not only endangering their child but all of the children they attend school with because they are destroying herd immunity! For children who have a legitimate reason vaccinations can't be administered such as an allergy to eggs or cancer (vaccine is created in some cases with eggs as the medium or immunity due to chemotherapy) This makes them a public health menace! This isn't a matter of choice like private or public school or whether to participa in organized religion!!!!

  46. perfect. take a bunch of idiots who don't believe in vaccines but do believe in opening the borders where there are little to no people being vaccinated so that they are carrying every disease that medicine has tried to eradicate right to their door and you think , hey maybe they've got a point considering how THEY had their vaccines and look at how braindead they are.i'm just waiting for all the homeless they walk around on the street because they feel sorry for them to start spreading the plague and see how they beg for a vaccine then …..for all the good it'll do…. or maybe they'll stick to their guns —-no , sorry, i mean their principles.

  47. I'm not against vaccinations. However, I do live in a country that gives psychotropic drugs to kids. Rural and Urban areas now have people dying of Opioid Overdoses. And to boot, the Pharmaceutical Industry is now inventing diseases to make profit!

    So, excuse me if I don't think they give a fuck. And feel that they can abuse vaccinations, just like they did prescription drugs.

    At the same time, when you're dealing with kids…and it comes to actual, non-made-up diseases, like measles….Be wise and get the fucking vaccination!

  48. I would rather get a vaccine than listen to this horseshit. We vaccinate so much yet we have the sickest children in the world. And you wonder why the anti vaccine movement has grown? Pathetic…

  49. People blame vaccines for autism? Maybe you and your mate are inferior. Maybe your to blame, don't let your children suffer because your dumb too.

  50. I am a retired psychiatric technician/nurse and I want to get permission to slap every asshole who believes this anti vaccination bullshit and not only endangers their own progeny, (which fine I guess, cleans out the gene pool) but endangers everyone else's kids too AND, more importantly my immunocompromised type 1 diabetic husband, who I love dearly. So keep your damn un vaccinated kids locked in your own damn house . IDIOTS.

  51. You realize if you vaccinate your kids they can’t catch anything, right?
    Also know the shots you are getting. One of the shots my INFANT child got was to prevent STD’s.

  52. I have no idea where people get the idea of anti vaccines but hey the benefit is we are overpopulated let’s just let them die so all that’s left is the people who support vaccines

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