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Bachelor’s Bhagotham || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

‘Hi, guys!
This is Bumchick Babloo here.’ Are you a bachelor?
Answer me! Are you? Watch this video only if you are a bachelor.
Don’t watch it if you aren’t. ‘Are you threatening your viewers?’
– Oh, no! Not at all. I made this video only for bachelors.
I was only informing. Please, begin. Is this a handicam?
Yay! This is working. Hi! This is Babloo
and this is my pad. Are you wondering why my pad looks so unkempt?
Well, because this is a bachelors’ pad. And, to tell you more about me..
Well, watch the video. You’ll know. I’ll introduce you to my friends.
Let’s go. Ganesh, say hi.
– Hi! If you’re thinking this guy looks studious,
then you are mistaken. He is a miser. He is keeping notes
of every penny he spent today. Let me introduce you to my next friend.
Hey, Bike Star, say hi! If you’re thinking he isn’t saying hi
because he’s got attitude, then you’re wrong. This guys is plain lazy.
Too lazy to even say hi. He prefers living in a mess
over cleaning his room. Let me introduce to you my third friend. I hope this curry is palatable.
– Chari, say hi! Look how innocent he is.
He does all the chores of our pad. Despite doing all the chores
he gets chided by the rest of us. So, these are my friends.
Time for the title. Roll the title, please. Where are you going?
– To get myself breakfast. Get me an Egg Dosa.
– Okay. ‘I’ll make him buy my breakfast.’
Bro, get me Idly. Sure.
– ‘Cool! I saved Rs. 20.’ Can I get some money.. It is 1PM already?
Ganesh, go buy some curries for lunch. Today is your turn to buy curries.
– I’ll buy tomorrow, you buy today. ‘Shit! This guy is making me spend money.’
– Hurry up! I got it. What a miser!
He won’t spend a penny. Go buy 3 varieties of curries.
I’m getting vexed managing this place. Why isn’t he back with curries yet?
– Wonder what he is upto. Thank God! You are finally back.
Let me open the curries. Why is the quantity this less?
– Prices have gone up, hence that quantity. Quantity of this curry is also very less.
– Whatever. Let’s eat. ‘Thank God my bluff wasn’t caught.’ How much does one curry cost?
– Rs. 15. Pack any three curries. Infact, I stay alone.
So, pack me curries worth Rs. 10. Sorry. The minimum is worth Rs. 15.
– Oh, no! Sir, please make it Rs. 10 for this one time.
– Alright. ‘Thank God! So, I saved Rs. 5 on each curry.
That is Rs. 15 in total.’ You again bought the same brand of water?
– We always buy this brand of water. I told you last time that this brand sucks.
I told you specifically to buy Bisleri. Bisleri? But Bisleri is expensive.
– Who cares? I’ll pay the extra price if needed. Tell me if you’re too lazy to buy Bisleri,
I’ll go get it. What do you say? I agree! But, since he already brought this,
we’ll adjust for this time. ‘Thank God! Bisleri is too expensive.’
– I do all the chores and still get chided. Who left his footwear here?
– I have. Didn’t I tell you not to leave your footwear here?
– I left them there while bringing the water can. You could’ve put your footwear on the shoe stand
and then brought the can in. Why do you irritate me so much? One should never leave footwear right before the door.
– Alright. I get it. I’m getting vexed managing this pad.
– Actually, I.. – Oh, shut up! You left your footwear right before the door.
– I know I left my footwear there. I’ll be going out again in an hour.
So, it makes no sense to place them on the stand. You’re becoming to difficult lately.
Give people some leeway. You better mind your business. Wipe that stare off your face!
– ‘I’m not difficult. You are.’ Ganesh, I gave you Rs. 100
to buy my bike some gas. Did you? I infact bought you gas worth Rs. 150.
I had to run an errand on your bike though. You bought me more gas than I asked you to?
This doesn’t seem believable. What errand did you run?
– I went to my workplace. My sister called me over. So, I went to Kondapur.
She asked me to take her to Gachibowli. After she finished her work at Gachibowli,
I dropped her back at Kondapur. From there I went to office
and from office I came to the pad. That’s it. So, this was just an errand?
Alright. I’m getting vexed managing this pad. Guys, the rice cooker isn’t working properly.
The timer on this isn’t working at all. I suppose we should buy a new one.
– Sure. What do you say, guys? What do you say?
– Sure. That is no big deal. But I feel the rice made in the rice cooker
is making me weak. My bones are becoming fragile. So, I feel we should start cooking
rice on the ignition stove instead. Not that I want to save some money
and not buy a new rice cooker. Just give it a thought. So, ignition stove it is. Can’t you wash the plate on which you had your food?
– You know I don’t know how to wash plates. If you do the dishes, I’ll place them back on the shelves.
– Chari, go do the dishes. Can’t you fold your clothes?
– You know I don’t know how to fold clothes. If you fold clothes, I’ll place them back on the shelves.
– Chari, fold the clothes. The floor is too dirty. Sweep the floor.
– You know I don’t know how to sweep the floor. You sweep the floor and I’ll mop the floor.
– I can’t do everything! Chari, sweep the floor. The room looks like a pigs sty.
The whole place is in a mess. None of you pay any heed to me
and turned this place into a mess. Calm down. I’ll go and clean that room.
– You better. Hey, Bike Star..
– Yes, our place is in a mess. We ought to clean it. Yes. So, go and make the bed.
– I’ll go to the washroom and then I’ll make the bed. Where is Chari? – In the kitchen.
– I’ll allot him some work too. I’m getting vexed managing this pad.
Why isn’t Bike Star out yet? Hey, bike! He is still in the loo? Hey!
– W-What? Come out. You’ve to make the bed, remember?
– Y-Yes! I’ll be right back. Hurry up!
– Bro, watch out, there is a drop! Bro, kill him! Kill him!
– You’ve been playing PUBG all this while? How shameless you are, you lazy bum!
I’m getting vexed managing this place. Yes, mom. I’m studying hard.
Yes, I’m having my food on time. Hey! Cut the call.
– Mom, I’ll call you back later. Can’t you speak in a low voice! You’re too loud!
– I was talking in a low voice. Don’t try to defend yourself. You were too loud.
Take your calls outside. You’re disturbing my sleep here. Now get out of here!
– ‘He won’t even let me talk to my mom?’ True, bro! The movie was hilarious.
But, during the climax the heroine was so hot!
– Babloo.. She was so.. Hold on, bro. What do you want?
– I’ve an exam tomorrow. Please, talk in a low voice. If you got an exam, then go to a library
or go and study in the balcony but do not disturb me while I’m having
a serious conversation. Now, get out! These books are still lying here.
Hey, Chari! I told you to clear these books.
Why didn’t you? I’m getting vexed managing this pad. Go make me some coffee.
My head is aching. I told you to pay for the maintenance.
Why didn’t you? Stop it!
You think I’m some joke to you? I do all the chores
and still I’m the one who is chided. I go and buy you all breakfast.
I go and get the water cans. I do the cooking. I do the dishes.
And still I’m blamed for everything? Even I pay the rent like you all do.
So, why do you all treat me like dirt? I won’t be doing any of your errands hereon.
Don’t you dare treat me like a door mat. He is right.
We never treated him like he were a equal. We were really rude with him.
– We need to respect him for everything he does. True..
– True.. – True.. You thought we’d get scared and start fearing you?
Cut this bullshit and clear the books from here. Go make me some coffee, you joker! How silly you get at times.
Now go and get me the maintenance fee. You guy are all hopeless! Did you relate to the video. I’m sure you did
because this is how every bachelor’s pad is like. Share this with all your friends.
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100 thoughts on “Bachelor’s Bhagotham || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

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