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B.tech Lecturer || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘Shobhan, what do our subscribers
got to do get notifications from us?’ ‘Nothing much. They just need
to press the bell icon.’ Good morning, sir.
– Maybe he is here for the certificates. Be seated. So, how come you are here? I was feeling nostalgic.
I was missing this college. I don’t get this. When you were in college,
none of you guys hardly ever attended classes. But now, after college,
you say you are missing college. To be frank, I’ve come here to discuss my salary.
– What salary? I want to become a lecturer.
Stop laughing, sir. I’m serious. Are you seriously serious?
– Yes, I am. My parents are upset that I’m jobless. The grades I got in college aren’t helping me
land any job. Before joining this college you people promised that each student
would land a job after graduation. So, now give me a job and fulfill your promise.
– ‘I see where you are heading.’ If I hire you as a lecturer
because your parents are chiding you parents of the students here would chide me.
– Sir, please, help me out! Please, sir.. Fine. Take a demo class.
If I feel you’re worth it, I’ll hire you. Alright, then. See you tomorrow.
– Take the demo class right now. – Right now? It has been ages since I walked down these stairs.
Sir, here is our good old washroom. In there, I used to.. – Stop it right there!
– I was saying I used to spend all day in there. Oh! I thought
you were saying something else. Sir, isn’t this our lab?
– ‘This guy is over doing this.’ I used to stand right here during lab exams.
– Here you go. Wipe the window clean. Alright, let’s go.
– How about I hire you as a window cleaner? You better stop acting this filmy.
– ‘He isn’t even letting me feel nostalgic.’ Shit! The principal is here. Good morning, sir. You may begin the demo class.
I’ll be watching you. Who could he be?
– Maybe a guy who wants some donations. He is our senior, Shobhan.. He hardly used to attend college
back in his days.. Go on. Keep chatting. Don’t forget you’ve got backlogs to clear. You may begin. What do I teach them?
Sir, stop staring at me. I’m feeling nervous. Also ask that girl not to look at me.
I’m feeling shy. Don’t you dare put such restrictions.
She is the only girl in here, after all. If you’re this shy, you can’t be a lecturer.
You’ve 1 minute to begin the lecturer. Hi, guys! Not many of you may know me,
but I’m your senior. Until a year ago,
I was attending this college as a student but now I’m here as a lecturer. It is bringing a lot of memories back.
As a back bencher, I did a lot of mischief. Our principal can tell you more about it.
– ‘You are no legend that I’d tell more about you?’ I had a buddy with me.
I wonder where he is in life, now. He affectionately used to address me as..
– Hey, Shobhu.. Exactly! That is how he used to address me.
Wait! Why am I hearing that voice out loud? How come you are here?
– How come you are still here? How come he is here?
– Mr Shobhan.. Meet your former classmate
and still a student of this college. What! You didn’t graduate yet?
– And Ravi, meet your new lecturer. Lecturer! – Yeah!
– How in the world did you become a lecturer! Staff room? Cool!
– “We whole heartedly welcome you here.” Greetings, Mr Kiran!
– Greetings. – You know, I’m now a lecturer. Yes, I was told.
– So, how is your bike? That place is Mr Shiva’s.
You remember him, don’t you for he made you run in your undies
after you punctured his bike. I’ll sit here then.
– No. That is Mr Anurag’s place. Remember, he beat you to a pulp
for drowsing during his class. And this place?
– This is Mr Mahesh’s place. Remember.. Yes, I remember. He punished me
for hurling chalk pieces at him. So, where do I sit?
– This isn’t the time for you to sit and relax. You’ve to take the class now.
– Take a class in the first hour? Shit! You aren’t a student anymore.
Go straight to the class, not to the cafeteria. Yeah, I know! Good morning, sir!
– ‘Nice that I’m being greeted.’ Hey, Shobu.. Stop it! What is so funny?
And Mr Ravi Teja, keep two points in mind. What are they?
– One, my name is not Shobu. It is Shobhan. Like I care.
– And two, I’m your lecturer. Address me as sir. I need to address you as sir? Cut it, Shobu.
So, what’s up, guys? Since this is only my first day,
I won’t be taking the class today. Since I too was student until recently,
I know you’d have pending assignments. Finish them. Why is she staring at me? Finish your pending assignments if any.
If not, take a nap. That is my buddy right there. Isn’t he cool?
– Sir, what nonsense is this! Won’t you ever start teaching? Take a class today. If not, I’ll complaint to the principal.
– Guys, get up! I’ve had enough of her. Shobhan, hold on, buddy. How dare you yell at him!
Don’t take her words seriously, bro. Don’t be insolent
since you get good grades. If Shobhan quits, I’ll see your end.
– Yeah. Whatever! – How dare she humiliates Shobhan. Hi, students.
– Shobhan is here. So, let’s go to cafeteria. Where to?
– To the cafeteria. – Be seated. Sure. I’ll be seated in the cafeteria.
– I meant, go back to your place. ‘What is wrong with him today?’
– Go back. Move it. ‘I’ll deal with you later, bro.’
– Hey, you. You rather sit here. Sit next to a girl? Disgrace!
– And you sit on the 3rd bench. You may sit in the last bench.
Do as I say. I’ll be teaching today.
Yes, you heard me. Any doubts?
– Sir, why are thermal power plants injurious to health? ‘Shit! This guy actually has a doubt.’
Well, plants are usually good for health. But some plants are dangerous.
One such plant is the thermal power plant. You’re wrong, sir. Thermal power plants
add to global warming, which in turn affects the world. If anyone got anymore doubts, ask this guy.
You think you know more than I do, don’t you? I’ll write some gibberish on the board. Make notes of it.
– Let’s begin, guys. ‘East or West..’
– ‘Shobu is the best!’ I’ll lodge a complaint with the principal.
– Like I care. Sir, I’ve a doubt.
– Oh, screw her! – I’ll clear them tomorrow. How do I handle Ravi? I’m helpless.
– Until a year ago, you were his partner in crime. I get it, sir. I was a misbehaving student.
But as a lecturer, how do I handle Ravi? You remember what I did when you were misbehaving?
– You had a meeting with my dad. I get it. I’ll call
for a parent-teacher meet. I’m Rakesh’s father. Why was I asked to come?
– Well, I’m the one who called you here. This guy is a lecturer?
– Yes, he is. Yes, I am.
– I’m sorry. So, tell me. Rakesh your son?
– Yes. – He pathetic! He worst! He won’t attend class.
If he attend, he bring no notes. Why? He disturbs my class, hurls chalk pieces,
shouts ‘Shobu is the best’. Maybe he hates you?
– He study at home? Yes, he does.
– Magazines? He study only magazines. He give magazines to students.
Nonsense! Control him. There is another worst guy, Ravi Teja.
– Who is he? D-Don’t let Rakesh friendship with Ravi Teja.
Ravi is worst. Friendship with him wrong. I clear? You may leave.
– Sure. Thank you. Sir, why were you giving me those funny stares?
– Do you really think you spoke good English? My English wasn’t bad.
– It’s funny you’re complaining about Ravi Teja. You know who is up next?
Your best friend, Ravi Teja’s father. Mr Satish is up next!
Mr Satish is up next? Shit! Greetings! – Greetings! Be seated.
– How come you’re here, Shobhan? You too didn’t graduate?
No wonder you are my son’s best friend. You’re mistaken. He is now a lecturer here.
– He is a lecturer? Yes, Mr Satish, I am.
– How is that possible? You’re as dumb as my son.
Wonder how you’re teaching the students. How did you even graduate?
– By working really hard.. In preparing cheat sheets? You cheated
and graduated and now you’ve become a lecturer? If my son doesn’t graduate this year,
I’ll spread the word about you to the media. I hope I’m clear.
I’ll take your leave then. Since even he become a lecturer,
my son can easily become the principal. Are you nervous?
– Y-Yes, sir. – Don’t be. Tell me what the topic of your project is?
– Compressed air engine. Lovely! You may go.
– And my marks.. – I’ll see to it, don’t worry. He is insolent as he knows the subject well.
I’ve to ask him some tough questions. What does Aluminium Extrusion mean?
– It is the process in which an external conductor.. Alright, enough.
What does Knurling mean? It is the process in which the metal..
– Alright, enough! He knows all answers. If you answer this question of mine,
I’ll allot you full marks. If you’re travelling on a bike
and you run out of gas, what would you do? I’ll book a cab and go to the nearest gas station.
– So silly. There is a thing called choke. Turn it on.
You’ll find enough gas to go to the gas station. Theoretical knowledge is pointless
if you don’t have any practical knowledge. You may go.
Who is up next? Ramya is up next.
– ‘Shit! She’ll again humiliate me.’ Tell her not to attend the viva.
I’ll allot full marks to her. What is your name?
– Anil, sir. Did you work hard on the project?
– I did, sir. But your teammates say you did nothing at all.
They say you didn’t even pay to spiral bind the report. They’re lying. I worked very hard.
– Can you answer all questions? Spell the word ‘Mechanical Engineering’. You may go.
– And my marks.. – Don’t worry. Hi, bro. – Nice hairdo.
– Last year you had a better.. Let us not get into details.
Where did you purchase your project from? I bought it from Sotari Institute in Ameerpet.
You’d have heard about it. Yuck! That institute sucks!
– Is it? I was told it is very famous. You should’ve rather gone to Mahindra Institute.
– Had you told me before, I surely would’ve. Be glad I’m taking this viva.
I’ll allot you good marks. You may leave now. Thank you, bro.
Bye. What’s up, Shobu?
– You are in a viva. Viva and all are for kids.
– I’ll ask you only one simple question. How many laws of Thermodynamics are there?
– Around 30 I guess. How about 50?
– They are under 10. Under 10, huh?
How about 6? Is it 9? How about 4?
– You’re almost there. – How about 2? Is it 6?
– You’ve told almost every other number. Is it 2?
– I’m even showing you the answer. You’re dad said he’ll get me fired if you fail again.
– The answer is 3? Thank God! You saved me
from getting fired. Get going now. Where is he? Ravi! I would anyway flunk this exam.
– I’ll make sure you won’t. Refer to this text book
and write down the answers. I don’t have a pen on me.
– What an idiot you are. How could you let him refer to the text book?
– You too refer to a text book if you wish. I’ll complaint to the principal.
– Go ahead. – She is jealous of me. Greetings, sir. You think we didn’t try this before? Look what all he is writing.
He is writing the chapter names aswell. The previous time I gave him a text book,
he wrote down even the page numbers. Your hand writing is good.
So, answer the question paper for him. I’ll give you additional time
to finish your’s aswell. Sir..
– You’ll anyway graduate and find a job. But this guy will remain here forever!
Help us get rid of him Now get up. You wrote enough already.
– Bro, let me write.. Go to the movies and chill. Hurry up
– I’ll just write one line. Have some snacks in the cafeteria
and then go to the movies. Get up!
– I’m not even getting to write my own exam. Give your best shot.
– Who will answer my question paper? If you do a good job with his paper,
you’ll get time to write yours. Help us get rid of him.
Everyone, answer your papers. Finally, we could get rid of Ravi. Finally, he left college.
This college finally got freedom from him. Usually, students work hard to graduate.
But this time, you worked hard to ensure he graduates. This will be your mission,
to get rid of other Ravi-esque students. Sure! I’m so happy he is gone! I’m not gone. Why are you here again?
If it is for the TC, we’ll mail it to your house. You can keep my TC with you.
– What would I need your TC for? Even I’ve decided
to be a lecturer like him.

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