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Quackity: Hey guys, welcome back to my bomb shelter. Now in the last video, I got a lot of comments of people saying I was anorexic and, uh, — what was wrong with me? — that I had lost a worrisome amount of weight. Some people even speculating that I might be dying soon. You guys don’t understand, okay? I’ve just been watching my food portions. I’ve been watching just about everything. I’ve been eating healthy. I’ve been eating good, So… (what a hippy) [slurp] I really don’t know what you guys are talking about. You know what you should be worried about is the fact that I’m wearing these shi*ty ass headphones. THAT you should be worried about. This thing is flinging here, about to fall off. Anyways, today me and my friend Aksel are reacting to, uh- Aksel: My- My friend… [laughs] Aksel: [weird noises] Quackity: Today me and my- (Aksel interrupts)
Quackity: Today me and my- Quackity: Today me and my- [Quackity laughs] Quackity: Today me and my friend Aksel- [Aksel interrupts again]
Quackity: Today me and my friend Aksel- [Quackity laughs] Q: Aksel, or should I say Jesse Pinkman? Are you ready for this? A: I’m ready~! Q: Yeah, let’s do it! Let’s do it. *claps* Q: Alright, so which one- which do you- Q: Bra hacks?! Do you need a bra hack? Q: Aksel…? A: We need to get Brandon in here for that. (definitely) Q: (Laughs) Just bra hacks… This- this one looks- A: OMG!!!!! A: What’s going on here? Q: What is this song? A: My fuc*ing ears hurt. (mine as well) [Quackity laughs] A: Ewww… Q: (Laughs) It’s so disg- Q: What an epic life hack! A: Aren’t life hacks, like, “this is like a trick that will make your life easier, this will help you in everyday life.” But like how does that help me in everyday life? Q: Alright, you know what? Let’s stick to the ones that seem that they’re gonna help us in everyday life. A: Hide yo money Q: Awesome. Awesome. Q: I have m- You have money! A: No. A: You don’t pay me for this. Q: Well, I don’t- I don’t have anything to pay you with! Q: Look at what I’m wearing! I’m wearing,- look at these fuc*ing headphones! Q: I did, I just did, I went to mute the entire site. Q: Oh. Q: Is this an ad? A: Oh my god.. Q: Wha-
A: Ew! Q: What is this?? A: What? Q: I would never hide my fuc*ing dollar bills in this thing… A: Just use a bank account- What? Q: What! That’s not money, that’s a USB! YOU LIED TO ME! A: I would be embarrassed, using any of these ’cause they make you look really poor. A: Like REALLY poor. A: Most of this stuff you can literally just go down to like the Walmart and just get the sh*t that they’re peddling here. Q: Oo- Two Pepsi’s! We have to buy two Pepsi’s for this one. A: Okay, I don’t have enough money for that. I’m sorry. A: Grown ups only! Did you see that? Q: Wow! Q: Wow, a hot glue gun that’s gonna f*cking kill you Q: Don’t do it kids! (Seriously kids don’t do it) Q: I’m very confused as to what kind of life hack this is. Q: A yo-yo! A: Oh my god…
Q: Oh my- [laughs] [Both laugh] Q: You were so right! Q: These make you looks so poor! Q: Imagine playing with that in the street- [Quackity’s microphone falls]
Q: Imagine playing with that in the street- Q: Oh my god! [Aksel laughs] A: You fuc*ing idiot! Q: Shut up! Q: Oh my god… Q: Imagine playing with that in the street- someone’s gonna walk by you and leave you a couple hundred dollars just because they feel so much pity- That you made a fuc*ing bottle cap yo-yo! Q: Oh, this is the girl using it! A: “I’m so happy!”
Q: She doesn’t- Look- Look at those walls, those walls look better than whatever bunker I’m in! Q: Is she making fun of poor people!? Q: Is that what she’s doing? A: Look at her face, she’s like
“Woow, this is so coool, I’m so happyy..” Q: This guy doesn’t even make the life hacks he just steals it from other people! A: Wow, it’s Harambe, Harambe endorses it, am I right? Q: And this guy in the fuc*ing comments is giving his social security number A: They’re gonna make it into a candle I bet. Q: Is this a bomb??? I: yes it is why dud Q: What? *laughs* This is so impractical! A: Oh my god, this is so embarrassing to look at… A: Okay, is this a flashlight? [Quackity laughs] Q: Noo…! Q: Shut up.. A: What-? A: Ew! Q: This- This does look like a flashlight… Q: What’s going on? Q: Wow… Q: That sh*t’s gonna drip! That sh*t’s gonna drip and drop all over the goddamn computer- Q: This cup right here of water, I’m scared this is gonna spill, all over my equipment Q: And they expect me to do that? A: Oh, I- I really don’t believe that this is even possible ’cause it’s all made of like paper and shit.. [slurping] A: What the fu*k- Jesus Christ Q: I’m having lunch, idiot! Q: Jerk… A: Okay, whatever. Q: DON’T EAT THIS!!! Wow, okay, just don’t eat it! Q: Nobody told me what not to do, so, I mean… (just don’t eat it lol) A: I love one how one of those- some of them are so like, aggressive, A: Like, EVERYONE MAKE THIS!!! MAKE THIS RIGHT NOW!!! Q: BUILD THIS BOMB, SEND IT TO YOUR NEIGHBOURS!! A: Is this how *mega oof* recruits people? Q: You’re gonna get me demonetized man… A: Wha- is this sand? (for anyone wondering its crushed gram crackers) A: Oh my god it’s literally sand A: Okay, no. I will not be eating chocolate that came off the sand. Are you kidding me? A: Are these literally made by a homeless person? I:there dumbasses Q: Ew, hE PUT SAND ON THE CUPCAK- [Both laugh] A: What the fu*k is going on!? Q: He put sand on cupcakes!! Q: Kids, we are NOT responsible for any poisoning! Q: Let’s- let’s take a listen A: AAH!
Q: Aaaa my ears! Q: Man, there’s so many man, there’s so many life hacks to choose from, it’s amazing! A: What? Isn’t that the whole poin- [Both laugh] Q: This is life hacks not- Q: Wha- wa- wh- what the hell is this? Q: NO SH*T DON’T DO THIS A: Guys I found out this crazy life hack! Don’t bump into people you might spill the stuff that you’re holding. A: Wow! Q: So many costume- what the hell?!!! A: Is that Ray Sipe? Q: This is- This is so inconvenient! Q: What the hell is this? Q: This has got to be a joke! I: no its true A: It’s a penis! *Laughs* Q: Oh my god I: OBY THE GOD LOBSTER WOMEN [sounds of infinite torture] A: Mom, the kids at school make fun of me for being poor. Kid! What do rich people eat? Lobster! So if we dress you up as a lobster, they’ll think you’re rich! [Quackity hits his microphone again] [Quackity hits his microphone again]
Q: Oh my god! Q: Ughh… Q: I need a life hack for mic stands. A: Yeah, you go to and buy one Q: You always try to be smart, you know, use a bit of our IQ… Q: Okay, just ruin a pair of pants. Nice… A: Oh now we’re gonna stick them back together with glue! Q: This is fashion 2018! Q: Wha- Oh my god, imagine wearing that in public! Q: Imagine being this poor! A: That is so embarrassing… I:SHOW ME THE BOOTY SO THEY COULD LICK IT Q: 200 IQ life hack. Hey, I have a 200 IQ! Q: Let’s do this. Q: Epic… Q: You dropped like half of them! A: This is not.. Q: What- What is this another poor people item!? [laughing] A: Wait, did they just make their fan into a vacuum? Q: A hundred IQ? Look at that. Wow! Q: Instead of picking them up with your goddamn… f-fingers! Q: You go and look super poor. I:then welcome the deadpool movie (2019) when people gets cut by…… Q: Yo, we gotta check out ‘The Crafty’, ’cause if this is the sh*t they’re posting… A: Oh my god Pepsi again! Q: This one looks so much worse! Q: Oh my god- Hold on my Garfield… I:doll porn (2019) Q: [Laughing] Is this a joke!? A: What the fuck [Quackity hits his microphone again]
A: What the f*ck Q: IS THIS A JOKE!? Q: You got nothing to wear Barbie? Put toilet paper all over your goddamn body! A: That’s a- that’s a man doing that, those are a mans hands. Q: Awesome. A smart popcorn lifehack. A: O- okay no- Q: What’s up with these guys and deadly weapons? A: This is the most- Stupid thing I’ve seen in my goddamn life. A: What- just fucking put it on a pan. A: What the fuck’s wrong with you? A: Do you not have a fucking kitchen? A: Oh, I’m so poor. But let me get out my hundred dollar heat gun. Q: What the hell? Okay, okay… Q: In what context? Q: In which context does this even… A: That’s not a life hack. A: Wooooow… A: Woow! A: No, don’t eat it. Do not eat it. Do n- You’re not that poor, you’re not that poor, do not eat it! [clap] [clap] [clap] Q: And then just takes a huge bite… Q: This is a guy running this shit, this guy! Q: He has a fu*king Apple laptop, he’s not poor Q: He doesn’t need to do this! Q: Coffee. Q: Oh my god, don’t tell- Oh, are you Coffee and Coke? A: This is depressing… Q: Oh my god… A: He didn’t even swallow, he did not even swallow. Q: He touches the fu*king straw with his lips, Q: “Yep, it’s a no from me chief!” Q: What- Please? Please? Q: Please no! Q: What is he doing? Is he gonna eat that? Don’t eat it. You’re not that poor! A: I’m pretty sure that this kills the waffle maker. Q: What-? A: What the fuck, okay… Q: Is this… Q: Is this man okay? Q: He really needs help Q: What are you doing? I:pie man in and the face A: Is this abstract art? [Quackity hits his mic]
A: Is this abstract art? [Quackity hits his mic again] A: What the hell is happening to you right now? Q: My mic! My mic! I just fu*ked up my mic watching life hack videos… How ironic… Q: Look the top is gone! Q: The little- You can look into my microphone! Q: Oh my god, where’s that missing piece? A: I bet you’re one of those people that like literally just like, you’re so like careless with it- and then you’re like “This company is sh*t, I’m never buying from this company again.” Q: I need a life hack man Q: I’m v- i’m very clumsy. A: Look up microphone life hack. Q: Oh, I need a microphone stand! Q: Three minutes!? Q: Oh my god… A: So hey guys, welcome to my Minecraft Let’s Play. If you’re asking why I’m holding up my microphone with a Pringles bottle, (thats a can you uncultured swine) it’s because my parents don’t love me. Q: Back in 2013, I actually did something similar to this Q: I’m gonna put the picture on. Q: But it was literally my lamp holding onto my mic. A: Oh my god. Q: I’m a- I’m a former life hacker. A: I don’t understand right now Q: What’s going on? Q: WOOW! A: Why would I want that? A: That looks absolutely awful. Q: That looks so bad… Q: That looks so bad… Q: Look at this huge patch right here! A: That was when he was trying to like paint it normally but then he was like, “AH, FU*K IT! I CAN’T BE BOTHERED!” A: Alright life hacks, they don’t- Q: What the fu** is this? Q: Leave the watermelons alone! Q: You keep ruining all these- NOOO!! A: Shaving the watermelon, Q: Leave these watermelons alone man! A: Have you ever bought a watermelon and it was really hairy? A: Well, here’s a life hack! Q: WHA- Q: IMAGINE BEING THIS POOR! Q: IMAGINE BEING THIS POOR! Q: What’s with this guy and the watermelons? Q: STOP IT! DUDE STOP IT! Q: What’s going on? Q: Stop it! I: it look like Mr duck is having mantel crisis Q: Stop!! A: Wait poor people don’t have stoves, right? So this is how they cook their eggs! Q: I’m- I’m done. Q: Thank you guys for watching! Q: Any words Aksel? A: My life is now… 0% more convenient, after watching these. Q: Go subscribe to Aksel on his channel, “Aksually”, and go follow us on Instagram as well And, yeah, thank you guys for watching. We’ll see you next time. Subtitles by Lovely Gamer


  1. Me: oh i get it he microwaved water because he's starving…. WAIT NO HE PUT THE SPOON IN THE MICROWAVE QUACKITY NO!

  2. 6:45 yeah just use glue on something that is meant to be tight and mobile on, that thing won't rip and tear apart everytime you take a step, good design.

  3. As someone who bakes you can ground up sugar cookies as "sand" and they make seasonal ice molds for summer of seashells.

  4. I used to do 7:51 all the time except I had the clothes. I just thought it was 'cool' and I gave them 'pretty hair cuts' to go with it.

  5. Poor obese quackity, he went from my dad beats me to my dad left me, wow quackity your luck that your cute otherwise I'd end my life thank you my trash bb God bless

  6. Poor obese quackity, he went from my dad beats me to my dad left me, wow quackity your luck that your cute otherwise I'd end my life thank you my trash bb God bless

  7. NOO the main thing that we should be worried about I'd the main fact that U put a METAL SPOON in the frickin microwave 😂

    …btw I know I'm late😂

  8. I drank water when it showed the sand thing, I spited it all out, and I broke my computer. 🙁 Like If you agree( with nothing :/)

  9. 2:51 Um the funny thing is, a yoyo is like a dollar, and two pepsi's cost $3.78 so two of the materials needed alone cost more then what their making, just buy a yoyo at Walmart or something

  10. For a 2,000,000 sub youtuber, you really don't have a lot of money, you need something around 10 billion bucks.

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