Audience EXPLODES at David Leaving Social Media
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Audience EXPLODES at David Leaving Social Media

Okay. I did a story last week that was shocking. Uh, in terms of the reaction because of how
universally positive the reaction was from 95% of the audience. I can say almost anything on the show and
30, 40, if not 50% of the audience will vehemently disagree with me to the point that they send
me insults and troll me and say horrible antisemitic things. But last year I said, hey, you know what I’m
thinking about getting off of social media. Uh, it’s totally toxic. I’ve got people with five followers filling
my Twitter feed with nonsense attacks. I don’t care about there’s fake drama. There’s the antisemitism, there’s a very high
noise to signal ratio and it’s interrupting my work day. Also, it’s in her interrupting my personal
life. It’s preventing me from doing deeper work. It’s basically become a nuisance and study
after study suggests it’s not very healthy either psychologically, and it was one of
those random, not super political in the partisan sense clips that I often throw into the show. It has about a hundred thousand views. It has 96% likes, uh, and reaction to the
clip has exploded in an almost completely positive way, which is so different than just
about everything we do on the show. Clearly this struck a nerve and I receive
more emails. People actually taking the time to email me
rather than just leave a comment online about this story. Uh, that, that, that, that I’ve seen happen
with any other story that I can remember. Hundreds of emails and just the first couple
of days from people mostly saying, Hey David, you’re, you’re right. Left wingers saying there’s very little to
gain from spending more than like the minimum required time for your job on social media
right wingers even saying, yeah, there’s very little advantage to spending all that time
on social media. And the most common suggestion that I received
was, you know, do whatever I want with social media for my personal life up. But there’s no denying that for work purposes,
abandoning social media wouldn’t be great for the show since it’s been such a help and
boost to the show. So the suggestion was David, just like make
it a very clearly defined piece of your job. Set a specific amount of time for checking
into social media and responding to people, which is basically what I’ve been doing. But I decided over the last week to become
very, very narrow in terms of the social media stuff and I actually find that it’s making
me more responsive to the things I should be responding to because I’m not having any
kind of overload. I’m checking in on my accounts in a really
limited way. If I see trolling, if I see nonsense stuff
that’s not of obvious value, I ignore it. I mute the people. That’s that. And one of the really big changes I made personally
is I didn’t even remove the apps from my phone. I just removed them from my home screen. So when I go to my homescreen now, uh, I have
very little other than pocket, which is an app I use to put articles that I find interesting
there. And just removing it from my home screen,
you might say, well you open your phone because you got a text message and then you decide
I’m going to look at Facebook. It’s just as easy to find it from your list
of Apps, even if it’s not on the home screen. But what removing it from the homescreen did
is now I have to say, Oh, do I actually want to go and search out the Facebook app or the
Twitter APP or whatever. And just that little moment of pause almost
always leads to me saying, no, I actually don’t. And, uh, it has reduced my time on social
media by probably 90%, no intrusions into what I’m doing. And you know what, yeah, some people will
send me a message and I’m not getting back to them for three days, like over the weekend. My life is fine, everything’s fine. And as far as the work piece goes, I’m checking
every social network in the morning, once I’m done preparing the day’s show. And then I’m checking it sometime between
three and five in the afternoon, sort of as I’m, uh, working, uh, finished working on
the next day’s show and that’s it. And it’s working really well. So, so far, so good. I look forward to talking to cal Newport about
this next week on the show. He’s written some really good books about
digital minimalism and the distraction that is sort of ingrained into us, um, by the social
social networks. And I encourage you to do the same. And if you have questions for cal Newport
about this, either about his book, digital minimum, minimum minimalism, digital minimalism,
or his book deep work, send them in to me by email. Why not? And I will talk to cal about them next week.

100 thoughts on “Audience EXPLODES at David Leaving Social Media

  1. likeratio at the time I am watching is 666…
    666… The devil… social media… SOCIAL MEDIA IS EVIL

  2. I still can't get over your set. You said Sam Sedar helped you with it. Have you watched any of his videos on it? He says you stole his ideas and that he just told you how he did it. Not that he expected you to copy him. When are you going to have your own idea about it? It still makes me do a double take and your message is muddied in my head because of it.

  3. I personally wasn't recommending it and unfortunately I wasn't able to email since I couldn't find the address and I was too busy to seek it out, but I hope for your sake that this helps you David. I wish you the best of luck.

  4. Two years clean. The greatest benefit? Easily affords me time out of the milieu and helps give pause. Not everything deserves a reaction or an opinion.

  5. Everyone should dump Facebook. Those who stay are supporting a platform that is bad for our nation, bad for the world.

  6. I've never been on Facebook and my Twitter feed has been reduced to light hearted humor and dog/cat posts.

  7. "high noise to signal ratio" is a good way to succinctly describe why I dislike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    Instead I go on Reddit and YouTube 👍

  8. Gotta free yourself from fuckboy/fuckgirl networking. It's a world of sycophantic envy and all the terrible things that come along with it.

  9. CNN called they Want to SHIT IN YOUR MOUTH FOR $10K David PAKMAN.
    They said you'd accept based on previous offers you have accepted from them.

  10. Wait… you becoming a future establishment goon and leaving social media won't help. Your the front runner on becoming the new corrupt media for this coming presidential elections. You will be on the side of the corrupt establishment by the end of the elections.

    You seem like a nice guy yet no trust in your slithering snake vibe.

  11. Please david don teave social media until trump is out and our country is rational again. These evangelicals are freaks. We need you. David. These socalled christian prolifers are the one s who cut insurance for the poor.

  12. U right man. Lol I stopped using Facebook. All I use is Reddit and that's just for memes and general world news.

  13. portrait of an addict – Step 4; BARGAINING Thanks for the insight into the thoughts of a hardcore addict. What's that instagram link again David? Hypocrite.

  14. Mr Pakman, as a human you must be true to you. ONLY you know what you like / want.
    And if you ever want to be really mad, you could become the David PACMAN ….. and chase all the evil ghosts……

  15. did it my self about a year ago, still had to keep fb on my phone for school related issues but took it off of my home screen

  16. Except for YouTube and Pinterest, I’m off social media… I don’t even respond to text anymore, unless I must.
    Highly recommend

  17. Dude, I don`t do anything social-media wise (except Youtube….which I might have an addiction to!!)  Thaaaat`s it.  Fuck dude….just post something and ignore the comments!!  To those that are responding and want to be ahem validated in some sense….fuck that little heart beside the bottom right corner of DP`s personal thumbnail that is beside, ironically, the "thumbs down" image when he responds to you ie. Dave….fuck everyone who responds ie,  what about the shit-tonne of validation that happens out in the real world outside!! ahem  That`s not your job.  The reason why I say; people who hear your message will take up the batttle.  There are argurers with debatable views; then there are trollers who might be swayed; then there are trolls whom deserve zero creedence.  They aren`t your fight!!  Figuratively, you raise the battlecry, then we jump in.  Do the social media….spread your word…but fuck EVERY comment!!!!  PS…I do, indeed – to everyone – understand the irony of directing this message to David.  PSS…I don`t understand shit so much with this social media and keyboards…I can`t even make a fucking new paragraph!!  How do you do it?!?  I just can write one big fucking block of "BLAH BLAH BLAH" then, umm perhaps seperate thoughts????  ARGH!!!  Then….I see comments here on Youtube like: "You know what?"  then space space space space space space space space space space space space space space space space "Read More" …so i click; then "chickens fart"   Well…duh!?!  They eat….of course they fucking fart!!!!  But how the hell did they get that big gap between "You know what" and the end?!?  I have brought this up a few times to commentors whom had actively employed this gimmick….NO ANSWER!!!!  Dave….do a gawd dam video about this! epidemic!!!!

  18. I'm right with you…. I got off and it's AWESOME… So many people have no life or unhappy in their own world that they try to bring you down.. Good for you David…Nobody deserves to be treated like that period.. I may get on Twitter once a week for about 10mins… I'm over it.. Even on here I stop answering trolls…

  19. I quit facebook a long time ago. Took too much time and wasn't interesting anymore. I felt a HUGE relief off my shoulders right away. I would rather read a book (real one vs online )or checking out u-tube videos of animals or news anchors with interesting information. Good for you David!

  20. That sounds really healthy! I suffer from severe OCD, so I know a bit about compulsive behavior… and constantly checking a phone does seem to do more harm than good.

  21. David…Andrew Yang 2020 please…David I love you…I don't give a damn what your race is…

  22. Pakman is on the verge of reaching the next level of woke. I left social media years ago. It's corrosive to culture, toxic to well being. Get rid of it and never look back.

  23. Just Delete Your Social Media and Stop Talking About It
    Twitter and Facebook and Instagram are toxic. Just use them to post things and leave the comments alone. Post your videos to YT and leave the comments alone. Just ignore the comments.

  24. That's EXACTLY what I did about a year ago, I removed the apps from my home screen where I had twitter, google + when it was still a thing and Instagram. Also I turned off all notifications long before that and facebook I had removed and signed out probably around 2015., forgot the password and never even went back to it. Fb messenger I deleted altogether.
    Currently, YouTube is the only one of the apps that I can reach effortlessly, but even it isn't on my homescreen but on the edge display.
    Btw…I use Pocket as well, awesome app to save articles you don't have time to read immediately!!

  25. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Quit FB and Twitter about 3 months ago. Never cared much for Instagram. Dont even miss it.

  26. Social media is fucking retarded. It was ok many many years ago. Now its just a bunch of morons and little kids

  27. You can not pretend pakman is smart while he believed fake news collusion for 2 years.
    If someone says you have a winning lottery number, and hold on to it for 2 years, You are freaking stupid.

  28. I think it's great. Last summer I was sitting on my front porch with my iPad on Facebook and I realized there were no kids outside on a beautiful day. That's the day I went into what I call , Facebook rehab, and I have to say I feel so much better and I'm having fun doing different things, I recent,y started taking a drawing class when I've met people and we go out and do things, real things and I feel no need to post about it. It's very addicting and it steals your life. Seven months sober and I'm living again

  29. This is what Russia and the rest of the troll want. They want to drive ALL VOICES OF REASON from social media to give the impression that everyone agrees with their hate-speech.

  30. Leaving social media was the greatest decision I’ve made in a good while. It’s completely useless.

  31. The main reason has always been the lack of monetary support. Economy is bad at an individual level…

  32. lightsydedave tells david that referring to yourself in the third person is a sign of mental instability

  33. Hell yes brother. I went on a near month long break and came back finding social media to just be annoying. Especially the DSA types are starting to be insufferable irrational and whiny. I am completely apathetic to politics and personalities now.

  34. Good choice. Don’t remove your voice of reason from the sea of bullshit – big love from 🇬🇧

  35. Always watching you from Canada , so no more ,makes me sad …….nice viewpoints always ……thank you ……k.c.

  36. Why don't you just admit it you're no good at it. If you ever did research for yourself with any interest instead of sitting back in your arrogance and judging and lying to your audience maybe you could have Cruz Thru It. Instead you spent a lot of time just repeating what other people have said without any knowledge or research on your part. You just start good at it. You can't tell stories full of lies and deceit David. So let's just face it you weren't any good at it. Just one thing to put behind you and say well I learned something that I'm not good at,, carry on.

  37. Very good call. I dropped off of social media a couple months ago and can’t believe the amount of free time and decrease in stress I’ve experienced.

  38. Bots and troll sir…pay no mind to the bothersome flys. Just got a sub from me…let's piss off some loser trolls shall we?

  39. Stay, love the show…..their all idiots, unfortunately in my opinion….a lot of uneducated or poorly educated, home bodies, never traveled americans

  40. Keep yourself healthy, most important. But stay on YouTube please, you are my main source of American politics as a Swede.

  41. Love your show, David. Your intelligence is so refreshing and your commentary so well thought out. Have to say: very sexy, too!

  42. Works best on Android because you literally can take the app off the homescreen totally (not just bury it in a junk folder).

  43. As long as your videos are on facebook and youtube, then people can comment there to their heart's content, since folks need to vent in these very trying times,..with monitors of course! But you personally David, are correct in not letting it take up anymore of your personal time. Get a social media company to monitor it for you. Or choose monitors from the current pack of pakman fans,.. they'll know a troll when they see one! And Zuckberg ought to see this as a compliment that you'll stay on facebook, a reward shall we say, for his recent exec decisions. lol And btw, twitter is for the synthetic birds,..99% useless chatter. Plus the head guy there is a shill. But I digress.

  44. I enjoy and value your thoughts, David. I look forward to seeing your posts in my You Tube line up. Keep informing your Audience. Peace and Love <3

  45. I will miss your show it is very informative! I started listening to you in February 2019 Great Show and wish you the very best in your journey !!!!!!!!

  46. Good on you!!! You are a hero and I'm so glad you found a way to circumnavigate the b/s and negativity that is trying to break you down. I'm so glad that there was such an overwhelming positive response because when you really think about it, the people who agree with you don't, unfortunately, say as much as those who are douches. You are a good person, and smart and passionate and I love listening to your gentle reasoning and FACTS. I am so relieved you found a way around this and didn't give in to the idiots, just proves, even more, what an amazing person you are. xo

  47. Almost 3 quarters of a million subscribers, and you can't even get to a thousand comments. I think your subscriber interaction belies the true issue with your social media presence. No-one gives a hoot.

  48. Deleted all my social media a couple years ago and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, for at least partially diff reasons since I’m not a public figure. It’s awesome. The only thing I even ever miss at all is that it’s hard to find local events

  49. I get on FB once a year to Thank people for saying Happy Birthday. It was just a channel of negativity into my life and those were just “friends”. Never jumped on the Twitter train. Insta…No.

  50. I never understood Twitter to begin with.Who has the time? Seems like it was meant mostly for stalkers and trolls with no lives anyway. Just keep your show!

  51. I know that cost is a factor, but I would hire somebody to block trolls and forward constructive messages to me. Getting an overall feel for the public response is important. Detailed reading and responding are less important.

  52. thanks for your time and "yes" googles mentality kills this platform, but there will be new ones

  53. Can’t wait to reach the point you’re at, social media is like a drug. I can’t wait to be off it for good

  54. While I don't always agree with you on some things where I have pretty strong feelings, I would never send you a hateful email or troll you. I know what it's like and I don't like it though I don't get near as many emails. Good for you for doing something about those trolls. Totally uncalled for.

  55. Twitter banned me for calling Ann Coultergeist a bitch in response to her saying guns should be used on migrants. Twitter did me a favor.

  56. Social media has its practical uses, but anything involving politics turns radioactive pretty rapidly.

  57. Taking social media off my home screen was not helpful at all. It became muscle memory to find it and didn't cause a moments thought. Having to boot up my computer though? Whole differently story.

  58. In my experience Youtube, and professionally LinkedIn, offer me the most intellectual value on social media. I only follow you here. Keep up the great work.

  59. David, you can't leave us. How are you going to make Patron money without making consistent content? I love those angry people that scream at you in the phone :(.

  60. So…you learned how to internet like an adult at the age of too damn old. Good job. I guess.

    I literally do not understand how people drown in social media woes. I go weeks without looking at the only account I maintain.

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