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AUDI TT – Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

(engine revving) – It’s the German coupe that has roots in a famous motorcycle race. With a futuristic look,
ahead of it’s time, it made it’s Beetle brother look bloated and out of place on the showroom floor. It got a drop top, it got all wheel drive and it got rally sport
engineering, that gave it a little more pferdestarke. (wheels spinning on road) This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on the Audi TT. (upbeat music) – Zip. – Zap. – Zap. – Zip. – Zap. – Come on guys, we need more energy. This is our dream job,
we can’t phone it in. (cans popping) (slurping) – Zip – Zip, zap – Zap, Zap – Zap, Zip – Zip, zip (yelling) Now you might be asking yourself, how’s a famous motorcycle
race come into play here. (motorcycle revving) The Audi TT’s name is rooted
in the Isle of Man TT. In the mid 90’s, Volkswagen
group design center employees Jay Mays and Freeman Thomas,
were cooking something up at their office in
Simi Valley, California. They summoned the spirit
of some fun German coupes from the 50’s and 60’s
before Audi was even Audi. What they were vibin on
was the NSU Prinz TT. NSU started making a small, rear engine, economy car called the Prinz. In the early 60’s they
came out with the Prinz TT to celebrate winning a
bunch of Isle of Man TT’s, with their motorcycles in the 50’s. Hmm, they even made a souped
up version called the TTS, which was a hot boy like the Fiat Abarth and Morris Mini Cooper S. The TTS only had 60 horse boys, but it still proved to be competitive in racing in hill climbs. Before it went out of
production in the late 60’s, it lost the Prinz nameplate
and was called the 1000 TT. (engine revving) They also made a competition centric model from the factory with,
brace yourselves, you ready? Okay everybody, I believe
in brace, 80 hrsprs. What, that’s not even a hundred. That’s called a misdirect. Fast forward back to the 90’s,
Jay Mays and Freeman Thomas stuck a TT nameplate
on their unique design, and I frickin loved it. They got a concept car
with a sporty, clean, driver eccentric interior, ready to roll. The Audi TT concept debuted at the 95 International Motor
Show in Frankfurt, Germany. It received all the positive press. It was introduced as
an every day sports car with forward thinking design, combined with Bauhaus inspiration. Focusing on simplicity, Audi said, “The interior rests on the
principle of as much as necessary “and as little as possible.” They kept the possibility of
production very hush hush. But in 1998 a mere three years later, which is actually really fast. Production models began struttin off the assembly line in Europe. But they didn’t just look
like a fun little car, it actually was a fun little car. (engine revving) Audi did the TT name proud by basing the first gen TT on the VW A4 platform, shared by the Golf, the Jetta, the Beetle, the frickin, everything else. You ever driven a Mk4 Golf GTI? It’s a fun little car, 1.8t, never lose. The first TT came with the old faithful, VW 20 valve 1.8t four
cylinder, with either, front wheel drive or
quattro all wheel drive. (upbeat music) I use air quotes because it wasn’t a true quattro all wheel drive system, but essentially, front wheel drive, that would request the
rear wheel’s assistance when traction was lacking,
commonly known as Haldex. The TT came as either a coupe or roadster, the 1.8t made a respectable 180 hrsprs, and was easily tuned. (tires screeching) And it was strapped to a five
speed, manual transmission, or a six speed auto transmission. Initially, they planned to only offer it as a manual but somewhere along the way they probably thought, hey,
we want to sell these things, and step moms are gonna buy em. So we should make some automatics. The TT was considered a
stylish, suave, sports car that was a cut above a
GTI, on par with a SLK, but not quite up there
with a Porsche Boxter. It was well received by discerning middle to upper class buyers
who wanted to have fun, be able to daily it,
and look cute to boot. The original TT’s design was so revere that it even inspired the design for Kobe Bryant’s first shoe by Adidas. Love it or hate it. (explosion) Unfortunately, there
was a bit of a problem with the original cars
futuristic, award winning design. The aerodynamics (beep) sucked. They tended to fly off the
road during aggressive, high speed lane changes,
but, only in Europe. It probably had something to do with a particular German road, that has infamous stretches
without speed limits. Route Sechsundsechzig, what that’s wrong? What’s it called? The auto what? Nah, (laughs) nice try (beep) hole. It was tarnishing the
TT’s great new reputation, so Audi recalled the cars to tack on a little bitty spoiler on the back. And made some suspension tweaks to keep the back end more planted. Not too long after the TT was
on American roads in 2000, Audi came out with a
225 horsepower version of the 1.8t that only came with quattro and a six speed manual. (tires screeching) Horsepower was boosted
by way of a bigger turbo and revised intake and
exhaust, zero to 60 times, a very cool, 6.7 seconds. Later in it’s production a 3.2 liter VR6 (grunts) was optional. In 2004, nine years after
Post Malone was born, the VR6 TT was the first
to come to American shores with their acclaimed DSG
direct shift gearbox. The quick shifting, dual
clutch, automatic transmission had a slick manual mode and helped the TT lunge, 60 miles
per, in only 6.4 seconds. This narrow angle lump of
ingenuity pumped out 247 hrsprs and made sweet, sweet, beautiful music. (engine revving) It’s the same engine
that came in the R32 Golf which we cover in this
episode of Up to Speed. One of the best parts of the first gen TT was the optional baseball glove interior. It was by far one of the
most unique interiors ever put in a production car. The premium leather and seat ball string cup your business in real nice. While complementing the rest of the cars design language, quite well. And it’s got frickin
baseball stitches on it. You think you’re a jock in your Tacoma? Oh yeah, does it have frickin
baseball stitches? No? Did your car even inspire a single pair of basketball sneakers? What’s that? No? No? In 2006, it was time to
spruce things up a tad. (engine revving) The first gen had been
around for eight years which is kind of a long
time for car generations. The Mk5 Golf had debuted
in Europe in late 2003 and since the Golf and
TT are litter mates, attached to the same
Volkswagen auto group mama cat, (cat meows) it was time that this
little kitten received platform upgrades similar to the Golf. I mean its only fair. The second gen TT was
produced from 2006 until 2014. It was a tad wider, a tad longer, and it’s base engine was now the 2.0 TFSI turbo four cylinder, featuring direct fuel injection and a nice bump in performance. Another awesome upgrade
was fully independent, multi link rear suspension,
which improved handling. This was a big deal when
this happened in the Golf. It also had optional
magnetic ride dampers. This made the TT a nice,
cozy, daily cruiser with one twist of the knob. It could stiffen up a bit, for a spear to drive in the canyons. The only other well known performance car with this tech at the time,
was the Ferrari 599 GTB. It was also made with alumininimum. (clears throat) (mispronouncing aluminum) Just give him time, he’s had a tough week. (mispronouncing aluminum) It was also made with aluminum body panels to achieve the better weight distribution. He’s got it, thank you. Base power with the new
two liter turbo engine was up to 200 hrsprs, 20
more than the previous gen. And again, the 3.2 VR6 (grunts) (car zooming by) was optional, you can
get it with a six speed or the new DSG auto transmisson. That means paddle boys,
look out for them rapids, uh oh, waterfall, paddle boys, paddle boy. (makes water drop sound) Which Audi now called S tronic because their the same as VW, but
they don’t wanna be the same. With the new generation TT, customers can get into
a two liter turbo diesel that made 165 hrspr and
a respectable amount of low end tuerks, 260 of them tuerks. (tires speeding up) But that was for Europe only. On the other end of the spectrum, Audi did enthusiasts a real solid, by releasing an angry, badass TT, with a 2.5 liter, five cylinder turbo. That’s right ladies and gents, the TT RS. (background clapping) (engine revving) It almost didn’t come to America because, you know, (beep) us, right? American enthusiasts
actually sent a petition with over 10,000 signatures
to one of Audi’s execs in Ingolstadt, and apparently that worked. The TT RS arrived in
our ports in late 2011, almost two years after it was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show. The 2.5 liter turbo five
cylinder cranked out 355, just beautiful, silky (beep) horses. It was good for 60 miles
per in 4.1 seconds. It not only accelerated quickly but also had a higher top
speed of 174 miles per. I’ve driven a TT, and I would
never go that fast in one. It only came with quattro and
the drive train components were beefed up to handle
the big boost in power which was around 155 more
horsies than the base trim. MagneRide was also standard as well as big (beep) brakes and big (beep) rotors, like any factory performance
machine from Europe. It got a pair of Recaro seats. But what about TT’s that
went beyond public roads? I’m talkin bout, real (beep) race cars. (engine revving)
(tires screeching) Like the original Prinz TT, the Audi TT was an excellent race car too. The first and second gen
saw and continued to see tons of action in all kinds of racing. I’m talkin hill climb,
German VLN Endurance Racing, British Touring Car Championship, the German Touring Car Championship. As well as tons of American club racing. In 2013, American Audi
tuner 034 Motor Sport, sup dudes, teamed up with
German team Rotek Racing to enter a converted,
front wheel drive TT RS in the NASA’s, the race guys, not the space guys, 24
hours of Thunderhill. And guess what? They frickin won the whole thing. The first ever front
wheel drive car to do so. Pretty sweet. 2014 was the beginning
of the current third gen, A-K-A the Mk3, this time it was based on VW’s new MQB platform
shared by all the Golfs, Jettas, the small Audis,
the little Suvs, everything. The new TT kinda looks like a
baby R8 in the front, kinda. And those tail lights, they
kinda look like an R8 too. And wouldn’t you know it, we
got ourselves another TTRS too. This time with a very
impressive, round, 400 hrsprs. (engine revving) Again, powered by a five
cylinder turbo motor, this car does it’s group
before fathers proud. The zero to 60 time of around 3.6 seconds. It’s been called an R8 hunter on the track by the auto journo’s who don’t like me, but I like them, and
race car drivers alike. And what about aftermarket tuners gettin their hands on em. 450 to the wheels easy and some people are reporting 600
horsepower, as quite doable. (engine revving) This current gen though is
the last of the Audi TT. Audi’s got their eye on
doing a bunch of crazy stuff with electric cars and unfortunately, the low volume Niche TT, has gotta go. I know, it’s kinda sad, maybe they’ll come out with a TT electric. They had an autonomous
TTS a few years back that did some goofy stuff at Pike’s Peak. Maybe they’ll combine it all and come out with a slick coupe that
got all the latest tech. And maybe, just maybe, Adidas will call me and say “Hey James, we’d
like you to have a shoe, “would you like it to be
modeled after an Audi TT?” And I’d say, “No, thank you, no thanks, “make it after a Golf.” Pumphrey 502 This shirt smells like Little Caesars, like I feel like nakey
Jakey wore it, yeah. (mispronouncing aluminum) I love you.

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