53 thoughts on “Audi Tech Defined: MMI (Multi Media Interface)

  1. buttons are soo much better..these touch screens are horrible..one has look down while driving and manytimes the hands moves missing the target. Plus the location of climate is soo low . Putting buttons will put an ease to the driver.

  2. I just purchased a 2018 Q7 Premium Plus with MMI Nav Plus & MMI touch, but it doesn't look anything like this video

  3. So many unnecessary screens.. Everyone is just going to connect their phones and use Apple carplay and Android auto. Be better Audi

  4. Audi USA I love your cars, and have owned many. Please put wheels on that have spokes facing the same direction on both sides. Kinda seems cheep to put wheels on the car and have one side where the spokes go backwards and one side go forward. Side specific wheels please.

  5. Very well made the tech in the vehicles today doesn't compare to yours.

    I think the UI. Is made very well.

    IPS screen is a bad idea just warning they are cheap but damage very easily

  6. I am so glad that Audis do not hold their value very well, you can buy an older model for next to nothing once all the fancy features break and the dealer wants a second mortgage to fix it (but you know how to fix them)

  7. I like audi with touch screen not too much and buttons. This car inside is ugly because too much touch screens 😔

  8. This new system has many flaws. Just purchased a new Q8. Android Auto is unusable as it does not scale properly to this new display so text is fuzzy. Android Auto does not work through the virtual cockpit as it did with some 2017 models. Android Auto is basically unusable with this new system. Apple CarPlay scales properly but does not integrate with the MMI or utilize the virtual cockpit which is the main reason I wanted an Audi. Would have been better off keeping my GMC Yukon with Intellilink. Make sure you test your mobile devices thoroughly with this system and you are satisfied before buying. Don’t trust the salesperson. Test everything for yourself so you don’ t make an expensive mistake like me.

  9. What’s up with the metallic bar that runs across the back of the trunk? In these ads Audi hides it with lighting effects. Any purpose when it’s not very appealing even in ads

  10. who really has time for handwriting while driving? texting is dangerous enough. That is the only thing i would say they wasted their time on. im sure it works brilliantly but still a waste of efforts.

  11. Time for Audi to get alittle more risky… their designs have been too safe and not very exciting the last 5+ years.

  12. The danger of these touch screen vehicles, if one country decides to ban them like banning phones while driving then these vehicle will devalue like crazy. That’s why Mazda doesn’t put touch screens in their cars.

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