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Hello there! So, it’s that time again
where I show you all of the junk that I have bought for today’s video. *loud SLAM, rustling noises* It’s gonna
be a good one. You all probably know by now that one of my favorite pastimes on
my channel is to find the most random, stupid videos that I can possibly find
online and try to copy them. You all seem to really enjoy me failing at things so *pause*
thank you for that! So Instagram is filled with different
accounts that basically use click baity thumbnails in order to draw you in and
then the videos then proceed to tell you how to do the most downright stupid and
basic things. Point taken. Today I have found some more awesome…ly bad hacks on
there about art and I thought that I would sit here and copy them. And if any
of you want to see me do this on YouTube with Troom Troom art hacks make sure you
give this video a like and if we get like 10,000 (that’s an obscene number)
10,000 likes I will do that for you so give it a like. So this first hack
involves making your own paintbrushes out of a sponge and a peg, in case we
have just let our paintbrushes completely dry or we don’t have any, so uh,
sponge… peg… equals paintbrush apparently. *loud packet opening noises* They use… these are damp! Why do they feel
damp? That’s concerning. *More ASMR packet noises* That was easy. Excellent. I mean this is
just the worst idea in the world, I don’t don’t see how this is gonna benefit
anyone, I mean just get a paintbrush. Just get a paintbrush. So ah, that one didn’t work.
*sarcastically* Shocker there. Just get a paintbrush or clean them.
Don’t be so lazy, clean your paintbrushes. Says me who has about fifty unclean
paintbrush- you know what I mean! Great start for the day. Next we are going to
be making our very own fashionable T-shirts and put Calvin Klein out of
business. Professional, very professional. Beautiful. Beautiful handiwork there. “Queen,”
okay, I mean she’s queen of making the ugliest T-shirt I’ve ever seen in my
LIFE, but hey, let’s give it a go! So I’m gonna grab my baking tray because all of
the paint trays that I found have weird little bubbles in them and that would
have ruined our amazing fashion. Okay so I’m gonna put some paint into the pan
like they showed and… that’s a good start. Oh, there’s big chunks from the paint.
Excellent. That’s gonna look good on the T-shirt isn’t it? So now we’re just gonna
place the T-shirt onto this mess and hope for the best. Okay are we ready to
see our masterpiece of a T-shirt? I am so excited.
1… 2… 3! Oh hey there, it doesn’t look too bad!
Calvin KLEEN! You know, that’s not too bad! Umm, for copyright purposes it’s Kleen, not Klein.
I think it looks a bit unprofessional though, so I think I need to add like a
cool little logo to it. Okay, so what I’m gonna do is I am going to add melted
crayons to the top of this T-shirt because I think that’s just gonna add
that extra professionalism that I’m going for. *loudly cuts paper* Okay so now I have my Calvin Kleen
silhouette to cut out. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna place it onto the T-shirt,
nice and flat. So I am going to grate a crayon, um… this is my job, ladies and
gentlemen. And it’s gonna melt, so it’s gonna not
need a lot. Okay, so now I need some wax paper… and now to make a mess. Mmm… aah oh my
God this iron is freaking out!! So let’s remove *sarcastically* WOW that is beautiful, look at that! But in
all seriousness, for a temporary t-shirt that actually looks quite cool, I’m
not going to lie. Okay, so this one is probably the worst thing I have ever
seen in my entire life. We’re gonna make our own paint brushes today with our own
human hair. One like on this video is one a piece of appreciation for the fact I’m
doing this for a video. *laughs* There we go! So we have a piece of… my hair. Okay, so I’m
going to remove the eraser. So then you take a rubber band, and then put some glue in
there. There we go! Our little paintbrush! We’re gonna- oh no I need to cut it now wait…
perfect! Nice little detail brush there. You know what? This is actually a really
high-quality brush… because it’s my HAIR! It’s a very rare hairbrush as well,
because there’s only a certain amount of hair you can actually take from the top
of your head, um, so… It actually works! I mean it’s not good in any way shape or
form and you ruin your hair, but hey we made a paintbrush all by ourselves, and… DONE! Okay, so this next hack is how to make an
easy pencil roll, and basically a pencil roll is kind of like this, essentially. It
allows you to hold your pencils and keep them in place when you’re traveling. I
got this off Wish for like three dollars, so I mean it’s not really worth making
your own, but we’re gonna try it anyway and see what they say. Felt. Okay
first of all, let’s go back. Why have they said felt with a question mark? It’s
like “Is this felt? Is this some sort of material?” The person who ever edited this
clearly didn’t know what material they actually used in the video. So they mark
the lines. Trouble is if you make it too big the pencil isn’t gonna stay. So
that’s kind of holding it in place, umm… I’m a little bit nervous though because I know
that it’s gonna rip at some point so it’s not gonna be very durable. This is
actually a clever hack so long as you do it properly. So it doesn’t too bad.
They’re not very even, but you know that was my fault. That looks okay though. So
next they roll it up like a regular pencil- oh there’s a label, let’s get rid of the
label! So I’m going to take this piece of ela- *snap* I’m gonna take this piece of
elastic and I’m going to glue it like this, like a little loop and then glue it
to this, which will then like, hold it closed in place apparently. Okay so now
I’m gonna take some glue and just stick it right in the center. Um, okay so it
appears to be dry and I’m just really nervous about tugging on it because I
just don’t trust that it’s gonna stay so I’m gonna hold onto it as I like, twist
it round. It kind of worked, I’m not going to complain because it kind of worked. *major sarcasm* Why didn’t I think of that? Jokes aside,
she actually has some really good advice here on her Instagram posts, you should
definitely go and check it out and read it. So this next hack is actually
supposed to be a good hack, I saw it on Instagram and I’ve also been told about
this, and apparently you can use a lint roller to pick up glitter. So I still
have glitter on here from like two months ago. Okay, can you see all of this
glitter? WHOA look how well that worked! It’s actually picking up all of the dirt
on my desk. This is amazing, both gross and satisfying at the same time! Okay,
this one allows you to use a comb to make really ugly art, so let’s do that! So
apparently all you need to do is make a little stripe onto your paper like that
and then use some more paint to make a second stripe, and then you use a comb to
just… do that. Gonna make a palm tree. (Unseen visitor): That looks really good, actually. It does look like a palm tree. Does it? Okay, thank you. I think it looks like
a mess. (Visitor): It looks pretty good considering you’re using a hair comb. That’s true and you can kind of get some cool effects underneath with
the color, look. So thank you so incredibly much for watching, I hope that
you enjoyed the video. It was a lot of fun, a lot of mess. Um, definitely try the
lint roller hack if you’re as messy as I am with your art because I now have some
of my hair, some crayon and some glitter stuck to it so that’s nice and
disgusting. But hey, it worked, I really enjoyed myself and make sure you give
this video a like if you liked it and if you would like to see me try the Troom
Troom art hacks next leave a like and I will do that. So thank you for watching I
hope you enjoyed the video, take care of yourselves and I will see you in the
next video. *Music*


  1. I’m not ok but if you don’t think you should be happy I gotta is that one of my favorite friends is that you are the best person to ever come and do what they want and they are the one who will life and they have a lot to say and you have a good time.

  2. Am I the only one wanting to know what type of computer she has…. Yea? I should've kept my thoughts to myself…

  3. How come the a lot of the best artists are left handed? Her, moriah elizebeth, and more! Her art is so amazing even with these “hacks”

  4. If you need a paint brush and don’t have time to get them if you use a makeup sponge the hack is good for a quick use

  5. Tou could do the sponge paintbeush thing when you urgrently need a paint brush at home and have no time to buy one now(beacuse there is no store nearby) and also if you have this stuff just use it if for urgent

  6. I was on YouTube and wanted to watch some new people but this channel wasn’t fun she was very mean… I just think she should be nicer.

  7. In elementary school we made brushes out of our hair (i think it was because of a project week on the Stone Age). Since my hair is curly, my brush had a major curve that wouldn’t get straight.

  8. Why do YouTubers not understand that troom troom and so yummy are comedy/satire/troll channels? It's like trying to debunk Coyote and Roadrunner. 😅

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  10. In one of your last videos you told us, that we have to do something for the environment f.e. buying less plastic etc.

    Now I see this video…you're producing garbage…senseless.
    It's funny but it contradicts what you said last time.

  11. Here’s an art hack: take a pack of crayola supertips markers and get a plastic or styrofoam bowl and rub the marker on it. Add a few drops of water and there you go

    DIY watercolor

  12. Love you're videos but I have a question.. I've been watching a while and I don't know if you have mentioned this before but are you a Slytherin? (If this is offenceive in any way I'm sorry)

  13. Well, the hair brush is an actual thing that you can get done in Japan. But from my knowledge, it’s specifically for VERY young children. Both my brother and I have a brush made of our hair.

    To be fair though, I think it’s more of a decorative brush rather than something you’ll actually want to use, and they only use the tips of the hair (like an inch or so). There’s really no need to cut entire strands of your hair.

  14. I seriously thing I’m ur sister from another mister because my friends never know when I’m not being sarcastic 🤣

  15. I saw the thumbnail for this vid without reading the title and my initial respomse was "I didn't know Anna Kendrick had a YouTube channel"

  16. hi I'm new so sorry if i offend u , I'm not trying to btw, but u kinda sound like sids girlfriend of ice age who he meets in the giant crystal

  17. Her:Seeing a hair getting cutted and turning to a brush is the worst thing i've seen in my entire life. . .
    Rea in the other hand: I will just use my hair to a paintbrush, cause I'm Cool…

  18. 5:28 would a wig not work? If the wig was made with real human hair? I meeaaaannn better than cutting your real hair

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