Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)
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Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)

Welcome back I wanted to cover the topic of whether employees at Facebook are depressed. and as an ex google ex facebook tech lead, I feel that I may be qualified to talk about this From the outside, you may be seeing people with free food, free coffee, ice cream, good pay. And you think they must be living their dream life, what do they have to complain about? whereas in reality, a lot of them are slaves and for some people, this may be a little hard to believe but it’s no secret in the tech industry we have reinstitutionalized slavery and this is largely through the h1b visa process. the way it should work is you bring in high-skilled labor from overseas that you can not access within the united states once you bring them in you’re supposed to treat them well, respect them because they’re so hard to get however, most silicon valley tech companies have found loopholes to bring in cheap labor that they can use and abuse once these workers are brought in they’re entirely under your control and if they underperform for any reason you can just fire them and they will face deportation so for the worker, their choice is they either do exactly as you say or they can be deported. their entire livelihood could be messed up you can pay them less for them to work even inside on weekends. there’s really nothing they can do about it if you work in silicon valley this should be no mystery at all to you. many companies as you walk inside their walls. if feels like you’ve gone a 3rd- world country like a factory of wage slaves. And managers know they can abuse these workers to their heart’s content and just milk every last ounce of blood from these people. I never told this story but back when I was working at Groupon, the real reason that I quit was because it was one of these wage-slaves factory firms. they have an office over in PaloAlto but as soon as I entered I noticed that everybody there was either Indian or Chinese that’s where most of these h1b visa workers are coming from and the manager showed absolutely no respect I remember one of my coworkers kept asking our manager to file some visa application paperwork and the manager kept delaying and delaying and missed the deadline intentionally I believe and so this is really all about control. as an American citizen myself, I have had the freedom to quit many jobs myself. but my colleagues have not been so fortunate. they have just been forced to sleep away in the company surrounded by free food which really just disguises the issue at hand a lot of silicon valley tech companies they’re using a tactic of hire and fire, slash and burn, rinse and repeat. so the big innovation in tech over the past decade has not been React.js some javascript framework or API it’s been the reintroduction of modernized slavery. and you know this is a lose-lose situation. because American jobs are being displaced high-skilled workers from overseas are not able to get in on the visas and get the respect that they deserve and anybody who’s able to get in on an h1b skilled or not is treated like garbage. see there’s no talent shortage. tech companies have just invented some BS interview game as a way to filter out American candidates and give priority to cheap labor from overseas that they can have absolute control over. it’s funny that tech companies are always complaining about diversity. there’s not enough women in tech, not enough black people in tech. you know the fact is there’s plenty of diversity out there. the problem is that they’re not immigrants you can control and underpay facebook became really big really quickly and still doing everything that we can to catch up and make sure we are getting that balance right. meanwhile, the middle class of American is probably being wiped out companies know if you join them you’ll probably quit within a year or two. they much rather hire immigrants who they can hold down to for many years and have that control over and just force them to work as much as they want.

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  1. 2:43 are you saying that the tech interviews are harder for US Citizens than for H1Bs? That may explain why Google wanted to interview me so many times… to show that they tried to get Americans to fill the position but couldn't

  2. I faced exactly this situation, several times in my home country without having a big wage and an HB1 Visa at a big tech company.

    Unluckily somebody needs to get the job done 😀

    If you accept HB1 means y are desperate because your country self destruct so why even bother

  3. conditions just get worse and worse in india tech companies here in india make employees work 10 hrs a day and payment will be given at the end of the month whatever that might be or i have seen people working for 4 months without pay …… my borther works in google india hq and boy oh boy kind of person he has become angry frustrated always curssing married without telling us and kicked my old mom and father out of house coz it wass costing him money my 69 yr old veteran dad now lives with me i work small job in governmetn of india in directorate not much pay and iam temp officer and he dosen't help at all ainly coz of his bitch wife bro i understand …… but on one side atleasst tech people get a job easy not like me biotechnology shit no job in biotech industry it's very hard to get job in biotech …………

  4. So glad you're calling out the H-1B visa abuse. As one of many high tech companies, its ironic FB supports "social justice" for places other than their workplace.

  5. I worked IT Corporate jobs for 15 years. I had fun with the technology but it’s exactly reasons like these that made me go 100% independent contractor 8 years ago. I never looked back and I will very likely never will.

  6. People bad mouth you behind your back because you seem like a pretty toxic person to work with. I mean all you do is bitching.

  7. a lot of "tech" is BS and not even real tech. I was wondering why there is little r&d into serious things that can earn a lot of money like housing , medicine , and instead a lot of strange apps that do nothing , its due to funding .. it got so strange we had wework in the end.

    more and more money gets concentrated into dumber and dumber wallets that create a speculative bubble and a puppet show.
    h1b dude would be wise to know where his power is in this system and play companies off each other.

  8. 140k$ Base salary – Check
    30k$ Joining Bonus – Check
    40k$ in Stocks – Check
    And if you call this slavery, I'd happily slave away all my life.
    (Reality Check – There are scores of companies which expect twice the work you mentioned with half of the above salary)

  9. How Are these “slaves” paid less!? H-1B employees must make at least the prevailing wage associated with these specialty positions and these wages are available online for anyone that’s a U.S. employee

  10. Equating this to slavery is a bit much. I understand your point but as someone who does not have a job at the moment and know how difficult it is to even land one, I believe that having to sacrifice a bit for a job isn't the end of the world. You think this is new? Job conditions were ten times worse for the generations before ours. Again, I can understand what you are saying but I do not see this as an issue that equates to actual slavery- which, by the way, is still alive and kicking.

  11. As a recruiter for TEKsystems who actually cares about his contractors how can I combat this type of behavior? We never pay anyone less than 100k at least in my technology focus.

  12. If it is that bad, why dont they go back to their country? Ahhh… Perhaps they would be getting pay 1/10000000000 of the USA salary. So stop crying and do something u enjoy.

  13. For a H1B worker, it's the same treatment and rules whether he/she is working for Coca-Cola or Facebook or Tesla or Pfizer. Don't just pick on FB.

  14. Dear friend, i am happy at least you are bringing facts, we all who are working in IT industries treated like a modern slave.. free food and metallic life not at all worth it… as a human we need some respect, we need nice people around us.

  15. Please stop spreading LIES about H1B visa holders. They are not cheap labor. There may be exceptions just like for everything else. I worked in Facebook for about 5 years. There is no abuse of H1b Visa workers. I agree with the lack of Job mobility of H1b holders. In a way it's true. H1b's are modern day slaves. But it's not fault of Tech industry. It's because of broken immigration system.

  16. 4:56 this is SO TRUE about women in tech. Discrimination against men seems to be the trend these days and is surprisingly very acceptable.

  17. Chances are those that are bad mothing you but don't want to admit that is trying to get you fired and leave. The dirtiest tactics they employ are that they attack your direct family members or use other methods to mess with you because they aren't getting what they want. Everything that is shared online on the internet isn't completely safe. Encryption (SSL) is a joke and a tax (reason to collect more money to maintain websites.) What is even worse is technology has been developed to share medical data about people which can be distorted and wrong information could be distributed to provide unnecessary treatment that keeps people sick even when they are normal.

  18. The world needs "War" because then a lot of fresh new corpses can be acquired to rescue and save another medically ill patient. Why? Who is willingly going to offer their body organs to an alien (stranger) because they are offering you what? Money?

  19. I think America's migration laws are carefully created to oppress the immigrant. If you want to migrate, it's better to go to another country.

  20. How could so many smart people be so stupid. Why aren’t the following the Scandinavian or European model of work/life balance??

  21. first thing pretty much every employer says to me, “we cannot sponsor you for a visa”….
    bitch i was born in memphis

  22. Thanks for bringing this topic up. I too have seen these same issues at my last company. Company was on S&P500, and kept the wages of h1bs depressed. I asked my coworkers there salaries. Most of the h1bs weren’t very high skilled. The few that were, and who I had lots of respect for, also had depressed wages. At least 30% less than me for similar work.

  23. Tech industry is a slavery hub irrespective of the location. At least in the US u get paid better compared to countries like India and China. I worked in India for years before I came to the US and I must admit the work atmosphere in the US is much better, at least for me. But it’s also true we always live in fear regarding the ever changing visa policies.

  24. Glad I haven't used the Facebook for ages. Thanks for sharing. I will make sure not to use this slave social media in the future

  25. American engineers are out of work, but companies are lobbying to increase H1B. Qcom, cisco, etc etc they are disgusting companies. Qualcomm is like India , employees come to work with ethnic clothes.

  26. Corporations being corporate. Nothing new. In the early 2000's working at eBay I saw first hand how they hire, pretend and fluff up expectations and then when they have you committed slowly start removing those comfortable notions (even something like autonomous bathroom breaks). We felt like factory slaves whittled down the most repetitive labor you could imagine. I don't know how I could stomach it for the 9 months I was there. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from the experience, and appily, never went back to another office job.

  27. all the college educated people made fun of the blue collar workers when they complained that the illegal mexicans "took r jobs" now the college educated techies get a taste of what it's like

  28. One thing he forgot to mention is that the ones mistreating are all Indians. It's these corrupt Indian managers and.executives born and raised in India that have destroyed the fun work culture in the United States. I've worked with many and they are all the same.

  29. I think I don't agree with you about low skill immigration as modern slavery. I'm from third world country. Even little tiny amount earned money in america is big amount in my country. They are aware that the fact they will work like slave in America

  30. As a minority female CS student looking for a direction to take after college I will definitely not be working for Facebook or Google. Facebook came to my college and the recruiter was very condescending and dismissive simply because I was asking questions about what Facebook wants in an employee.

    However but when other guys would come he gave them their full attention and got all smiley. It was a total turn off. This video helps confirm that my gut feeling was right.

  31. "Cheap labor" in the sense that they work a shit ton more hours for the same salary as the Americans. By law, companies have to demonstrate employees from overseas receive at least the minimum industry standard wage for that job position as defined by department of labor.

  32. Mate, I watched a few of your videos and boy are you in a bubble and believe to be street-smart, when in fact you're not… Let me tell you about life… You do know that there are more countries on this planet and people live in all of them, some with more wealth than others. I'll just assume you know all this. The reason someone decides to go to the States and accept the "slavery" you are talking about (out of your butt, I might add), is a monetary one. IT is not paid the same in India or Romania as it is paid in the States, even as a "slave" according to your standards. People from Eastern Europe work very hard in Western European countries and send all their earnings back home, where usually grandparents raise their kids… It's sad, but it's the only way to hope for a better future. Now… An IT developer, who makes at the max of the max of the max he/she will ever make in Romania or Bulgaria (well known IT countries), will not exceed $3k/month. That's it! Gas costs six bucks a gallon and VAT (taxes) are 25%… The option to get an H1B and work in the States for as long as you hold that visa, for a min. of $90/year – about $70k after taxes, means that your life is on steroids. The visa holder will work as hard as he/she can to earn that kind of money and allow him/herself a better life after going back home. Same with construction workers who work their asses off twelve hours a day for less… On a different note, everybody enrolls in slavery, regardless if it's a visa holder, green card holder or US citizen, the moment he/she lives above his/her means… Buying stuff or living a life they can't afford – opening the credit card Pandora box, that is… You become a slave, regardless of citizenship, the moment you get into debt! This being said, enjoy your millions, your skill set and remember that nobody gives a fuck about them, not even that ex wife of yours!

  33. I hope they are depressed and I hope they all commit suicide at the same time. Same goes for Google, Amazon and Microsoft employees. They all fucking suck as people.

  34. i was the only foreigner in my company, a relatively small news publishing company and i was on opt. they wanted to get an h1b visa for me but apparently this tech corps were using all the quota available. they are legit abusing the system harming people who deserve to get an h1b visa for normal non abusive companies. ultimately my opt time was over and they needed to say goodbye to me.

  35. Wow! It’s crazy how you have a H1B slavery visa mentioned in the title… I work with ppl from overseas, and I see the world for how it is. And am amazed how these ppl are here doing a “working class poor” job. And don’t really realize it because, they are from a country where being poor was seen differently… I didn’t watch the video yet. But I’m watching it now as I finish typing

  36. If you go into tech as an American Citizen and get interviewed by an Indian you won’t get the job. Chinese are more fair.

  37. To compare H1B employment to modern day slavery is absolutely ridiculous and disrespectful… you can get your point across without these sensationalist comparisons

  38. Just like the clothing and textile industry. The consumers are also to blame in a way. We love free/low cost but hate how the companies keep their services accessible.

  39. For a lot of Indians working on h1b sweatshops is better than working in india because of 3rd world standards are even worse. One more thing — these silicon valley companies are getting some of the smartest people for dirtcheap prices.

  40. Engineers and developers would be making double of what their salaries are now if it weren't for H1Bs. They started that crap back in the 1990s which eventually led to the layoffs and decline of wages for American tech workers. That's why an engineer that has to work 10 times harder in college than a education major makes at best 25% more than a high school teacher. Big whopping deal. And even in a lot of cases, about the same or less than a high school teacher. Unless someone had no other choice for a career, I'd always recommend not going into the tech field. But then again, what other professions are there. Engineer, teacher, accountant, sales, financial advisor. Take your pick.

  41. I think calling that slavery is like calling NFL players slaves. Remember, slaves weren't payed for their labor (particularly the black slaves)

    But I get what you saying how they use immigrants to maximize what they get out of them. I can see why they work harder than Americans cuz they got limited options as born Americans

  42. well .. well .. well .. H1B workers being discussed & the completely negative impact on workers … cause they R absolutely used to displace IT Specialist workers like I

  43. Share this video EVERY WHERE
    We have to eliminate the H1B Visa or require 5x the average salary for the occupation!

  44. Yea but not all H1b/foreign tech workers are treated like that. Some know their worth and get treated the same as their american colleagues

  45. Okay… I respect you for bringing forth all this information & thought you were cool until you plugged your fucking interview prep so people can slave more!? Wtf…

  46. Dude! You need to work on yourself and your family. Stop bitching on YouTube about everyone and everything. the views and the $ is not worth it. Your wife is right to leave. You create a toxic environment for everyone.

  47. Thank heavens for positive Ascension Energies worldwide. Colossal shift empowering people to speak their TRUTHs. Case in point. Here is recently MGTOW 6-figure income ultra-high status Asian American citizen & Tech Engineer millionaire. He is speaking openly to expose the rampant $ystematic slavery within famed Silicon Valley.

    Once a Man realizes within his Heart & Mind the BS for what it is, he says a case of FFFF it! *Then finally speaks his Truth. Then he is born again from within. A fresh start with a whole new outlook.

    For the Truth shall set you free indeed. A win in my book. Another drop toward the Truth bucket. Keep on fighting the good fight brother. Sub em if you Wub em. I subbed to support. I gladly shared publicly on my one-and-only Fakebook page. Keep it up!

  48. 5 is early? Geez! I will log off mid convo if its time to leave. I have been being recruited by FB and Google recently but my current job is just too chill to risk leaving. Plus I get paid well and never work more than 40hrs/wk

  49. I've heard that they purposefully show posts that show negativity because it makes it more likely for people to reply. I deleted my facebook because it mostly was just people posting depressing and stressful stories

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