APATIA / APATHY (short movie about social media addiction)
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APATIA / APATHY (short movie about social media addiction)

Apathy: the state significantly reduced susceptibility to emotional stimuli and physical. Is accompanied by a decrease in mental and physical activity, loss of interest, reducing the number of social contacts # New message
# Wyspa Slodowa
# Cloudy Let me know when you come back from work
– MOM Olaf likes your photo Olaf: You looked so sweet today I’m in home, everything is fine
– Ola Rember about your sisters birthday
Buy: two cucumbers, cheese, pasta OLA: Look at this meme MAGDA: OMG IGA: So funny! Magda: hell yeah! #One new message AN: Are we going somewhere?
OLA: I’m studying 🙁 It’s a pity that you are not with us #Many has published new video #One missed call
#Alarm 5 am APATHY

6 thoughts on “APATIA / APATHY (short movie about social media addiction)

  1. Great video and an intersting topic. As a cofounder of a social app I 100% agree with you how current social media creates depression, negative feelings and anti-social, real anti-social behaviour.
    The prblem is not the social apps and networks. But the way they work and the way their algorithm works that prefers certain type of photos and posts.
    This is the exact reason whe we started our app that we hope can tackle all these issues.
    If you want to try a more honest way to connect with friends check this out: www.gosynco.com

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