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from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. You spilled Dal on this. Put this entry book at a place
in your home where food doesn’t spill. There is hardly any place for my family
in my home. How can I find a place for this? Is that so?
Move in to my place then. How inefficient you are. Did the guy in 401 pay for maintenance?
– He said he won’t. Why not?
– He says he wants transparency about funds. Does he mean I’m scamming
the funds received? Tenants want 24 hour water supply,
elevator service and up keep of surroundings. They expect repairs to be done in no time.
Yet, they wouldn’t pay the maintenance. Tell him he has to pay a fine of Rs. 200
if he doesn’t pay maintenance before 13th. Sure, sir. I’ll let him know.
– Also, Ramu.. – Yes, sir? Remind all the tenants to attend
the meeting at 10AM. The things a watchman
has to do. ‘Before the meeting commences,
let me introduce all the members.’ Hello, ma’am.
– You know much noise you’re making? I fear you people
might bring down the roof. We were practising dance.
– And my son is studying for exams. If your loud music continues, he’d flunk.
You’re disturbing everyone. Don’t you have common sense
not to disturb your neighbours? I guess you don’t.
Are some sort of illiterate? Those thuds of yours
are causing me headache. Atleast, turn down the volume now.
Don’t make much noise. Our floor is right below yours. Hello..
– Hello, sir. Happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. Guess your friends came over to wish you?
Seems like you people had fun. Not exactly, sir.
The lady who stays below my flat knocked at my door and literally
yelled at me for making noise. She said her son was
preparing for his exams. By exams, she means backlogs?
She is such a pain. The other day, she complained
regarding the spelling mistakes in a daily with their head office.
– Is it? Let’s not care about her.
– I’m waiting for the day she vacates. By the way, here you go. Take Rs. 100 and buy yourself clothes.
– I’m sorry, but I can’t accept it. Oh, come on! Take it.
– I can’t, sir.. You should accept
whatever elders give you. Buy yourself clothes. See you later.
– Clothes with Rs 100? Hey, Ramu.. He doesn’t wash my bike
but expects his salary on time! And to top it, I’m called
hot-headed. I’ll teach that Ramu a lesson
in the evening. Aren’t you the bachelor
who stays in the penthouse? Yes, that’s me. I heard a lot about you. Don’t you have
common sense to say sorry after bumping? I’m sorry.
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– Yes. Right. Here you go.
– Is it done? Nice. Thank you.
– You mind if I adivce you something? Not at all.
– Never give advices to people. I’ll lodge a complaint about him
in the meeting. You heard this?
I just met Padma. The old man from 302
has become everyone’s target. Padma says if she gets a chance,
she’d push him to his death. I said things can be sorted out
if maintenance fee is lowered. What do you say?
– Who is the president here? You or that old man?
I’m the president here. Can’t these misers pay a partly
sum of Rs. 1,500 for maintenance? I’ll shut all your critic mouths
in the meeting. Go to hell.
– So should you. Long time, Mrs. Gauthami. How are you?
– I’m good. How are you? I’m good too. A lot
has been happening in our apartments. The bachelor guy had
a shouting match with the watchman. And that girl, Jahnavi,
had a very loud party with her friends. Does she even have common sense?
– Tell this to her, not to me. I was only telling you
because we are like neighbours. Anyway, would you atleast
attend the meeting? I may, if I find time. She finds time
to go to the parlour though. She speaks like it is
some Lok Sabha meeting. Screw them. I should make all my points
at the meeting. This is my chance. Hell with this meeting!
Nothing happens on time here but the meeting. And if I raise a point in the meeting,
I’m called hot-headed. Screw them. Dress up for the meeting, dear.
– Why should I? I’m cool with this attire. Shall we begin?
I’ll raise the first issue. The building has become old.
I’ve decided to get the building painted again. So, maintenance fee for this one month
is Rs. 3000 instead of Rs. 1500. Hardly anyone has a penny
and you want to paint the building. I stay at the penthouse.
Painting the penthouse makes no sense. So, count me out.
I’ll only pay Rs. 1500. How can you not pay Rs. 3000?
Aren’t you, too, a tenant like us all? Mr President, he should pay up.
If he doesn’t, neither would I. Going by your logic, even the watchman
must pay. He, too, stays here. My salary is a mere Rs. 5,000.
How can I pay up Rs. 3,000 out of it? Take it easy, ma’am.
He still is a student. We shouldn’t burden him.
Infact, we should help him out financially. In that case, you help him
by paying his share too. Rule is a rule.
None can be exempted. Sir, could you pay my share too?
– I’d love to pay, but my wife won’t let me. We’re saving up to buy her a saree.
– Which saree would you buy her? Mangalgiri, Dharmavaram, Banaras?
– I don’t know all that. All I know is she wants
to buy a saree. I guess she’d want a Kanchi saree.
– ‘She speaks like she knows my wife’s mind.’ The building always looked old to me.
Why paint it now? It started to deteriorate
even further lately. You want extra money for your daughter’s
wedding expenses, don’t you? ‘How did she guess it?’
What nonsense are you talking? I’m only talking the truth. Why should we all
pay for your daughter’s wedding? You are paying for the building,
not for my daughter’s wedding. I’m not such a cheapo to scam you all
and get my daughter married. In that case, wait for six months.
You’ll anyway charge extra for Diwali this month. Alright. We’ll paint it later.
The next issue, is you, Ramu. You want me to raise the next issue?
– No. She lodged a complain against you. Not just once, I complained many times.
Ramu is such a lazy ass. He never switches on the lights on time.
Neither does he stay at home post 7PM. The other day, I had to turn on
all the lights of the building. Neither does he turn off the lights
until 11AM in the morning. Such a waste of electricity.
He doesn’t turn on water motor on time. The other day, my kids went to school
without taking their baths. Their teacher complained to me
that my kids were stinking. Neither does he lock
the main gates at night. He’s got no concern
for the tenants safety. He sleeps until 9 in the morning.
– This is a final warning to you, Ramu. You should do everything on time.
– You should pay my salary on time too. Stop being a smartmouth
and start doing all your tasks on time. Even I’m human. I got my own errands to run.
That penthouse guy comes home post midnight. I’ve to stay up to unlock the gate for him.
That’s why I wake up late. You should understand. You, being the building’s watchman,
should only run the building’s errands. You are the building’s president.
Why do you go to work then? Don’t you run your own errands?
– Work promptly and you’ll be paid promptly. Alright, as you say. The next issue is your dog.
– It’s not dog. Call it Tommy. Alright. Tommy
almost bit her son. Only she has all complaints.
If she vacates, there’d be no more complaints. Calm down, Mr Raghu.
– That dog litters the entire building. And people want me to clean it.
– It’s a voiceless being. Show some mercy. Tommy provides safety at nights.
Watchman is always asleep anyway. Safety is the watchman’s job,
not your dog’s. Tommy may just be a dog to you.
To me, it is family. Your family harms my family.
I don’t want that dog here. Tommy is so little.
It is your son who causes Tommy harm. How could you complain about Tommy?
– That is how low her mentality is. Come to think of it,
dogs are better than you. Did you just call me a dog?
– Even you know I didn’t. Please, both of you, calm down. Please..
– Don’t you dare yell at me. Ma’am, please keep your dog,
I mean Tommy, indoors. None will have a problem. Another complaint about your pet,
things may get serious. Ramu, someone is honking at the gate.
See who it is. Sure. Please carry on with the meeting.
Who could it be? For Diwali, I want everyone
to shell out Rs. 1000 each. I’ll be visiting my village for Diwali.
So, please don’t ask me to pay. What is wrong with you? Neither do you pay for painting,
neither do you pay for Diwali. How can you not pay and while we should?
– He too has a point. Then pay his share too.
– That I can’t. Presidents of other buildings
are only collecting Rs. 500 for Diwali. The other buildings have 35 flats
while our building only has 15 flats. Even I’ll pay Rs. 1000.
Don’t worry. Make sure you buy
proper crackers this time, Mr Jones. None of the crackers
you purchased last time were good. Crackers from other buildings
were all good. Ours were no good. Buy atleast a ‘1000 Wala’.
I’d say buy a ‘100000 Wala’. Our crackers must make
the most noise this time. Why should we even burst crackers?
Even Tommy is scared of crackers. It causes air and noise pollution.
Are we not educated to know this? Are you calling me uneducated? Forget Tommy, even its mummy
would be scared of crackers. Either put Tommy to sleep or take it
out for a walk on the eve of Diwali. How can you want the entire building
not to celebrate Diwali because of Tommy? Served her right. Please, calm down. Let’s not fight
ahead of the festive season. Another issue, Mr President.
The couple next to my place always argue. They keep shouting past midnight.
They keep hurling stuff at each other. I can’t handle their shouting matches.
Please see to it they vacate. Couples usually have arguments.
We can’t ask them to vacate over it. Did you never quarrel with your husband?
– Don’t you comment on my personal life. My hubby and I are like Nagarjuna and Amala.
– Nagarjuna and Amala! Nagarjuna and Amala don’t quarrel.
Neither do my hubby and I. Glad you didn’t say
you both were like Chai and Sam. Even I heard that couple quarrel
when I was going for a walk. I guess that man has an affair. ‘Everytime she goes out for a walk,
she sees someone quarrel.’ ‘I should ask my wife
not to interact with this lady.’ Any other complaints?
– I got one. This man parks his car
at my parking slot. If he occupies my parking slot,
where should I park my bikes at? Well, my designated parking slot
is too small for my car. Why don’t we exchange the slots? How can I exchange my bigger
parking slot with your smaller one? How could you even suggest that?
– Well, it is big enough for your bikes. No, it is not big enough for my bikes.
– Even minor problems are big enough for you but not the parking slots?
– Please don’t interfere. We after all are neighbours.
We should be flexible and accomodating. Sure, I’ll be flexible.
Could you be flexible and do me a favour? Sure. What is it?
– Park your car in your parking slot. Too bad I wasn’t even given
a parking slot. Mr Raghu, I’ve got another complaint.
– Aren’t you done with your complaints yet? Not yet. I’ve another complaint about you.
– How many more? Your daughter turns on music
and dances at night. Upon being questioned, she says she was
only having a party with her friends. She causes so much disturbance.
My son can’t study because of her music. Give respect and take respect.
– Of course, I’m giving you respect. Despite asking your daughter
to lower the volume, she pays no heed. Does she have no common sense?
– You speak like your son has. Your son secretly smokes cigarettes.
That’s how bad your son is. To defend your daughter, don’t level
false accusations on my son. Your son has been preparing
for the same paper for 6 years. He’ll flunk the paper this time too
even if my daughter plays no music. What nonsense are you talking?
– Why does she complain about everything? Is this even a meeting
or is this some sort of a gossip party? Sir, hold on, please.. Even, I’ll move out from here.
I can’t stand her complaining all the time. Son, hear me..
– I’d move out to a place where Tommy is respected. Why is everyone walking out?
– Do you even got something called humanity? They all seem hurt.
I’ll try and cajole them. Sir, I’ve got some more complaints.
– Hell with you and your complaints. With you around, it is pointless
being the president. I’m resigning. Hell with this all.
– This means, I’m the president here on. Hey, guys! Have you ever been
in an apartment meeting? If yes, then I’m sure you could’ve
connected with this episode. Please give it a like and share
your experiences in the comments. Also, download MPL- Mobile Premier League.
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