Antonio Brown cut by Raiders, signed by Patriots following ‘release me’ Instagram
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Antonio Brown cut by Raiders, signed by Patriots following ‘release me’ Instagram

-The Oakland Raiders cut wide
receiver Antonio Brown. Brown and the Raiders
have been fighting over all sorts of things
for a little while now. And the Raiders wanted
to fine him for missing all that time
in training camp. Antonio Brown didn’t like that. So there was a confrontation
between him and the general manager
of the team. Brown apologized to the team and the team chose to kind of
write those transgressions off. But he kind of kept
of the antics. Late Friday night
he posted a video on YouTube where he surreptitiously
recorded a video call with Jon Gruden
the head coach. And kind of left it up
in the air of whether or not he’d actually ever play
for the Oakland Raiders. -All I know is you got
a lot of things going. There’s a lot of people
that have an opinion about you. -After all the blow back
from posting that video, he posted on Instagram asking
the Raiders to release him. A few hours after the Oakland
Raiders cut Antonio Brown, he was picked up
by the New England Patriots. It’s a 1-year deal
with $15 million. In other words, the money
that Oakland refused to pay Antonio Brown for acting out,
the New England Patriots did. And so now Tom Brady, Super Bowl
Champion many times over, has a new favorite target
to go alongside Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon. This NFL off-season was a bit
comparable to the kind of drama we see in the NBA off-season. in the players making demands
the holding out for contracts. Kind of the intrigue
that follows kind of the super team
era of the NBA where players have
all this autonomy and power. Antonio Brown, I mean, this is
to the far end of the spectrum, where it’s not just
about a contract, it’s about the kind of helmet
he wanted to wear. It’s about a team waving fines,
you know, because he just decided
not to show up. Conservatively, Antonio Brown is a top 5 wide receiver
in the NFL. He’s probably the NFL’s
best wide receiver. He was a huge weapon
in Pittsburgh, after he left he was gonna be
a huge weapon in Oakland and that’s a really big splash. This is a team that,
over the years has been known for its flashy,
air-it-out offense. And they’re not gonna have
that wide receiver to really threaten down
the field with for quarterback Derek Carr. Did all that get Antonio Brown
what he wanted? Sort of.
he got the contract he wanted. He got to choose
what team he plays for. But the Patriots
are one of those teams, and Bill Belichick is
one of those coaches that will take the guy
on a flier, and if it doesn’t work out, he’ll cut him loose
with no remorse. It doesn’t really matter
how good a player is. Bill Belichick has said
that Tom Brady is disposable. So did he get what he wanted? Sort of, but he’s also
on a franchise now where there really is
a zero tolerance policy for the kind of mishigas
he was doing.

13 thoughts on “Antonio Brown cut by Raiders, signed by Patriots following ‘release me’ Instagram

  1. I love ab..i have huge respect for him and his talent…but how he did us over here in oakland was just wrong he let alot of people down and lied to us blatantly…i wish him the best..but he didnt have to go about it like this

  2. Do you grown people know this is sports entertainment? This is staged fake and scripted for a plot for the playoffs.N.F.L is making money on scripted entertainment. You ever notice the liberal propaganda? These owners are billionaires and multimillionaires playing your heads like sheep.

  3. If this was all planed out then why did the Pats only give him a 1 year contract? Everyone saying the Raiders got played, I say it's the opposite. The Patriots are going to pay off the guaranteed money owed leaving a ton of cap space and the Pats get in return the biggest headache in NFL history.

  4. He is one of those people who creates destruction so they can get on to another team.It's an old tactic.Raiders knew about it but they were like screw it.He is not worth it.

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