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I am Anti Social Media Perhaps that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering I made a video
saying we should all be bored more often and also because a lot of people are
anti social media these days it’s kind of a fashionable opinion but I think the reason I am anti social media is different from most people’s reasons I mean, there’s a lot of reasons to hate social media and I won’t cover them here but things like, you know, people post the best of themselves, you feel bad scrolling through your feed there’s these filter bubbles where you get
caught up in your own communities there’s all the time we’re wasting on it
when we should be doing more productive things
all of those are great reasons to be anti social media
but for me, the core of my problem with it
comes down to the meta issues with social media you know, ostensibly social media is meant to be a place where you
share things about your life pictures and words and whatever that tell your friends whatever is going on with you share these things with your family
and in theory this should bring us all closer together
and improve our social lives
hence the “social” in social media but I feel like what ends up happening
is kind of the opposite and that’s because of the systems that exist around this sharing obviously there’s, you know,
like systems and comment systems, and our brains are sort of wired to get a dopamine hit from that positive social feedback
so in a way these platforms are sort of quantifying this thing that in the past was not able to be measured
but now we can measure popularity, and likes, and comments,
and all that sort of stuff, and so people will really focus on achieving that, it changes the focus from maybe sharing the things about your life to sharing the things that get most likes, or it’s about creating an impression of yourself for the world so let me give you a concrete example
sometimes I see things that my friends post that are kind of intimate moments of their lives, with them and their partner and in a way, like that’s wonderful, and I love that they have wonderful loving relationships but the meta level is saying why are you posting this on social media, and and perhaps, why did you set the camera up there to film you, like clearly this is sort of a fun spontaneous moment except I know it’s not spontaneous
because of the fact that it’s here on social media, posted in this particular way that is the thing that really gets me,
it’s the idea that the motivations for what we post are not just this sort of naive you know, we’re just sharing our lives
it’s like, everything that people post, has a real reason for them and it’s thinking about those reasons that drives me nuts when I look at social media and, more and more, social media feels like this giant void into which people yell like, it’s devolving into some sort of narcissistic playground where you only rise to the top if that’s what you’re doing so it just encourages more and more of that behavior so rather than making us more social it’s making us less social more focused on what we’re doing in ourselves and, more focused on always taking that picture or filming that thing so we can share it with people so I feel like in a way, it’s taking away from our lives
years ago this economist, Daniel Kahneman
talked about the tyranny of the remembering-self
he was basically saying that you know, the way we think of our lives is by thinking back on it, by remembering what’s happened to us so when we go on holidays
we often have to take that picture take that, you know, get that sunset and stuff this was in the days before social media, so we just had we just had the tyranny of the remembering self, and Kahneman’s point was later on, you’re almost never going to look at those pictures again and yet you spend so much of your time when you’re on vacation and could be enjoying yourself, you spend so much time thinking ahead and doing work
for this self that will exist in the future
even if that future self is never even really going to use the materials that you’ve just, you know, spend a lot of time creating for them
and now I feel like there’s a worse tyranny, the tyranny of social media
where, at all times a lot of us have to be thinking about what makes a good picture, what makes a good video, and maybe stopping the real like spontaneity
in order to setup the things, that we grand for and for me you know, looking at all these things it just feels, inauthentic and
as I say, I can’t escape the meta level of reasoning when I look at other people’s feeds about what was the motivation for taking this picture or posting this picture or captioning it in this way,
and all that sort of stuff and for those reasons, I basically stopped using Facebook and barely use Twitter and my usage of Instagram has dropped way down
when I see it becoming this really crowded space where everyone’s shouting for attention, it makes me not want to play that game, because it’s not a game I want to play so it’s not a game I’m interested in winning YouTube on the other hand, if I can say something nice about the platform that I’m on I feel like It’s better than other social media in that,
there’s no pretense to me simply sharing my everyday life, it’s you know, I think it’s a bit more self-aware and you can discuss the fact that the camera is here, and, obviously why I am doing this and sharing my views, or educational content on the main channel It’s because those are the things that I like doing, and I feel like on YouTube there’s more time, there’s more nuance, so we can actually get to issues and not just have those visual and the constant scroll feed so anyway
that is my thought on social media
that there’s this sort of ironic idea that, a technology that seems like it should bring us closer together and improve our social lives instead makes us more focused on ourselves, and more focused on capturing our moments so that we can share them, so that we can achieve some sort of status points than actually focusing on experiencing and enjoying our lives so that’s why I think social media is actually kind of anti-social but I would be interested to hear what you think have you gone through a similar experience, where you know, you’ve stopped using one or more social media, and what’s your favorite, and how do you feel about the whole YouTube situation maybe, I mean if you feel like commenting that, why not but I’ll be in the comments and probably back over in the main channel very soon

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  1. I barely use facebook, instagram, and twitter these days. I've experienced feeling empty being on facebook all day, it's not healthy. The friends I have on facebook and the things they post are recycled jokes and everyone is a "comedian" just for notifications…

  2. Surprising how quickly you return to not giving a shit about SM when you sack it off for a couple of months. Literally pointless to engage in it in any way

  3. Idk if you're all reading these comments here, but.
    I do agree with what you're saying, that it's mostly become sharing for the reactions if others rather than genuine enjoyment of life. However that is not exclusive to Facebook, but is also true for certain YouTubers. You can always unfollow, unwatch, unsubscribe from a person/channel you do not want to see or watch. It doesn't solve the problem, but you're not suggesting a solution either (besides "change the reason why you put things online"). Facebook has the added connectivity to others which made it so big, that is not a thing YouTube has (it's much more career/content oriented). It's a problem but who knows how serious – people always pretended to be someone else, showing unnecessary pictures (of their dogs and children or from vacations), that is nothing new. What changed is the way and amount, possibly, which makes me feel like this is that "current generation is bad" talk hidden behind (even if unintentionally).

    I feel like this video wanted to say something but it ended up being pretty vague, which is fine because it's your feeling/opinion, but doesn't really say or suggest anything. Or I might have just missed something. We misuse plenty of things, no wonder we misuse social media.

  4. I love Reddit over other social media. It's very useful. And the fact that you have particular spaces for discussing particular topics is a great idea to keep people of similar interests together.

  5. Hello Derek,
    I really like the videos you post on this channel. After listening to you on being anti-social media, a thought just crossed my mind. A lot of times people share things or post snapshots of their lives with some opinions in their mind, they are thinking of a reason. Now in most cases those are reasons you mentioned here. But when I think of myself, a lot of times I don't have an opinion on something.
    Would you mind sharing your thoughts on "not having an opinion". I would love to see you capture that topic sometime in future in one of your videos.

  6. Though I wouldn't say I'm anti social media, but I don't like it. Much because of the so called "social" people who post their everyday photos there. I wouldn't blame them for it. But it just makes me feel bad. Much because I have social anxiety and stuff. So I try to keep away from those posts.

    But again I need these platforms to connect with some old friends whom I hardly meet. So most of the time, it's just messaging.
    Also there are lots of pages sharing knowledge there and I don't want to miss.

  7. you could end the Videos simply with "talk to you later" … It's been done before but such simple phrases shouldn't be reserved by whoever did it first… And it is a good fit, especially for your second channel.

    Also I love your opinion of this topic 🙂

  8. So as a social media evaluator you get paid to do is different sorts of tasks around different social media sites cick..

  9. I see great value in social media. It’s like any tool—when used properly, it’s beneficial. I’ve made many new friends in my community as a result of interacting on community chat pages. I’ve gotten very close to some of those people outside just social media and they have enriched my life immeasurably. I’ve reconnected with old friends and I know far more about my extended family than I otherwise would have. There’s certainly a dark side. I often grow weary of the political posts. I’ve been personally attacked and excoriated. But the block button is a magical thing. Over time, I’ve been able to cull my online relationships so that, on the whole, they create a positive experience for me. I never stage pictures or posts, but I tend to share the positive things going on in my life in as real a way as possible. Sometimes I share my frustrations. I don’t care about likes or reactions—I consider it a permanent personal journal of the things I really do want to remember and be reminded of. And it works. I appreciate what you do, but I could never post videos of myself. I’m glad there are knowledgeable people like you who do.

  10. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at work suffer in the same way. They are supposed to improve behaviour, yet often end up achieving the opposite.

    The problem with KPI's is that they're prone to measuring bad behaviour as good performance, since they often express complex processes as simple statistics. Do that, and you strip away the journey/context of a process, only leaving visible the end result.

    Such blind spots become wide open to abuse and immoral behaviour, and this is why people measured through KPIs can appear like far better performers than they actually are. All they value is the appearance of their stats, not their holistic impact on the world.

    Of course, getting rid of KPIs altogether probably isn't the answer, since it's very hard to measure real world impact in an efficient way. The practical solution is for organisation to use a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to measure behaviour, with KPI's being just one small piece of the picture. We need to observe the process journey, not just the end result. Maybe social media can do something similar.

  11. You are telling the exact same thing I was thinking about a year ago when I deleted my Facebook account. Thank you for sharing this. I hope allot of people pick this up and start thinking about it too.

  12. You nailed it. Social media polarised peoples opinions. YouTube has made it possible for average people to post educational content that is both interesting and useful. Cant say the same thing for Facebook or Twitter or the other platforms

  13. Totally agree with Derek, I used to love instagram (before facebook took over), as sole purpose of it was to upload the best pictures you HAVE, rather than creating specially one. today you can buy likes and followers on instagram too. So, now instagram is also facebook, "you follow to get followed'.

  14. I don't use any of the social media platform, except YouTube obviously.
    I think that social media isn't that bad, for example, the start of the Arabic Spring was on Facebook, it was a safe way for people to communicate and arrange protests….
    However, it is now a way to be manipulated by the government and get caught, and to steal your data, for god knows why!
    I don't feel safe on social media platform anymore, I don't use it.
    However I will always remember a time when it was the key for social and political change that unfortunately never happened

  15. Thank you. Just that there are some people who reflect instead of just absorb and repeat stops me losing hope. We got brains, let's use them. Please …

  16. I have made about five posts on Facebook in the last year, none on Twitter, a couple on Instagram. I agree, much much better this way.

    I’m in my early 40s, social media is the cliques and playground politicking of my childhood

  17. I never been through any problems with social media, because I don't have any social media sites. My reason for not having social media is because of the stupidity, the lack of knowledge of every day life, how very bad people are taking advantage of those around them and of course, the invasion of one's own privacy. I never opened a Facebook, Twitter or any other site because of what's happening with today's world. Social media is definitely the worst creation of modern day people. I'm a true anti-social media individual and I will die anti-social media. It doesn't need me and I don't need it. YouTube, on the other hand, isn't 100% social media. It is its own format.

  18. KEEP IT UP. You and I think alike. YouTube and the channels I subscribe to provide the knowledge. I put copies of knowledge I find here because that's where contacts hide out.
    The moments I captured are on There's the beauty.

  19. Uno minuto… When I travel I seek to take gorgeous photos. Not much else. When I take a photo it is only after seeing a thing, doing a double take, often going back on my bike to where I was when I saw it, then taking a beautiful picture. I take them for no one but myself. It's just art, not a travelogue. In a literal sense…you go here, this is among the things you'll see. Not set up not planned ahead, nothing like that. No self inflicted ]ats on the back, either.

  20. That's why I've never been on social media except for YouTube. Thank you for a lot of quality over quantity content!

  21. This really inspired me…

    I love to play piano spontaneously (as in on the spot improvisation), and for a while now, I've had this dream of doing daily recordings of about 10-15 minutes or so of me sitting down at the piano and playing what comes to mind. No cuts, retakes, editing out mistakes, etc.; Just raw footage of my creative process and how I like to play… Some days might be productive, and I might hit some really nice tunes; and other days may be less so, where I struggle to catch on to something. But I will still upload regardless, in order to display an accurate picture, rather than my best…

    But yeah, this really inspired me to do that, just to break the norm of social media, or something like that…

  22. I haven't used Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for almost 2 years now and i have no regrets. I feel so good. I still waste time on youtube doing unnecessary things but compare to all other social media websites it's better.

  23. I hear you speaking with great conviction here about the media of socialists yet I see you post twits almost daily three months later and gramm instantly several times a month if not a more. Did you change your mind? or are a hypocrite?

  24. Strava the app for recording exercise is a example. It's great, you get to upload data. Track the geek stuff like heart rate power and such. But, there is something about just getting outside without all of this extra information that's just special. Sometimes there is that psychological pressure that comes because you want to be popular by posting that stuff online. There is a point where it's important to take a step away and just see if you enjoy doing something without those external forces.

  25. Quit FB on April 1st. May 1st will be the last day my profile is recoverable. Not even tempted. Last time wasting on it: Probably October-ish.

  26. what is social media? is youtube social media? is old yahoo chat social media? any websites that can let you post your pictures and words social media? online game forum social media? meeting people and killing dungeon bosses together through online games social media? wiki doesnt give me clear definition of social media.

  27. Phrase I use is …thanks for watching guys and comment your thoughts in the comment section below, take care and see ya.

  28. please make more videos . i feel that you are doing the best thing. i would like to learn more about everything .thank you so much..if possible i want more videos to find the inner earth.

  29. And that's exactly why I've been anti social media for the last 4-5 years.. check my fb if you don't believe me, I barely post 🙂 but that makes me feel lonely at the same time as I do not find quality people to make friends with and therefore I have no friends except the love of my life who is my best friend.

  30. Approval from others… Likes and Dislikes No one has to seek approval from others whenever every person on this planet is equipped with his and her own abilities, skills and personalitiy that make each one of us unique.

  31. Deleting my Facebook account was one of the best decisions I have ever made , your video about boredom was among the triggers .

  32. Derek, this is off-topic but I need to tell you this. I don't know how to put this nicely so I'll just be blunt and abrupt here, please don't be offended.
    One thing that distracts me all the time is your filming on-the-go format. One thing is I always nervous if you'll run into someone, something, traffic, etc., the other is your panting sound. Not sure if you've ever tell the reason why you choose this format (feel like you have in some video) but that's my two cents.

  33. Additionally: Excessive Social Media Use Comparable to Drug Addiction:

    The concepts in the above video are less applicable to specialized social media channels such as Makerdon, and the Openmaker community on MeWe.

  34. Its like U ud prefer a trendy color shirt over a dull or a non trendy ones… Its simply eye catchy…and we even have a lot of audiences to it.

  35. I share the same reason for disliking social media. It takes people's lives and events: shares it as news and removes the social extraction you can get from it.

  36. yeah waste so much energy toward irrelevance but that's what humanistic life is conditioned under, not logical and sensible.

  37. some great and deep talk. I'm not into social media too much, and in many times feel left out; But I agree and feel very much alike in the way you phrased it going by "a game where everyone just shout loudly for attention, and i don't wanna play this game".
    Regarding youtube, I don't think it's really a social media. It's not really comparable because it is a channel. Channels have some kind of a point or field of interest beyond just one's personality. It's more paralel to classic media like TV. That's why it is way way better, and like you stated, it's very much self-aware.

    Thanks for the video, it was very enlightening.

  38. Great video Derek. Loved the rant. I agree Youtube is the better one because it allows for genuine feedback between creator and viewers. And it gives the creator however much time they need to come through with their message/content. Despite everything I think Youtube has more room for authenticity and innovation.

  39. A while ago I tried posting Regulary on Instagram but then stopped because I felt exhausted from it. The obligation to post something everyday, thing about content Everday and how people like it was becoming a thing I thought about Everday and I didn't like that. It felt like a void that sucks me in and I loose control. I don't want to look perfect and have nice pictures… But on Instagram it's not about being human. But as a musician you kind of have to use it. And I feel trapped there. I actually wish it would have never existed!

  40. so basically what he is saying is that he hates show-offs or in german we call them "angeber". people who constantly have to feed their ego by sharing their succesful moments even going as far as faking them. yes i agree but its not just social medias fault. this thing has been around for ages where people show off their really nice car or whatever eventhough it might even be just rented and not even owned or they walk around with those overly priced clothes like e.g. balenciaga, lui vuitton, gucci or whatever.. i think its a mental disability that just some people have and others don't have and we see such mental disability in social media but not thanks to social media

  41. I totally agree with you, watched only 2 videos & gotta hit that subscribe button. I could listen to you all day!

  42. i hate social media because its boring. only people i really dont care. maybe some light core porn in instagram.

  43. Agreed to almost everything. Though the same mindset prevalent on Reddit too (and also it is a scrollfeed), I use it for the fact that it's anonymity usually brings out more honest and true opinions.
    P.S. Love your content 🙂

  44. …Brought to you by Patagonia. Just kidding. I enjoyed the vid.
    Here's a question: why DON'T we regularly remove the tags from our clothes? One answer is obvious. We Want others to know that we own the IN thing, the perceived high quality object, or the expensive one. Yet, it strikes me as curious that we pay the manufacturer for giving them free advertising.

  45. Hey veritasium and all of his fans you have to watch this video (50 Minutes to Save the World)

  46. Yes i have close my personal Facebook account 4 years ago. I go to Facebook for the Fans page of my orchestra only. I was hoping that Facebook will have been a place to share information, knowledge …. but it more like you said on your video people are narcissistic. (Sorry for my spelling french canadian 😉 )

  47. I stop by on this night only to say you're awesome, Derek. BUT. EXCEPT. HOWEVER… this channel should have been called "VeriTWOsium". (I know; unmitigated brilliance. Just send the royalties to my P.O. box) haha! 😉 <3

  48. Dude! I love you!!! We need more people like you in the world. My reason? I’m a 70-80’s kid and I can’t stand wearing a digitized thought leash! No one tells me how to think! No one!!! The feed is called a feed because we are pigs coming to the trough to FEED.

    I do an annual post on Instagram. Here is what I posted about three days ago on IG.

    “I’m not dead. Posting my annual 2019 single post for proof of life. See you in 2020”.

    I loved this talk. I deactivated fb. I post annually on IG. I have a YouTube account for educational, learning and diving down the hobby rabbit whole.

    I’m liberating myself from the echo chamber of attention seeking. To me it’s the antithesis of living in the moment. Quantifying popularity… dopamine hits…. fraudulently projecting a linear and one dimensional view of oneself. BINGO!

  49. Whereas I do see lots of people posting about the good stuff, I also see posts from friends who are going through hard times. When this happens, many people spring into action, not just with a trite comment, which does happen, but with solid. advice. They also take time out of their day to help them whether it's a deep conversation, or actually physically going to where they are and helping in person. Also, not everyone I know is posting for likes. They post with the idea that it will stem a conversation with someone. Yes, a lot of shallowness happens on facebook, but it's not everything that happens there. Not unlike in real life.

  50. Nice, i feel most influencers are like famous people which cant really do anything nor are good at anything really. Well thats 90% of them i feel. I kinda quit with it as well a couple years back. I do look now and then but never upload nor share. BUt than there are also vloggers, which are kind of the same in some sort of manner. Not all are bad but there are tons of them which are. It did seem to produce more creative people now a days and more people interested in cameras, perhaps thats a good thing.

  51. I really think being on social media became more like a job for the ones who want to, and they can’t quite, a daily job that will suck all the life out of you.

  52. It's nearly impossible to be genuine with a camera in your face. This is exactly how I feel about social media. Great video

  53. I actually stopped using Facebook due to the political moment here in Brazil. Fake news and political stupidity are the main rule now, and since I don’t want to completely lose faith in humanity, I just avoid using those platforms now

  54. I’m in awe that someone so successful on a big platform is so against social media. I wish I could hang out with people like you.

  55. I have thought that using social media has taken away the power of connecting with people on a personal level.

  56. I am using those pictures as an screen saver and is is quite a sticking-plaster for that lost time on vacation 😀

  57. Great speech. I dont like IG or FB but for me youtube is AMAZING mostly because of its educational content. It has change the way we learn, the things we can learn, its a great tool (if u use it right and control it) to know other people cultures, what they think, why, what they are fighting for, what they really want, how they see us,…we just dont depend on mass media and the catalogues of our libraries anymore … we can put together information and form our own opinions…men, I love this platform. There are a lot of haters and cracy people but lots of good too.

  58. We're of the same mind on this subject. What worries me is the decreasing popularity of Youtube vs Insta, and worse, Tiktok. Younger people are gravitating more and more towards rapid reward dopamine hit material. Attention spans are shortening, and this preference for 10 second video clips, over longer, more thought provoking films (like yours), is, I worry, causing some serious mental damage. I wonder how "quality" will be defined in the future, or will the generations being raised on this new wave of "content" be angry at us, their parents, for not stopping them from gorging empty, thoughtless, trash.

  59. I remember being in Colorado in the mountains, back in 1992(!!!) and seeing all the tourists with cameras and video cameras at Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and it made me not want to take any pictures, but now I wish I would have taken more pictures since I never went back, but glad for the memories that are still vivid. And actually I think if I had more than a dozen similar trips like that in my life, they'd all merge together, while the few I did take – Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, DC, they are all distinct and memorable, and also clear "bookmarks" for certain periods of my life with certain special people as well. I regularly delete posts on Facebook, and shut down the "memories" things, but sometimes I do go back to photo albums there, now a decade old, and it is nice to be reminded of how much I've done while the years seem to go faster as I get older.

  60. after spending some good time on social media it feels less real to me. I mean the rush vanishes overtime and one must realize the time or whatever parameter they measure their lives with is surely not there. YouTube with plenty good content for knowledge and entertainment with some inquiring mind as prerequisite is a different story and can makes us fulfilled and productive.

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