Android Marshmallow 6.0: Asking For Permission
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Android Marshmallow 6.0: Asking For Permission

70 thoughts on “Android Marshmallow 6.0: Asking For Permission

  1. Yes! more of this! Can we have more people like this just explaining the tech and less of those extremely cringeworthy tries to be "funny" please!

  2. Second time I read/heard from Google that CAMERA permission is not needed and you can simply use the ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent.

    This is FALSE, on Android M, CAMERA permission is needed to run that intent. It's on the javadoc…

    Please fix that

  3. One of my apps, includes camera permission but.. I'll try to delegate that permission to the camera app. Thanks to this video I realized I probably don't need it..

  4. My application need Storage permission , Can I make  that permission  as a default permission specific to my app only…Anybody Please guide me on this..

  5. 5:30 – Bullshit detected – "no need for the camera permission"

    Even if I start camera app with intent, I get java.lang.SecurityException: Permission Denial: starting Intent {…

  6. Could you please clarify the last part regarding the apps talking to each other and delegating tasks?

    If I do not allow one app to use my camera, can it still access it via other apps which have already access to camera?

    If this is true, what is the meaning of the new approval process?

  7. My work demands I use Google Maps visiting patients indoors. I always have to turn on (and off) Location Services to accurately and quickly go to the next house. Does app permissions help me to use Location Services only when I turn on Google Maps (similarly like what iOS can do) and whilst using it rather than turning on & off all the time? Is that how the idea works?

  8. this permission system might be more secure and all… but it busts everyone's balls to have to do it all the time. I spend too much time giving permissions, it makes my smartphone experience dull and a hassle.

    bad implementation, google.

  9. It also takes a lot of time to implement this in apps. Developers now have to add all this new logic in all apps…
    What a headache….

  10. i hate that son of a bitch who did this …..all my phone is useless now not a single app is working nicely

  11. The reason I thumbed down this is that I have no idea why I have to turn all screen overlay off to get permission for new apps. And even with them all OFF, it still denies. This is the most egregious and pain in the ass implementation of security I have ever seen. Awful.

  12. Thank you for a well presented video. I checked Google and spent 4 times as long to get half the information you provided.

  13. I see stupid permissions like..why does my email app need access to my photos??? What could that app possibly want with my photos other than to be a nosey piece of shit???

  14. this permission causing problem. "Screen Overlay Detected"and many ppl are not happy about it including my self… There are apps that we install from play store NOT FROM THIRD PARTY and yet still it overlay the app.. i mean what if we like some apps that is not letting us to have permission on other app but dont wanna uninstall it… what then huh?

  15. the thing is that apps that have NUMBERS in front of their name doesn't appear in the app permission first it ask me to allow photos,files,etc but when i click on open settings the app is not there, is there anyway to solve this? plz i need help

  16. Am I the only one hating the Marshmallow permission system? I am tired of the constant queries if an app can use my camera, save to the SD card, list my contacts. I got a new phone and the OS automatically installed all my old apps again. And they are asking for the permissions all over again. And of course always at the worse time. It was a pain the first time, but it is getting really annoying the second time. We should be able to say yes to all at install time. At least have the option to do it, like in earlier Android versions… Please put an option in the Play Store settings: yes to all permissions.

    I hate the iPhonification of Android. Tasker type utilities are able to operate less and less. Everything requires a bunch more useless key presses. The whole comfy old system is going downhill 🙁 Fire all the iPhone lover Google developers, especially from the Android team.

  17. what i want to know is why this is prevalent mostly on samsung devices only. i hve an LG G4 thats running on marshmallow, and i dont have this issue. with my samsung s7, i have to turn off screen overlay whenever i install a new app, and it's really annoying. i can't even use fb messenger's chat head when the overlay is off.

  18. Because GET ACCOUNTS permission is grouped into CONTACTS permission, I find it very difficult to educate users when I need access to Google account. Sometimes it's clear that you need access (ex: login with Google account), but saying you need to access the user's contacts makes people think you want something else.

  19. im having the same problem but even when i disable every app for Appear on top
    still it shows Screen overlay detected when i try to give permissions

  20. Why dint you introduce this feature in privious android versions? The next step is to allow us to disable/enable in app services ,activities and contex provider. Apps from user partition. And to delete from google play manufacturer or carrier bloatware. I HATE BLOATWARE! I use this features with root and its the main reason i root my phone an tablet. I love android and im an antuziast. 🙂

  21. How to solve the "because an app is obscuring a permission request, settings can't verify your response"? I can't grant permissions to my other apps. Please help me

  22. My musuc app is delet from my Samsung galaxy s6 the icon is there but not work they write information unable to open Music .Tap SETTING, go to App >Permissions, then allow the following permissions and try again: 📁 Storage under that CANCEL. SETTINGS when i press the settings DISABLE invisble FORCE STOP visible under that Permissions no Permissions allowed how can i fix or Get another method to use music

  23. Could someone please help me? I don't know what freaking happened, but the pause/start feature on the YouTube videos will not fade away as before. Last night I was watching YouTube, and it was fine, however today when I went to watch some videos, the damn pause/start button won't fade away.
    I've got a Samsung Galaxy S7 Android phone.
    Thanks for any and all help.

  24. My games are not working properly. It shows that I need to activate read/write game data but I can't find it anywhere in the settings. Please help

  25. Sir when I m open my Applock,M cent it says Alow apps with usage access ..After Allow this Permission it says again and again …What Can I do???
    My Device –Yunique
    Version 5.0.1 —Lollipop

  26. The common user should not be asked to take any system decision once he just want use the app which is proposed to the plataform. "Screen overlay detect" is a clear issue of programming you have made. It's more than just an annoying message, that avoid you to use many applications. Some terrifying stuff that you will never see apple doing. I'm really disappointed with the developers and still more of seeing you giving this kind of fake excuse.

  27. The only reason why I don't like 6.0 because it tells me for permission and the only option I can pick is deny it just doesn't allow me to hit allow

  28. Why cant the user just read the permissions requested before downloading? Why do you have to force developers to be annoying and ask every step of the way.

    Users let google take their private information all the time, which google then sells.. Googles never once asked me during run time if it was ok to do it. Practice what you preach.

  29. I am a developer and implementing these are a choir. My game is over 100mb and need read storage permissions. Its a pain since not all android versions handle permissions the same way. Some are prompted some aren’t. Users who dont agree have the app not work leading to a 1 star review. Terrible system and why the heck is google still on 100mb limit get with the times!

  30. Hello, today's google polices no longer use the permission for call and sms? I have a question is the hintereseiten without permission function because I have an app but without permission does not work Thank you

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