Android and Android Studio: Getting Started
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Android and Android Studio: Getting Started

100 thoughts on “Android and Android Studio: Getting Started

  1. Tutorial feels like it skipped a step. Created project > ? > run your brand new app!

    What happend to the create app part, he never even typed hello world.

    Edit: Apparently "Hello World" is meant to come up by default. Not on mine though. I will have to go back top step 1) =)

  2. I have an enum in my app with all the error codes inside it, definitely not recommended to use during zombie apocalypse

  3. Guys my team and i are currently building a social media app which has the potential of killing many other social media if you wanna join the team then

  4. hey any of them can help me. I am a beginner in android studio .i make an android app just dragging and dropping the tools like button and text view.i align correctly in in design stage .then after the rendering or building the app the button is always on the left corner.please help me my email: [email protected]l .cm

  5. Great tips. I’ve got one Qs for you.
    Given that a person has no prior knowledge of Java and the Android ecosystem.

    Do you think it’s better for him/her to first thoroughly learn Java then only start building later in Android studio?
    Or, should he/she learn Java alongside learning to build in Android studio at the same time?

    Which one do you think is the better approach?

  6. So I see how this allows you to make the app and you can test it on your phone. Suppose you complete the app. I would like to put on the play store and have it for free. Would it be for free? How can other people obtain my app?

  7. hey guys was hoping that i can get some info and i know this is completely unrelated to what this video is based on but i am guessing you guys are part of the android developer community and i was hoping i can get something straighten out …. so i want to connect my android app that i created to an oracle database using the jdbc library and i just wanted to know if this was possible Note that am not asking for instruction just a simple yes or no whether it is possible to do in the android environment

  8. the left side bar is not coming when i open the app.i see the full screen empty.please if any one know ,help me

  9. Hello i am new to android development, i have a i3 machine with 4 gigs of ram, i tried to run a simple program with emulator but my computer hanged for several minutes, i started system monitor, the usage was more than 89% . also it was using swap memory, SURELY , I WANT TO UPGRADE THE RAM TO STAY IN BUSINESS, BUT I AM CONFUSED BY HOW MUCH I SHOULD INCREASE THE RAM. any suggestion ANYONE

  10. Will somoen tell me how powerful a laptop need to be? As the minimum requirements online do not discuss CPU and GPU; so how powerful does an programming laptop need to be?

  11. The cut between the tutorial and the zombie scene was as jarring as having your alarm go off in the middle of the day.

  12. @android … I am a mobile web app developer …. please make tutorials on how to simply use Android studio to launch an index.html file on an emulated device …. there is thousands of us and we never get decent video tutorials on how to make the best use out of Android studio to make progressive web apps.

  13. I started making an app this year and it still isn't finished .I am constantly bombarded by bugs .I started out with lots of enthusiasm now I feel at a stand still and hardly keep concentrating and started to forget basic Java and android concepts .Don't know what to do.

  14. Do you have to pay uploading apps on the appstore? And is there any way you can upload your app to your phone , not just to check if it works ( with USB-debugging) but permenantly ?

  15. Good to know. I, someone running windows, will specifically download the Mac Java SE Development Kit because the tutorial completely forgot there are other operating systems on the market.

  16. This was the most complicated crap I've seen in years. I just want to run the fucking emulator don't give a shit about anything else.

  17. why google makes everything so complex, I think I need a lifetime just to install android studio 3.0 on my windows 10, and doing some research on sdk, searching for ways to find "HOW TO DOWNLOAD ANDROID SDK" "WHERE TO DOWNLOAD ANDROID SDK" "WHY PROXY IS GOING TO DEFAULT SETTINGS EVEN THOUGH I ENTER ALL THE DETAILS IT NEEDS" "WHY THE HELL GOOGLE REMOVED SDK FROM INSTALLER???????"

  18. i get this error
    please help me

    Error:FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

    * What went wrong:
    Task 'sdkman' not found in root project 'MYAPP'.

    * Try:
    Run gradle tasks to get a list of available tasks. Run with –stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with –info or –debug option to get more log output.

    * Get more help at

    BUILD FAILED in 2s

  19. Hey, i am doing as you have stated. But when i click the "Design" column, it says- "Design editor is unavailable until a successful build". I don't know how to fix that. Please help.

  20. The requirement for the JDK is very confusing. On the Android Studio official page, it says the lastest OpenJDK is included in the Android Studio and is the one recommended. But a lot of tutorials including this one say you should download and install the Oracle JDK like in the old times. So, should I download the Oracle JDK and use that one, or should I use the openJDK that comes with Android Studio?

  21. This is extra video about Android studio!!!!!

  22. Bro! I was searching how to create an app that automatically backups all data of sd card or internal storage in one folder… Plz help #yoursupporter… Please rply soon

  23. I dont think people have said it enough times so i'll say it again … this was hilarious yet very informative ! Great Tutorial … kudos

  24. I had no idea about how to start… Thank You. If you have any questions in regards to cryptocurrencies or trading … hit me HARD 😉

  25. Solution to error: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration
    Watch the video

    If it doesn't help, go to the comment of Tricky Boy and read the Answer of *fresh*:
    I solved it:
    1. Remove it
    2. Restart computer
    3. Open the BIOS (pressing the "delete" key)
    4. Search for Virtualization Technology (VT) and ENABLE IT
    5. Restart the computer
    6. Reinstall

  26. Dear sir,

    Your video is awesome…

    I have a question for you, actually i wanna ask you that i making an application which shows like youtube results from youtube api v3, now i want to convert it to mp3 from that youtube link from using other website api….

    Is it legal in playstore or meet the terms of condition of youtube??

    Because as per their condition im not playing youtube videos in backgroud or not providing any download youtube videos facility…

    This is my question, i hope you will giv my answer..

    Looking for your positive response…

  27. The man is a genius, he was able to put in 10 min video, the only installation process, if you would create an app, sure it would take a whole life, cool bro

  28. HELP ME!!! guys instead of "start a new Android Studio project" I have "+ create new project"
    Instead of "open an existing Android Studio project" there is "import project"!! I can't start a project because when I click on "+ create new project" it opens a new project window where I have to choose one between Java, Gradle, Groovy, Static Web, Kotlin, and Empty project. please HELP.
    I have version 3.3 Android Studio

  29. I was watching this at work and I got an email warning that I should focus on my work and should stop watching TV shows at work.

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