Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?
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Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?

100 thoughts on “Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?

  1. rather confusingly i started talking bout vsauce then about the it crowd, i have a habit of changing subject mid sen yeah i really like it as well, not my favourite, the one with countdown is probably my favourite one or the one with space star ordering. basically i love the it crowd *nerd face*

  2. Yeah it does. Because if you took the time to learn everything people thought you should know. You would never have time to apply any of it.

  3. At first I wanted to slam you for the pompous way you hold yourself and the rude way you insulted the intelligence of this man, but then I realized you were right.

  4. Have you ever wonder what Internet is all about. Is it something physical or mere illusion? In this wonderful talk, the passionate young man Andrew Blum vividly describes about his fact-finding mission with touch of humor. Good Talk. Good Subject. Delightful.

  5. I don't understand the negative comments. This is fascinating! Too bad it was cut off, I would have liked to see the entire lecture.

  6. As someone who works in data centers, I don't understand how people are not even aware of the physical part of networks, websites, etc. Schools need to start having field trips to data centers (even though most data centers are secure facilities), so we are not raising a generation of idiots who think the internet is created my magic.

  7. It's pretty mind boggling to me how a bunch of cables transmitting electricity (probably) can be transformed into such a monumental thing as the internet. Think of yourself. You are a bunch of neurons firing in your brain, but the sum of all these electrical impulses and chemical processes that's going on inside you, gives rise to an entirely different thing. The fact that the internet exists, physically, is a cool thought in my opinion, and one that most people usually don't stop to consider.

  8. Just finished reading his book Tubes and its amazing, was really nice to see some of the pictures he took during this talk and visually see the things he witnessed in the expansion of the internet.

  9. honestly, nothing against this nice guy, with an admirable passion to know more about its surroundings, however maybe some day a squirrel will chew up its power cable, and then he will discovery from where its electricity comes from, and why is he not living in a cave.

  10. Why is everyone slamming this guy, I bet you 95% of the population have no idea about the physicality of the internet. He may be just scratching the massive surface of the internet but at least he is trying to understand. We get it, some of us are way more intelligent at networking and computers in general, but you don't have to look down on others because they didn't know about it.

  11. There is this part on middle 18281828, really easy to remenber took me like 15 secs.. and you can momerize other ones on min, not that hard, atleast not for me.

  12. Brilliant! Blum is right, once the workers cover the manhole with sand, we forget how physical the internet really is.

  13. He wanted to see it, and touch it. It's very important that we know how things that we use, work. What makes a notification on your phone possible, and more importantly, how the world works.


  14. Sometimes I wonder if the TED guys are ever going to figure out that cutting to angles of the gaping jaws of random audience members is jarring and unnecessary.

  15. interesting video but when I search what is the internet I wanted to find out how it was found where it stems from why do we use it the way we do what else could we use it for what is the basic of the web

  16. loved this.. really insightful .. i was aware of just how physical the internet is.. but in this incredibly visual time we live in.. it takes seeing the guy coming out of the sea holding the internet cable first, before you can truely imagine a guy coming out of the sea holding the internet.cable

  17. To my opinion it is crazy to think that each computer connected to the Internet in the world is physically connected to mine by a tremendous number of possible path.

  18. Interesting talk, but I don't understand one thing. Who actually thought that internet wasn't a physical thing? Did people think that it's based on what, air, somewhere on the actual cloud? Do people think that television isn't physical, thinking that it just "appears"? Is someone who doesn't know that products in supermarkets are delivered there, and don't really grow in their warehouses?

    Internet is another way of delivering digital content through the use of a massive web of physical infrastructure, which is why it was labeled WWW. It's not just a cool name; it represent what it ACTUALLY is. There's nothing to think about here. How is that not obvious?

    I loved the quote in the end, which is a completely different topic, by the way, and not what the whole talk was about. And I'm not trying to sound smart here – I might not be getting something here – but why does this obvious thing even needs to be explained for adults? Serious question.

  19. I hope in my field of study some event will inspire me to explore and discover answers to curiosities presenting themselves in the most interesting of manners.

  20. It is disturbing. While we, in the industrialized, consumer driven economies, believe everyone is on their home computers and on the Internet. Wrong! About 15% of the global population is, the rest are not..what kind of world are we creating…

  21. The internet is a group
    Filled with
    11 year olds that act like
    Minecraft 9 year olds
    20+ people who make disgusting drawings of zootopia and stuff

  22. you have always a choice to this technologies mainly for communication but i wonder how many days could you get a reply from a single message you sent. or you would have to go physically to a store in place far away from your home just to buy something in case things you need are not available from the stores near you. it is possible the the cost of travel is more greater the things you buy far away.
    your idea may be is very good if where not in a monetary based system. it would be the best experience of a life.

  23. "Wired people should know something about wires."Do you know where your food comes from?Your water?Your clothes?The internet is not the first world wide system and is no more or no less important than the others…until you think you can go with food, water and clothes, as I'm sure some smartass will insist he can.

  24. Wow, what a perspective!!! This man was quite successful in explaining the physicality of something as abstract as the internet. Really enjoyed listening to him

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