27 thoughts on “Analyzing Big Data in less time with Google BigQuery

  1. Thanks Jeff! Again, an amazing session!

    Can we have more sessions anytime soon? GCP is growing horizontally and vertically, such sessions are of great value, helping us keep up with the accelerated growth of GCP offering.

  2. Thanks a lot for very clear demonstration. May I know the code which you showed in this demo is present in any github ? Or Any link to follow ?

  3. i need to understand how to feed these with a free or inexpensive Google version of Microsoft Access that is compatible with ESRI GIS software . . . what do you suggest?

  4. https://partneruniversity.microsoft.com/?whr=uri:MicrosoftAccount&channel=MicrosoftPartnerNetwork

  5. The title is wrong, it must be "Master Introduction (full view) of bigquery in 30 minutes".
    Great job jeff.

  6. I am facing an error – 'The user <userID>@<projectID>.iam.gserviceaccount.com does not have bigquery.datasets.create permission in project <projectID>'. How do you resolve this? I have tried every possible thing that I can think of. Maybe I am missing something?

  7. when the upload speed in coaxial cable as 6mb download 1MB thought DSL compare to Fiber to the office ( Fiber 1000 Gb , the upload and download linking from I.T. dept back to custer Google D.C. is totally different

    We thought that enterprise class service is suitable for Fortune 500 mega corporation for Food and Beverage / semiconductor /high end retail / oil and Gas /

    Banking and Financial / leisure and Travel / Government and military/ charity and Donation / Religious and Private hospital / Education and private

    school / nature resource and mining / consulting and construction

  8. Very well explained! Thankyou Jeff!
    I want to injest data from IBM i-series onto Google cloud and then analyse and run queries on bigquery/qlikview to get desired results…. Can anyone please share your experiences/thoughts?

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