An Overview of the Social Media Landscape in China – Social Media Minute
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An Overview of the Social Media Landscape in China – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. I wanna talk about the situation
of social networking sites in Asia and in particular in China. We know that in all of Asia there’s a bit of a different
situation when it comes to social media. While outside of China Facebook and other big
platforms still retain their dominance, there is a different set up
when it comes to messaging platforms. Line is very popular in Japan,
KakaoTalk is popular in Korea. But let’s focus on China,
it’s a bit different market. Facebook, Twitter and a couple of other
social media sites are banned in China. Which leaves us with a different
ecosystem than anywhere else. The many brands I talked to
were confused about where to invest. Obviously, WeChat is
the number one social platform in China. But it’s more of a messenger,
like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger with a lot more functionality. If you go and download WeChat today,
it’s a bit different than the Wēixìn that you get when you go
to China and use the Chinese version. In which you can
use their taxi-ordering app, or you can
use it for e-commerce purchasing. Of course, there are more other sites. There are many emerging
live-streaming apps and video apps. There’s the old Youku
which is a YouTube equivalent. And then there’s a Twitter-Facebook hybrid
called Sina Weibo with a huge user base. The main focus of most of the companies
I talk to in China is typically WeChat followed by Sina Weibo,
which is also what I would recommend. If you market in China, use the “WeChat first
and Sina Weibo second” strategy. Good luck guys, subscribe to our
channel and watch us every Monday morning.

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