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Amma tho okkaroju || Bumchick Babloo || Tamada Media

Hi, guys!
This is Bumchick Babloo! Babloo, aren’t you up yet? What is it, mom?
– Aren’t you getting late for office? Today, I’ve an off.
– Nice. Go and freshen up while I get you breakfast. Mom, you know what, you lead a chill life.
– Is it? Why do you say so? Because you hardly have any work whole day.
After making breakfast, you can chill for hours. After making lunch, you can again chill for hours.
After making dinner, you’ll again chill. And in your spare time, you watch movies
and soap operas. Isn’t this chill life? Unlike you, I spend whole day working in office
and to top it manager keeps chiding us employees. Is it? You think so?
You’ve an off today, right? Be with me whole day.
I’ll show what all goes in my day and how chill it is. Alright.
Sure. Mom, serve me some more curry. What are those?
– Idlys and also Upma. You made 3 kinds of tiffins?
– Your dad likes Idly, your sister Upma and you Poori. Since you eat Poori everyday, you thought
I only make Poori? Everyday I make 3 tiffins. Is it?
Alright. Babloo! Son..
– Yes, mom? Let’s go hang the clothes on the wire.
– What? You washed clothes only yesterday. Yesterday, I washed your clothes.
Today, I washed your sister’s. Tomorrow I’ll wash mine. There are clothes for me to wash everyday.
Now, help me. My mom washed
these many clothes everyday? Damn, this is heavy.
I needn’t go to gym anymore. Let’s go get vegetables.
– Why? Didn’t dad buy any yesterday? You really think your dad buys vegetables?
He doesn’t, so I go buy them everyday. Let’s go. Wait! You didn’t bathe yet?
– Nonsense! How can you even expect me to bathe that too on a holiday? It is against my culture.
– Yuck! How disgusting! – That is my style! Stop right here.
– This is a very tiny store. You buy from here? Why? Let’s purchase from the supermarket.
– Oh, cut it! How are you Mr Appa Rao? Mom, why not buy from the supermarket instead?
– Vegetables there are a tad expensive than here. Also, this man sells me only the best quality vegetables.
– You walk so far each day to save few extra rupees? Yes.
Now let’s go. Man, I’m tired like crazy!
Mom, it is too hot outside. We are just back home. What are you upto already?
– Chopping vegetables to cook lunch with. You love lunch time, don’t you?
– That I do. Nice, now chop those vegetables.
– What? I don’t know how to chop vegetables. That is no rocket science. Now do it.
– I should chop vegetables? Did you chop them good?
– They seem good to me atleast. Mom, the weather is so hot and still
you want to cook? Let’s order food from Piggy! Order from Piggy, huh?
How much does a curry in Piggy cost? Rs. 200.
– The three meals I cook each day cost less than that. Maybe I should take a nap. Wow, mom,
you bought me lunch at the right time. I’m so hungry! Wait up! I’ll feed you.
– No! I’m good! It’s been ages, son! Please, let me do it.
– Whatever. What is that?
– Pickle. – I don’t want any pickle. I just made this pickle. It’ll be so good.
– I don’t want it. – Eat a morsel and tell me if it isn’t good. Now, what is that?
– Curry! – I don’t want any curry. I want only pickle. We just hanged the clothes on wire.
They got dried already? These are yesterday’s clothes.
Come, help me iron these. Mom, why not hire a Dhobi instead?
He’ll do the ironing for a little fee. Why hire someone to do our own chores?
Now, come help me. Hey, Babloo..
– Man! Not again! What, mom? Take these utensils inside.
– Alright. Why don’t you ask our maid to do the dishes?
– We don’t have any maid. I do the dishes everyday. What! You do the dishes everyday!
Why are there these many dishes? Well, I cook variety of tiffins
and variety of curries. Also, you people need extra spoons
and bowls for each meal. So, I’ve loads of dishes to do each day.
Now, take those inside. Time for PubG. What is she upto, again?
Mom, what are you now doing? Making a flower garland.
– What for? – For the Puja. You already performed the Puja in the morning.
– Yes, I did. – Then why again? Because I want to.
– You do Pujas twice? – Yes, I do. Come, help me! – No way!
– Go place them inside. – I won’t lift a finger. Dear, get me some water. Keep munching on these snacks.
I’ll go get you tea. What are you doing here?
Let’s go in. Aren’t you feeling sleepy yet? Mom, sit here. Mom, you could sweep entrance in the morning.
Why do it now? I’ve tonnes of things to do in the morning.
Only now I find time to sweep the entrance. I thought housewives would spend whole day
watching soap operas, like in the movies but after being with you whole day,
I realised how much hard work you put in. All think housewives do nothing more
than cook and watch TV. But being a housewife is big responsibility
and perhaps the toughest job that is there. And you’ve been asking me to order food from Piggy
and to hire a maid and also a Dhobi. You know how much such expenses sum up to?
Always try to save a penny wherever you can. Your dad gives me Rs. 10,000 each month
and I run this household with that money. Not that your dad won’t give me more.
He will give me more if I ask him to. Even if he gives me Rs. 50,000 each month,
I’ll still run this household with only Rs. 10,000. I try to cut down on as many expenses as possible.
That is the reason why we could afford to build this house. Son, remember this. Pay to get those works done
which you can’t do by yourself. But if you pay to get even easy works done,
then it means you are becoming lazy. Don’t worry. You’ll understand all this
after you get married, like they way I have. Let’s go. I’ve still chores to do.
– You’ve still chores to do? Yes, I’ve to make batter for tomorrow’s tiffins.
– Mom, you’ve my respect! We all feel a lot of pressure at work
and this pressure makes us yell at our parents but our parents face
ten times more pressure than we do. So, I hope we keep that in mind. I dedicate this video to all parents
and especially to all mothers. If you liked this video, do like, share,
comment and also do subscribe. Also, hit the bell icon.
Alright, see you all next week.

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  2. Malli adhe cast and "Amma" ane concept thos pindesav bosu… "AMMA" prema never ending bro.
    I am seeing so many youtube videos … but your mother sentiment videos are best… long live bro… hats off

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    Every women = mom
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